Special EMF Protectors Regarding Cell Phones Cell phones are an essential component of modern world However, they also carry numerous health hazards. Being exposed to radiation from cell phones can affect your fertility as well as blood sugar levels or blood pressure. As a result you may want to consider purchasing an EMF protectant for your phone.

Cell phone radiation can cause brain tumors
The National Toxicology Program has released research on cellphone radiation and brain tumors. The study found that prolonged exposures to cell phone radiation may cause tumors in rodents. However, these findings are controversialbecause scientists claim that rats' experiments can't be directly compared to exposures caused by cell phone use in the real world. While radiation from cell phones could cause brain tumors, further research is required before coming to any conclusive conclusions.

Another study by UC Berkeley has found that using cell phones greatly increases the chance of developing brain tumors. The researchers studied 46 different studies conducted across the globe and found that using cell phones for more than a thousand hours per calendar year raised the chance of developing brain tumors by 60%. Additionally, using a mobile phone for 10 years doubled the likelihood for developing tumors in the brain.

It could affect fertility
If you're a woman and you're concerned about how the radiation from mobile phones affects your fertility, it is possible to consider purchasing EMF protection for your cell phone. Studies have proven that EMF radiation may cause sperm to become damaged, which may lower the chances of conception. Men should also be concerned about the effect of EMFs on fertility. Studies have shown that exposure to cell phone radiation boosts the production of protein in the testicles, which are connected to reproductive damage and carcinogenic risk. Also, Proteck'd EMF Clothing affects the motility of sperm and the physical structure of sperm cells.

Research has shown that males exposed to the radiation of cell phones could be more prone to infertility than females. The radiation that cell phones emit, especially WiFi, is similar to the X-rays. Both radiations pass through the body, however the damage caused to DNA is different from one person to the next. Mobile phone radiation is most likely to affect sperm cells that are growing close to the device. The exposure can alter motility and viability, which may lower sperm count below a healthy level.

It can affect blood sugar
Many medical experts are worried that the EMFs generated by cell phones can affect glucose levels in the blood. They believe that EMFs cause DNA damage and inhibit the repair of DNA. They are also concerned that radiation from cell phones can be able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which shields the brain from harmful molecules. Furthermore, it has been shown that radiation from cell phones can reduce sperm motility and decrease the number of sperm. Additionally, the use of polluted electricity has been proven to increase blood sugar levels in diabetics. A study published in 2008 showed that EMFs play a role in the high blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers and prediabetic patients. Further, they believe that EMFs may be an important factor in misdiagnosis of diabetes and other illnesses.

Several studies have indicated the effects of exposure to EMFs on health issues, such as lack of energy, fatigue and a lack of motivation and higher chance of developing heart disease as well as cancer. In addition certain studies have shown that exposure to high amounts of EMFs during pregnancy can lead to ADHD asthma, ADHD, and autism. The effects don't occur immediately however, they can become more severe over time.

It could cause an increase in blood pressure.
Cell phones produce EMFs which can result in an increase in blood pressure. These EMFs may alter the chemical composition of the blood and alter the heart's physiology. A recent study conducted in Libya found that prolonged exposure to EMFs interferes with hematological indicators and increases the risk of cardiac arrest. If you think your smartphone is creating high blood pressure, you should do something to minimize the risk.

EMFs can interfere with the heart's SA node which regulates heartbeats by sending electrical signals to the heart's muscle cells. This mechanism regulates the heart rate and blood pressure to maintain the optimal levels of oxygen. It is controlled by the autonomic nervous system as well as the hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine, also known as catecholamines. Apart from disrupting the natural heart process, EMFs can also cause high blood pressure and heart failure.