'Minecraft' Adds A Character Creator Option

Minecraft players have more control over how their avatar looks. The latest beta build includes the option to create a character that will allow you to modify the body shape and skin tone, hairstyle and color as well as the eyes and facial hair. F-email can choose from over 100 items as well as other items designed by the Minecraft team are available to purchase.

The feature is currently only available on Xbox One, Windows 10 or Android. It will launch on Minecraft Earth and Bedrock versions of the game, which includes Nintendo Switch and iOS, after the beta ends. You'll still be able create custom skins on Windows 10 and mobile.

The option to customize your character is a nice feature, and it follows the tradition of many games (such as numerous RPGs) that let players make their characters look how they like. Fortnite is just one example of a game offering customized items for characters. While Minecraft has been offering an online marketplace for community-created skins and texture packs for a couple of years, it's interesting to see the development team selling their own virtual goods.