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It's hard to say, but I'm still a click bank newbie who is battling for significant affiliate marketing profits. I will share with you my personal experience over the past three months in this article.

1. Three months or so ago

I first heard of "click bank" from one of my friends, who claimed that the website is a gold mine where gurus can easily make over $1,000 every day. Because I don't believe him, I looked up "click bank." Since CB is a truly excellent leading affiliate website with amazing results, I choose to sign up with CB.

2. My initial sale

Since I had no prior experience building websites, I quickly and easily created a blog spot account. where to promote clickbank links added some hop links to 3 brief articles I'd written about a CB product, and two days later, my first sale of $35 was made.
After finishing it, I read numerous articles about affiliate marketing and click bank to determine the most effective way to market click bank products. After seven days of studying affiliate marketing, I've come to the conclusion that in order to succeed with CB, you must: drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your landing pages.

3. Free traffic strategies

Three months later, I've tried a variety of methods to drive traffic to my website and I've had some success with free traffic-driven sales. But right now, I need enormous profits rather than just one sale every three to five days. Web 2.0, traffic form, article marketing, and Yahoo Answer

Google bring me some cash but I have to spend a lot of time on meaningless works. For example, yahoo answer. Although I can suggest people to buy some products by answering their questions, yahoo will close your account if you use too much spam links.

4. Get gobs of targeted visitors with minimal effort

That's right pay per click. Because pay per click can result in large gains or money loss in a single day, I tried it with Google and MIVA but failed. Because it's a step-by-step video training course focused mostly on pay per click marketing, I made the decision to use Michael Jones's ClickBank code.

Guess what happened—after just two weeks, I had made more than $800 with pay-per-click advertising! Michael Jones's PPC tactics are very effective!

Tips for Affiliate Marketing: How to Freely Promote Clickbank Products

The most well-known affiliate network for online sales of digital goods is Clickbank. Since many of the major online marketers and the items they sell and promote are housed at Clickbank, many other affiliate networks aren't even close to competing with Clickbank when it comes to digital sales.

Two options spring to mind if you've heard of Clickbank and want to start selling things as an affiliate. There are ways to pay for marketing, including PPC ads, ezine ads, banner ads, text ads, and more. While they might be useful, if you don't know what you're doing, you risk spending a lot of money (or worse, losing a lot of money).

Now, if you don't have any money to start pushing things on Clickbank as an affiliate, there are various free techniques to do so. Article marketing is one of my personal favourites.

Marketing with articles is free. The ability to consistently produce content is another fantastic advantage of article marketing. The only person who can stop you from writing is you, thus there is no restriction on how much you may write.

The fact that article marketing drives targeted traffic to your website is the primary factor in article marketing's success. Writing articles that "warm up" readers to what you have to offer also helps you "pre-sell" any items you may be marketing. It's now simpler than ever to make a decent income with Clickbank since people are looking to buy from you rather than you attempting to sell to them.

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