Unique EMF Protectors Regarding Mobile Phones Cell phones have become an integral component of modern world however, they can also present various health risks. Being exposed to radioactive radiation from cell phones can affect your fertility and blood sugar levels or blood pressure. As a result you may want to consider purchasing an EMF protectant for your cell phone.

The radiation from cell phones could cause brain tumors.
The National Toxicology Program has released research on the effects of cell phone radiation on brain tumors. The researchers found that exposures of high intensity to radiation from cell phones could cause tumors in rodents. But, the results are not without controversy, since scientists claim that rats' experiments are not able to be directly compared with exposures to cell phone radiation use within the actual world. Although cell phone radiation can result in brain cancer, more study is needed before making any conclusive conclusions.

Another study from UC Berkeley has found that the use of mobile phones greatly increases the chance of developing brain tumors. The researchers studied 46 different studies conducted across the world and found that using mobile phones for more than a 1000 hours per year increased the risk by 60%. Additionally, using a mobile cellphone for more than 10 years doubled the risk to develop brain tumours.

It may alter the fertility
If you're a female and you are worried about how cell phone radiation affects the fertility of your child, you may be interested in EMF protectors for your cell phone. Research has shown that EMF radiation could cause damage to sperm which could decrease the chance of conception. Also, men should be concerned about the effects of EMFs on fertility. Research has shown that exposure to radiation from cell phones increases the production of proteins in the testicles. These have been linked to carcinogenic risk and reproductive harm. It also affects sperm motility and the physical structure of sperm cells.

Research has shown that males exposed to cell phone radiation are more susceptible to fertility issues than women. The radiation from cell phones, especially WiFi is similar to the X-rays. Both radiations are absorbed by the body, but the DNA damage that results is different from one person to the next. The radiation from mobile phones is the most likely to impact sperm which develop near to the device. This exposure affects viability and motility and can lower the the sperm count to a less healthy amount.

It can affect blood sugar
Many medical experts are worried about the possibility that EMFs from mobile phones can affect glucose levels in the blood. The experts believe EMFs can cause DNA damage and hinder DNA repair. They also worry that cell phone radiation can pass through the blood-brain barrier, which shields the brain from harmful molecules. Additionally it has been demonstrated that radiation from cell phones could lower sperm motility and reduce sperm count. Additionally, the use of dirty electricity has been proven to raise blood sugar levels for diabetics. A research study released in the year 2008 found EMFs are responsible for the high blood sugar levels of diabetes sufferers and preediabetics. They also think that EMFs are a contributing factor to misdiagnoses of diabetes as well as other ailments.

Numerous studies have shown the effects of exposure to EMFs on health problems, including low energy, grogginess as well as a lack of motivation and an increased chance of developing heart disease as well as cancer. In https://www.proteckd.com/ have revealed that exposure to high amounts of EMFs during pregnancy can lead to ADHD as well as asthma and autism. These effects do not occur immediately, but can build up as time passes.

It could cause an increase in blood pressure
Cell phones produce EMFs that can lead to an increase in blood pressure. These EMFs could alter the chemistry of blood and change the physiology of the heart. A recent study conducted in Libya discovered that prolonged exposure to EMFs interferes with hematological indicators and increases the risk that a cardiac attack could occur. If you think your phone is leading to elevated blood pressure you should do something to minimize the risk of.

EMFs interfere with the heart's SA node, which regulates heartbeat by sending electrical signals to the heart's muscle cells. This mechanism regulates the heart rate and blood pressure to ensure that oxygen levels are optimal. This is enforced by the autonomic nerve systems and the hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine, also known as catecholamines. Apart from disrupting this natural heart system, EMFs can also cause high blood pressure and heart failure.