Atari Lynx emulators The Atari Lynx was a fourth-generation handheld sport console released simply by Atari on The month of september 1, 1989 plus it retailed intended for $179. 99. has a WDC 65SC02 CPU. Particularly, it was the planet's first handheld method that used some sort of color LCD monitor, along with having quite advanced graphics with regard to the time.

As opposed to contemporaneous machines, their architecture is located after a frame barrier and a scaling blitter, providing equally 2d sprite plus background scaling and even hardware support regarding lines and loaded triangles. Because it does not have inherent idea of a ceramic tile map or any type of sprite-specific hardware, the drawing budget is per shape rather than for every line; there is no enforced limitation in terms of the amount of sprites or sprites per line apart from that meant by the amount of drawing that could be achieved within an acceptable frame rate.