sectional door Sectional doors provide many more advantages as they facilitate the use of space in many areas thanks to their mobility. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred door system. In certain industrial or personal areas, classic or optional sectional door systems can be produced using varieties. The fact that they consist of insulated sandwich panels as a structure makes the doors very advantageous in terms of security, durability and long-term use.
Having heat and sound insulation becomes an advantage regardless of the area in which they are used. In general, the most common problem or danger in automatic doors used in industrial or personal areas is negative situations such as finger pinching. In this sense, the junction points of the panels of the sectional door systems are designed to prevent dangerous possibilities such as finger pinching. This completely eliminates such problems and ensures your life safety. In addition to all these, we can show that there is a pneumatic edge safety system, which prevents the door from being damaged, as another advantage. This situation completely eliminates the dangers that may occur.
This safety system has a pressure sensitivity of 5 mbar and the feature of detecting the pressure change in the air as a result of the flexing of the lower fuse. Springs are the only parts of the door that can be changed during this period, depending on the operating frequency. For this reason, it is possible to use sectional door systems for a long time. With its mechanical design with spring balancing system, it can be easily lifted by hand in manual position and does not pose any problems. In addition, motor automation systems and mobility are at an extremely important point. Sectional door systems also directly have a rope break and spring break safety system, which gives the guarantee of maximum usage safety to our valued customers.
In general, manufacturers give information by analyzing which type of sectional door system you should choose according to your field. You can conduct research on the internet to get consultancy on this subject, to have more detailed information about sectional door prices or about sectional door systems in general.