Lineage W To Launch Globally On November 4

South Korean game company NCSoft has announced that its latest cross-platform MMORPG "Lineage W" will launch globally on November 4, 2021, in initial regions, including Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, and the Middle East. Following that, Lineage W will expand its service regions to North America, South America, and Europe. The game will be available on Android, iOS, PC (via Purple), PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

The pre-registration for Lineage W, which started two months ago, is still in progress on the official website, Google Play, and Apple App Store. Pre-registered users can also reserve their desired character names on the game's website.

Lineage W is a sequel to Lineage 1, an MMORPG released in 1998 with 2D isometric-overhead graphics. The story is set in 150 years after the story of Lineage. Lineage W is nearly identical to a remastered version of the original game with full 3D graphics (developed using Unreal Engine 4) and a quarter-view camera.

It also incorporates the dark fantasy theme, cell/grid system for combat, a battle system with enhanced strike feedback, immersive storylines, and improved content for pledges and alliances. Information about its four classes, including Monarch, Knight, Elf, and Mage, was revealed on the game's website.

Lineage W also features a "global battle community." International players can collaborate and compete on a single battleground (server). Additionally, it supports 'AI translation,' which enables real-time communication between players who speak different languages, and a 'Voice-to-text,' which converts speech to text.

According to the game's 2nd showcase event, Lineage W's initial content will feature diverse content, including magic dolls that look even more adorable, a dice game, tax wagon convoy missions, teleport treasure hunts, and collection events.

Moreover, the company said that it will not introduce monthly subscription products like Einhasad's Blessing and other XP-related systems. Einhasad's Blessing is an in-game purchase that increases the acquisition rate of Adena (the game money), experience points, and tradable items. Other systems such as symbols, guard star, and spirit engraving will not be part of the Lineage W.

It also mentioned that it will support a player-to-player trading system. Players can trade the items they want or sell to and buy from each other on a real-time basis. NCSoft has significantly reduced private trading fees. The trade market will also be available.

The official release date of Lineage W is November 4, 2021. It will be available for first to Android, iOS, and PC platforms. extreme mining Meanwhile, it is set to release for the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in 2022.