There is Hope if your Swimming Pool is Green in Color Sometimes taking proper care of your swimming pool will take a back seat to other things in life. You may be new to the whole situation so you don�t do things correctly. Perhaps you have been testing like you should and things look good so you slack off on it.
You may be giving it your all and then one day look in the pool and see green or even a blackish color forming. Don�t be too hard on yourself though as this is a scenario that most swimming pool owners will face at one time or another. Regardless of the reasons, it can be quite a horror to discover your water in the swimming pool has a greenish color to it.
Before you drain all the water out of it or become frustrated you need to get the situation in perspective. It can be a hard lesson to learn about why you do need to stay on top of cleaning your swimming pool. Yet it isn�t the end of the world and with some hard work and the right products you can get things back under control before you know it.
In many instances a green swimming pool is the result of problems with the filtering system. So you want to start here and troubleshoot from that angle. Remove any debris trapped in the filtering system. Pay attention to how it sounds and if it is passing water through it like it should. If it is then you can move on to other aspects of cleaning up the swimming pool. You will need to let the filter run around the clock for several days to help you. Remember to check it often and to complete the backwash process so it can continue to perform well.
If the filtering system for the swimming pool isn�t working like it should you need to fix it. Otherwise you won�t make any progress and your problem is only going to get worse than it is right now. Check the entire filtering system and replace the cartridge if applicable. If you need to replace the entire filtering system get it done immediately. Invest in a high quality swimming pool filter that is the right size for your pool. Get a brand that is reliable to prevent future problems from being likely.
Next you can move on to cleaning out the pool while you let the filter do its job. Remove any large pieces of dirt and debris from the top of the swimming pool. This way it can�t spread and multiple which will make it that much harder to remove. You may need to repeat this process several times over the course of the next couple of days.
While it may be tempting to vacuum the pool out avoid doing so if you can�t see the bottom of it. You don�t know what gunk is built up there and it could result in damage to your vacuum and your swimming pool. Instead you need to shock the water to help eliminate as much of the bacteria and algae as possible. This should be very effective and you will start to see improvements very soon.
About 24 hours after the shock is complete you can start adding chlorine and other chemicals that you need to your swimming pool. Use testing kits to find out what the Ph level is. That way you will know what types of chemicals you need to add. Give it about 12 hours and you should see clearer water that you can now vacuum the remaining debris out of. Be patient as all of this could take up to five days before your swimming pool water is clear again.
If you don�t get results in that time you may need to have a specialist come look at your pool. There may be additional problems that are quite complex. It could be that your chemicals are ineffective and you need to upgrade to better quality. The specialists have plenty of technology that they can take samples and provide you with data about what else you need to do to rectify the situation.