Advantages of Trading on Binance

Recently I began using Binance initially as well as the experience is quite simply excellent.

I traditionally traded on Bittrex when looking for lower cap alt coins but during the last month or two Bittrex offers slowed down, and become more buggy than usual with laggy chart data and delayed notifications (like hours late).

I originally switched to using Binance as a result of them listing some unique projects not available on Bittrex yet including IOTA and WTC, two solid projects that have been storming within the coinmarketcap rankings.

Why I really like Binance and which are the benefits?

Here are several main reasons why I am just enjoying using Binance.

1) Forks

Many exchanges and web wallets don’t pay out your Bitcoin fork coins rapidly, the truth is at the time of publishing 4 months on Coinbase users still don’t have their Bitcoin Cash.

One benefit with Binance is the way quickly they support forked coins. Basically as soon as a fork happens you will get that same number or equivelent variety of coins through the fork in your wallet if you hold Bitcoin on the exchange.

So far on Binance I have had Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond and Bitcoin silver the name a few.

2) Airdrops

Airdrops can be a somewhat new marketing tactic for brand new coin owners containing mostly been rewarded to Ethereum holders while using MyEtherWallet however Binance is now supporting an increasing number of these free airdrops the place you literally look at your account and think “I didn’t purchase these “wait and coins”, what even are these coins”. It’s the best thing because it’s free but the goal of the coin creators is to encourage you to definitely then look into the coin and hopefully buy more. In either case selling these can be a nice little bonus for your personal crypto portfiolio.

3) Fees

The fees on Binance can be reduced automatically by opting into pay employing their own BNB token, this is a smart idea plus implies that the BNB coin itself is a great investment as it grows in value because of its increased use in the exchange.

The primary fee is .10% for all customers on all trades regarless from the customers volume, which we believe is really a fair way to do things, not favouring the whales. If you decide to use BNB coin to cover the fees (which doesn’t involve any manual work by you) in that case your fees reduce to .05% on all trades. Excellent!

4) Entry to New Coins

Using Binance offers you the ability to buy lots of coins that could not even be available on Bittrex, in addition, it provides one of the most trustworthy and safe exchanges to get such coins and it is far easier than muddling towards you through EtherDelta unless do you know what you are carrying out or do not have other choice. As I use EtherDelta if you find no other strategy for getting the Tokens I would personally always prefer to buy via Binance.

5) Referral Commissions

Despite affiliate marketing online acquiring a bad name over time something is made for sure, it works! It generates interest and it empowers it’s users to perform the marketing rather than spending that budget elsewhere. The caveat is it can end up getting people misleading the general public with the idea of generating commissions. Should you will, a double-edged sword.

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