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In 1963, cvs was founded as “consumer value store” and was later abbreviated. When brainstorming, look for some obvious names and words either about you or your product/service and see if they form any interesting acronyms. As you get deeper into brainstorming, limit yourself to coming up with names with only one word or two syllables — it’ll help you focus on coming up with punchier name ideas. Coming up with only alliterative names , or only ones that begin with verbs (e.G. Dropbox, shopify). Do certain adjectives come to mind when you think about your business?

Although there are many tips and tricks of business naming, this list should get you in the right direction. There are so many name options but you should always look at your business vision. If you want to keep the business small and never grow into other niches, you have to pick a naming idea that describes your products the best. Naming a company is a first step in the business world and it is the main one.

Choosing the right business name is not a quick task to tick off your list, it’s a project that takes time — but it can be very enjoyable! Here are a few tips from our experts to help you come up with creative business names for your new company. If you’re considering business names ideas, go ahead and do a domain search to see if your name has been taken. If you can change it slightly, thereby securing an original domain name, that would be a good plan. A catchy name is something short, memorable for your target audience, and easy to pronounce.

No major business is going to use your name in the future, because they can’t own the .Com domain. A good name is name is open to interpretation and doesn’t limit your options. Even if you're fully focused on the here and now, you may regret being overly specific when you want to develop or expand your business later. If the pronunciation isn't obvious, people will struggle to remember your name or pass it on. And if it's awkward, you'll soon get fed-up repeating it 20 times a day when you answer the phone. There’s no two ways about it - a .Com domain shows you mean business.

People will easily remember your company name and will share it with their friends. creative business names Have you ever thought about why sometimes you remember business names in your head? It is because some business name ideas are easy to remember. You can use our marketplace to find unique brand names and you can also use our business name generator to generate unique ideas for your brand ideas.

The green ones, which tend to be at the top, are the available domains. Some of the brand names on this generator are clever, fun, and catchy, making it the best brand name generator if you’re looking for a unique name. You can even buy a t-shirt with your brand’s logo and name on it. The names with available domains will be in green text, whereas the unavailable domains will be in red text. To make it easier, you can simply check the box named “hide registered” on the right side at the top to view available domain names.

Consider mashing up some of the keywords in the service you provide, so long as you don’t create weird spellings that will trip people up when they say the name of your business. If it’s not already hard enough to come up with a great business idea, picking a name can be just as challenging. That’s why we wanted to share with you some of our best ideas for business names, including tips, tricks and tools for starting your business on the right foot. The name you pick for your event planning company can make or break your brand. It’s your calling card — so make sure it says what you want it to say. A great event company name captures attention, establishes the vibe of your business, and clarifies what your event design service is all about.