HIFU For Face /HIFU Slimming - C&M Clinic Aesthetics And Medical We take a look at ourselves within the mirror and start to see indicators of ageing. ハイフ 大阪 安い are deeper, mid cheek drooping, tear trough sunken and jowls starting to kind. Properly, we have now the solution for your issues:

HIFU FACE Carry - Excessive Depth Centered ULTRASOUND
How does it work? This expertise makes use of HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) to generate pores and skin coagulation on the targeted layer of the skin. This micro thermal impact from the HIFU creates uniform dots inside the pores and skin which in turn stimulates collagen progress, face lifting and pores and skin tightening within that space. Is the effect rapid? Some may notice some instant lifting, however that’s usually because of the very slight swelling simply submit treatment. It typically takes 3 months to see the total outcomes of a HIFU treatment. Does it harm? A slight prickly discomfort may be skilled during the remedy however that can be lowered with topical numbing cream or oral analgesics. Is there any downtime? Typically ,there's zero downtime. Are there any unintended effects? Some patients could experience slight swelling or aching that will last up to per week or two. The kind of swelling experienced is often minimal and is not noticeable by others. Not often, some might expertise slight bruising. One will be capable of resume regular actions immediately after treatment. Will HIFU face lift be ready to achieve the same effect as a surgical face carry? No, a HIFU face carry won't be able to realize the identical impact and the identical lifetime as a surgical face lift. How lengthy does it final? One HIFU face raise session usually lasts between 9-12 months. A contact up session at 6 months would help to prolong and maintain the consequences of the original HIFU session. Who's suitable for this remedy? Principally, anybody who is keen to have skin tightening and lifting but won't be capable to afford the downtime and the prices of a surgical lifting. Treatment costs: FACE HIFU / SESSION from £350 FACE AND NECK HIFU / SESSION from £500

We provide the potential of paying in monthly instalments - ask us for particulars!
Do you want to scale back your waist, elevate up your buttocks and shape up your body and face? The answer to your quests is HIFU Physique SCULPTING.

What's HIFU body sculpting?
It is a non-invasive remedy for fat loss, weight loss, toning and skin tightening.

The benefits of HIFU body sculpting: • Destroys fats cells • Reduces cellulite • Firms and tightens the skin • Increases the elasticity of skin • Smoothens pores and skin texture

Which areas will be treated?
• Abdomen • Internal thighs • Outer thighs • Hips • Buttocks • Internal arms

Number of Remedies: 1 remedy.
What results can I expect to see?

HIFU Physique Sculpt Treatment destroys fat cells in the realm treated being treated, thus lowering the visible size of the targeted space. Results are seen in around 1-2 weeks after therapy and proceed to construct over the following 3-6 months.