Remember where you all come from: those fantastic outdoor parties and hangouts during the 90s

I'm not sure where you came from or what era. I'm one of the generation X, which is close to Y. In any event I grew-up in rural areas where clubs did not exist at all. My first club night was around 20. I can't remember much other than that I played numerous uppers and lowers. But, my friends assured me that I had a wonderful time. I was more of an amateur, and dipping my feet into the waters of club life. And I got addicted. It wasn't about the trappings of living a normal life, but the way things went the moment.. Over the course of a couple of years, I hopped from one place to another. You may recall the song "Who's going to give me a ride until the aftershow?" That was me leaving an establishment with the first light just to jump into the car to continue leaving at someone's place, preparing for the night...

We were alive, vibrant, and filled with youthful enthusiasm. Some days, we didn’t sleep at night. We said our goodbyes to the final BOO Party and then headed towards Central Park to take a walk.. I remember covering myself with antiperspirant from head to toes and then rubbing my forehead and sweating thru my forehead for hours, only the forehead.. We found Alice in Wonderland an expose of copper statues, we moved through the group, but did not find them again, although we spent in the following months going to Central Park to search for these statues, statues however, to no avail and they disappeared for good.. It was only that beautiful spring day, they showed their old, rusty faces to us.

The night was recorded in a video that my group of friends posted on Youtube... The main reason was to save it forever for our group.. Since then, we've become separated , and I decided to look up this video. It was a surprise when it was deleted. In the following days, I found that a party audio recording was being claimed by some label. It works with your smartphone. The only thing I need to do to get the video's URL is send it to 2conv. 9 Unfortunately, I was unable to contact the member of the group who had been around for five years, but it was nice to chat with them.

It is crucial that everyone avoids claiming anything in their videos. You should not make use of the work of someone you don't like.