Metarun; the first blockchain endless runner p2e multiplayer game

Built on the revolutionary unreal engine 5, metarun has top-quality graphics, and is powered by blockchain technology, making it not only fun but visually pleasing as well. Combining traditional gaming and crypto gaming, metarun has the best of both worlds. The game has an internal ecosystem that works via the game’s native $mrun tokens and virtual currency opal.

By using this website you agree that use of gamestarter is at your own risk. Metarungame Buying cryptocurrencies and nfts is an inherently risky activity, so it is essential that you do your own due diligence before buying or selling any cryptocurrency or nft and come to your own conclusions. Exclusive collaborations with established and upcoming artists to release gofungibles nft packs.

It will not be the conventional video advertisements but static banner ads placed on the buildings, not interfering with the gameplay. The platform will charge a fixed fee on the marketplace and in the game on every transaction. Participate, along with thousands of other online players, in a series of wacky puzzles and tests of skill, hoping to make the cut and advance to the next level of this online competition. The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition.

Metarun has 45 unique characters that each have upgradable nft skins, which differ in prices and roi players will get. Initial metarun closed beta will see 3 characters made available with the release with more to be added soon. Moreover, over the period of closed beta, testers will get higher roi — up to $18 per hour — from their characters.

The number of slots available is limited to 550 and access to closed beta is only for metarun’s discord community members. If multiple legends stake the same amount of $gafi, the legend who fully staked this total amount of $gafi first will have a higher position in the pool. You need to achieve one of red kite tiers to be eligible to join the idos. After staking successfully, you can apply whitelist for joining the idos and then pass kyc.