Property Manager V's DIY Property Management There is a huge debate for a while regarding whether there exists a requirement for home manager to provide for one's investment property as well as to do-it-yourself. There are many arguments for and against and we will explore this further below.
The role of a property manager
A property manager may be thought of as a buffer between tenants and landlords. Property managers are hired by Landlords to handle their investment property and make sure the rent will be paid and care has been taken. These managers are hired by landlords to manage an industrial or residential parcel regarding some foibles. Tattersalls Real Estate has their Dedicated Asset Management Division that goes beyond the reach of the local corner real-estate to ensure the investment property is constantly performing for the children. A few things that that Tattersalls Real Estate do because of their landlords are:

Advertise properties from the 2 major real-estate platforms. and
Extensive tenant screening, criminal background checks, National Tenancy Database checks, Chronological audit of the tenants past rentals and employment.
Manage financial accounts and produce statements
Pay outgoing on behalf from the Landlord
Receive and disburse rent from your audited trust accounts
Complete Quarterly property inspections with photos
Complete random curb side inspections to make sure there aren't any extra people staying at the home
Source and organise tradespeople for performing repair and maintenance jobs
Ensure all works and notices have been in accordance with NSW legislation.

Property Management
Property Management
The Landlord
Occasionally, tenants possess the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' in regards to that they see their Landlords and a home manager is the perfect buffer to cut back this and part of to express 'No' if needed, as well as to ensure all notice has been followed when serving breach notices for failure to pay rent or to ensure care for the exact property. Managing 1 or 2 properties can be time intensive and expensive and frequently lead to an unproductive means of managing assets. Having to visit open inspections, routine inspections or visit the property each and every time there's a repair issue. That's what the exact property manager does for his or her Landlords, is take all the stress out from the process.
The real difference
The real difference is, Tattersalls Real Estate's Dedicated Asset Management Division can discover better tenants even as have accessibility to the two major property domains which are harmful for someone managing only a few properties. Often Blue Mountain property management are only able to advertise their particular properties on Gumtree and so on, which unfortunately receives tenants that are more prone to haven't any or poor rental history. When hiring Tattersalls, there is a team of specialist, Accounts, Marketing, Repairs and Property Managers all with years of experience in addition to street smart and knowledge of legislation.
Our audited trust accounts ensure every cent is taken into account and still provide reports to you if needed, without cost.
All for the competitive fee of just 4.4%, Tattersalls can manage your home and do what we should do best whilst helping you to carry on and hang around and on which you are doing best