There Is No Zombillie?

A great port, I really enjoy having Minecraft on the move. It's a pity that Nintendo does not offer Trophys. I enjoy Minecraft on the mobile. It's a a shame that Nintendo does not officially offer Trophys / Achievements however, the game does solve it well.

Technically, everything is fine. The size of the world is more than enough for exploration, and the limiting drawing distance for mobile is acceptable, since the game runs smoothly with 60 frames per second all the time.

Local multiplayer is an excellent feature, but it's only suitable on a TV, the Switch display is a little too small for it.

If you don't have Minecraft yet, or would like to have a version on the go, grab it It's a fantastic port and deserves love .... Expand

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2. NuclearPhoenix Dec 8, 2018

Two words: Better together. A pretty solid version of Minecraft I've already played for over 60 hours in just a couple of weeks.

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3. 4. OnionKnight May 12, 2017

Minecraft on Switch shows a great balance between portability and functionality. It's more powerful (map is much bigger) than on otherMinecraft on Switch provides a fantastic balance between functionality and portability. It's more powerful (map is much bigger) than on other portable devices such as iPad, PSV while it's portable and you can play it anywhere you want compared to the powerful consoles like PC, Xbox and PS4. People, please stop complaining that this version isn't better than the console version. Can you even play a solid (not the trimmed-down version for iOS or PSV) Minecraft on subway with Xbox or PS4? In general, this Switch version will make me want to play Minecraft more often than ever before, and I believe it's a a great for the Nintendo Switch. The only cons for now is its price compared to other platforms (though it comes with some nice DLC texture packs and Mario mode). ).... Expand

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5. EMPRR Nov 9, 2020

Excellent game for any platform! The only downside to the Switch version is that you aren't able to join your own rented servers..

6. The_EpicGamerYT Aug 4 4, 2017,

This is the definitive version of the game that is a huge success Minecraft. It takes the depth of the Xbox and PlayStation versions and puts it on the go.This is the definitive version of the hit game Minecraft. It brings the same depth as the PlayStation and Xbox versions to your mobile device. It doesn't compromise controls or features such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The game is smooth at 60 frames per second and has a multitude of texture packs that are included with the purchase. It also has local multiplayer and an PVP online mode. This is .... Expand for those who haven't yet tried the PlayStation and Xbox versions.

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7. UpSideUpFlower July 30, 2020

Ok, ok. I love mein kampf. It's a lovely, relaxing game with a simple and entertaining concept. Hehe. I do have a problem with the switch versionOk, ok. I love mein kampf. It's a wonderful, relaxing game that has a clear and fun idea. Hehe. I do have issues with the switcher version however. Are there zombies? Thats not what was planned i mean cmon? Mein kampf skins are appropriate for a significant character in the gaming industry, i believe. Kcom. Sort out your game please. .... Expand

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8. Grindybord Nov 20, 2017

Minecraft for the switch is awful. It's so frustrating. I will play minecraft on my computer whenever I want to. My kids feel the same way! 0/10 soMinecraft for the switch is a nightmare. I am so mad at it. If i would like to play Minecraft, I will play in on my PC. My children feel the same!