Mojang Has Retired Its Card Battle Game And Offers One More Year Of Playtime

Mojang means Minecraft. The Microsoft-owned developer also has other projects. Scrolls was an online card-based battle video game that's available on PC, Mac, and tablets. The game has come to the end of its run, with the developer announcing that it is ending work on the game. Although it doesn't give any explanations for the quiet end, we reached out to find out. The developer claimed that it won a legal battle against Bethesda by being able to name the game "Scrolls" however, it was barred from naming sequels. Mojang promises that it'll keep the servers running for another year, which means there's a total of twelve months to work on the most recent update and levels, which were released only this month.

Update The following information was provided by a Mojang spokesperson has told us: "The launch of the 'Scrolls' beta was a huge success. i do what the voices in my head tell me of thousands of players played daily and many of them remain active to this day. However, the game has reached a stage where it can no longer maintain its constant growth."