How To Download Minecraft? Minecraft

So you want to know how to download Minecraft? Then you're at the right place, since we have a simple guide for you to follow. Before you realize it, you'll be fighting zombies, being killed by Creepers, and building various amazing buildings and constructions.

The first step on a journey to downloading Minecraft is to ask how to do it. It's easy to see the reasons why Minecraft is so popular. From its ethereal music to its addictive sensation of returning to the mines to collect more diamonds, it's evident.

The procedure for downloading the game is going differ between platforms however we've decided to use Amazon and Game Pass as two points of reference in this guide. It's easy to download, purchase and install Minecraft via Amazon or Microsoft. Servers hope that this guide will be a breeze for anyone trying to start crafting. We've included the complete list of variations to make it easier.

Here's what we're going to cover in this guide Feel free to scroll to what's most appropriate for you:

How do I download Minecraft through Game Pass How to download Minecraft through Amazon Different versions of Minecraft

How do I download Minecraft through Game Pass

This will depend on whether you're currently a Game Pass subscriber. Here's how you can download Minecraft when you're a Game Pass subscriber.

Visit the Minecraft page on the Microsoft store. You will notice that you have the option to download the game, because of your membership. Follow the steps to download the game.

If you're not a Game Pass subscriber, simply sign up to the service through the link below (newcomers can get the first month for just $1) and then follow the process outlined above.

If you are interested in downloading Minecraft: Java Edition, this is also available with Game Pass if you visit the Minecraft page on the Mojang website. Purchase now

How to download Minecraft through Amazon

Go to the Minecraft product page - Purchase the game. Under 'Your Account', click 'Games and Software Library' Click on 'Download' which is next to Minecraft

Once the download is complete you'll need to finish the installation process. Based on the device you're using, the next steps will vary. Some devices launch the game automatically, but in the event that your device can't automatically open the game, you should find the file manually and open it and then follow the installation procedure as it appears.

The process should be simple. It is likely that you will be asked if the game is required to be installed. Select yes to confirm. Most devices will ask whether you want to launch the game once the installation has been completed. Once this happens then click 'yes' and your Minecraft adventure will begin.

If you're planning to download Minecraft on your mobile phone there are additional steps to follow:

If your Android phone has security settings, turn on "Unknown Sources" to allow you to download the Amazon Appstore App directly from Amazon. Follow the steps above once you have downloaded and installed the app. You can also download it from the Google Play Store. - If you are using an iPhone however, the Amazon Appstore app isn't compatible with iOS however, you can buy Minecraft directly from the Apple App Store.

Different Versions of Minecraft

There are several versions of Minecraft that can cause confusion for those who are just beginning to learn about the game. Here is an overview of the three major Minecraft versions you'll likely encounter.

Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition If you purchase Minecraft on PC, you'll get both Java Editions and the Bedrock Editions. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition: This is the most popular version. It was designed to be an all-encompassing definitive edition, which includes the Pocket and Window 10 Editions, along with the majority of editions for consoles and other devices. Minecraft: Java Edition: This is the first version of Minecraft which has been available for more than 10 years. It differs from the Bedrock Edition in that it is only available on the Mojang website and was designed to make it more simple to modify Minecraft: Pocket Edition: If you intend to play the game on an mobile device, you might have heard about Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This is an old version of Minecraft, and has been incorporated into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. While this might seem like a good option for players on a PC, it has been removed.

Once you've downloaded and ready We hope you will have a lot of fun playing Minecraft. After you've started you might be interested in our guide on the top Minecraft seeds and our article on cool Minecraft builds, which might provide some ideas for your own creations.