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Chapter 22 gabby quarter
The two disciples in the front changed to look at Han Jue with weird expressions.
So I'm not really that vulnerable.
Zhou Admirer was stunned when he noticed that.
Chang Yue'er plus the other two immediately surrounded him, avoiding him from escaping.
So what on earth if he's blessed!
A seventh-grade Numinous Value. Could there be sixth-class, 5th-quality, and up to primary-class Numinous Treasures?
That's it!
Zhou Enthusiast quickly transformed and left behind.
“Junior, you have a fairly good chance of receiving initially position on this occasion!” Chang Yue'er stated excitedly.
Since he got often noticed Mo Fuchou brag about him!
Zhou Fanatic was forwarded piloting, vomiting blood vessels. He was just like a kite that has a shattered string, blown right out of the fight arena.
In the event it wasn't the scenario, why would Han Jue accept conquer?
The struggle ended so easily?
Han Jue was overcome with happiness while he quietly walked over period.
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“See, Zhou Supporter is actually underperforming!”
[Congrats on finding a seventh-grade Numinous Treasure—Golden Cicada's Mystic Divine Robe]
He is at a very good disposition.
Everyone was astonished. Chang Yue'er along with the other two girls also increased their view.
Han Jue changed around to find out, but Zhou Fan was already went.
They weren't stupid as well as sensed that Han Jue's surrender was too doubtful. Nevertheless, it had been also good news for the kids, so they really didn't issue it.
Han Jue guessed quietly.
This became too fulfilling. Immediately after acquiring the Gold Cicada's Mystic Divine Robe, he observed very safe. And this man would have a connate cave abode. It was an exceptionally productive inner sect a.s.sessment.
Fortune was an essential thing over the path of cultivation.
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So what if he's blessed!
Zhou Lover was directed traveling, sickness blood vessels. He was just like a kite with a ruined string, blown out of the combat field.
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Eventually, the most notable several ended up made the decision, as well as Interior Sect a.s.sessment ended.
The subsequent two matches have been intense. Devices, miracle, activity techniques, and talismans. A variety of items appeared. The 4 disciples ended up all-curved and comparable to each other well. Irrespective of who had been the final champion, they still put on a great fight.
Han Jue experienced that he would have adopted both of them collectively.
The Girl at Cobhurst
The best five were made a decision.
The 5 disciples would sketch a lot to determine who would skip the next round and travel instantly to the top level several.