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Patrick Owner

, also known online as Parorexia more popularly known as Parorexia, is a popular American YouTuber, businessman and philanthropist.

Abattoir Admin

American gaming YouTuber. His work on Minecraft content has earned him the title of the best Minecraft player.

Henges Mod

A skilled player who is able to strafe well and has good aim. He is patience and doesn't get angry so his focus is on, as youngsters these days say"fleek. He's a formidable competitor on this list, if he did not already.

Catarrh Builder searched!

He destroys everyone in PvP! He should be in the top 5. He is a complete scumbag in The Pack. In minecraft servers , he is able to win most of the time. Ft server is always looking for more builders. Send us your application today.

Sobriquet Builder searched!

He isn't sure how to make a pvp deal. He only likes building and isn't aware of pvp strategies, and isn't very good with bows. Besides, what is bows going to do?