Minecraft on Xbox one this Week, PS4 "soon" or maybe Sooner" [Update]

Not content with just a few billions, Minecraft starts racking up more sales this week as it launches as a downloadable on Xbox One - and perhaps PS4 too. The Xbox One release date is locked in for Friday, September 5 and 360 owners of Mojang's sandbox game will upgraded to a PS4 version for $5 The price is $5/PS4 - Microsoft notes the upgrade applies regardless of whether you have a disc or download copy. Otherwise, the full price version is $20/PS16.

While the PS4 date is unknown Mojang's Daniel Kaplan tweeted that "Sony friends" can expect a "Minecraft surprise in the near future... or maybe sooner?" The teaser came in response to a PlayStation France tweet claimed that the PS4 version would be released today. However none of the other Sony channels have confirmed this. We'll notify everyone as soon as we learn of a date for the PS4 version.

Update: The PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft seems to have been released in the EU. It's unclear when the game will become available in North America or other regions. [Image: 4J Studios]

It is unlikely that the Vita version will be released this week. The team that was working on porting last week 4J Studios said it had "more work to be done" before sending the Vita version to Sony for certification.

The latest Minecraft versions have Minecraft worlds that are up to 36 times larger than the previous version. They also have longer draw distances. Also, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can import their Minecraft worlds into the PS4 and Xbox One versions respectively.

This announcement is coming at the same time that Mojang released Minecraft1.8 on PC. It's the update that has been being developed for the longest time at the Swedish studio at 300 days. It's not a surprise that it's massive, with a myriad of new features that you can look through here. Highlights include the addition of Guardian and Endermite mobs that are balanced by the introduction of - 'd'awww rabbits. There are also killer bunnies that aren't as d'awww, but still quite d’awww. [Image: Mojang]