I Am Using The Latest Launcher

Ever since the update to the new launcher, I have been having the problem of not being able to log into it. Every time that I put in my credentials I receive the message "Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our servers. Please make sure that you are online and that Minecraft is not blocked." Now, to get around this issue, I have been using a "cracked" client, Team Extreme, that allows the use of a premium account. For some reason, I have been able to log in and play Minecraft just fine using this client. Whenever I close out of the other client and access the main launcher, I will still be logged in; however, my only option is to play offline, and I am unable to download the latest snapshot. Logging out then attempting to log back in will yield titan launcher for mc as above. The reason that this is finally coming to light is that I have recently started playing on a UHC server that follows the snapshots, and after the 14w07a snapshot came out, the Team Extreme client isn't updated enough to the point of following along with the snapshot. This has now brought a minor inconvenience to a major problem that is keeping me from playing with friends. My main question is how can I get it so that I can use the normal launcher? I will post what is shown in the development consoles of both the normal launcher, and the TeamExtreme launcher when I try to get into the new snapshot.

Team Extreme Console:
Launcher 3.1.4 started on osx...
Current time is Feb 14, 2014 9:16:42 PM
System.getProperty('os.name') == 'Mac OS X'
System.getProperty('os.version') == '10.8.3'
System.getProperty('os.arch') == 'x86_64'
System.getProperty('java.version') == '1.7.0_51'
System.getProperty('java.vendor') == 'Oracle Corporation'
System.getProperty('sun.arch.data.model') == '64'
Refreshing local version list...
Refreshing remote version list...
News is up to date!
Refresh complete.
Loaded 1 profile(s); selected 'Daisukemara'
Refreshing auth...
Logging in with access token
Opening connection to https://authserver.mojang.com/refresh
Writing POST data to https://authserver.mojang.com/refresh: "clientToken":"e8084951-6898-4310-8771-7326e7501cc2","accessToken":"168581519c1c435d89104f5634490e1b","requestUser":true
Reading data from https://authserver.mojang.com/refresh
Successful read, server response was 200
Response: "accessToken":"deba4c3b32b343bc86c1bc245b3ca900","clientToken":"e8084951-6898-4310-8771-7326e7501cc2","selectedProfile":"id":"326236bdd76a426d823d560cc0a56694","name":"Daisukemara","user":"id":"9cedd9d9f4dc4157916d8cf284b4d02d"
Getting syncinfo for selected version
Queueing library & version downloads
A new version of this launcher is required to play 14w07a. If the launcher does not automatically update within a few days, please download the new launcher manually.

Normal Launcher:
[21:18:13 INFO]: Minecraft Launcher 1.3.10 (through bootstrap 5) started on osx...
[21:18:13 INFO]: Refreshing local version list...
[21:18:13 INFO]: Current time is Feb 14, 2014 9:18:13 PM
[21:18:13 INFO]: System.getProperty('os.name') == 'Mac OS X'
[21:18:13 INFO]: System.getProperty('os.version') == '10.8.3'
[21:18:13 INFO]: System.getProperty('os.arch') == 'x86_64'
[21:18:13 INFO]: System.getProperty('java.version') == '1.6.0_65'
[21:18:13 INFO]: System.getProperty('java.vendor') == 'Apple Inc.'
[21:18:13 INFO]: System.getProperty('sun.arch.data.model') == '64'
[21:18:13 INFO]: Refreshing remote version list...
[21:18:14 INFO]: Refresh complete.
[21:18:14 INFO]: Loaded 1 profile(s); selected 'Daisukemara'
[21:18:14 INFO]: Refreshing auth...
[21:18:14 INFO]: Logging in with access token
[21:18:15 ERROR]: Exception whilst logging into profile
com.mojang.authlib.exceptions.AuthenticationUnavailableException: Cannot contact authentication server
at com.mojang.authlib.yggdrasil.YggdrasilAuthenticationService.makeRequest(YggdrasilAuthenticationService.java:64) ~[launcher.jar:?]
at com.mojang.authlib.yggdrasil.YggdrasilUserAuthentication.logInWithToken(YggdrasilUserAuthentication.java:124) ~[launcher.jar:?]
at com.mojang.authlib.yggdrasil.YggdrasilUserAuthentication.logIn(YggdrasilUserAuthentication.java:53) ~[launcher.jar:?]
at net.minecraft.launcher.Launcher.ensureLoggedIn(Launcher.java:208) [launcher.jar:?]
at net.minecraft.launcher.Launcher$1.run(Launcher.java:177) [launcher.jar:?]
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Executors.java:439) [?:1.6.0_65]
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(FutureTask.java:303) [?:1.6.0_65]
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:138) [?:1.6.0_65]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:895) [?:1.6.0_65]
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:918) [?:1.6.0_65]
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:695) [?:1.6.0_65]
Caused by: javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.InputRecord.handleUnknownRecord(InputRecord.java:652) ~[?:1.6]
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.InputRecord.read(InputRecord.java:484) ~[?:1.6]
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.readRecord(SSLSocketImpl.java:863) ~[?:1.6]
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.performInitialHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1188) ~[?:1.6]
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.startHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1215) ~[?:1.6]
at com.sun.net.ssl.internal.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.startHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1199) ~[?:1.6]
at sun.net.www.protocol.https.HttpsClient.afterConnect(HttpsClient.java:476) ~[?:1.6]
at sun.net.www.protocol.https.AbstractDelegateHttpsURLConnection.connect(AbstractDelegateHttpsURLConnection.java:166) ~[?:1.6]
at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getOutputStream(HttpURLConnection.java:1031) ~[?:1.6.0_65]
at sun.net.www.protocol.https.HttpsURLConnectionImpl.getOutputStream(HttpsURLConnectionImpl.java:230) ~[?:1.6]
at com.mojang.authlib.HttpAuthenticationService.performPostRequest(HttpAuthenticationService.java:73) ~[launcher.jar:?]
at com.mojang.authlib.yggdrasil.YggdrasilAuthenticationService.makeRequest(YggdrasilAuthenticationService.java:47) ~[launcher.jar:?]
... 10 more

My main speculation is that the Team Extreme launcher is taking a different port to access the authentication servers, but I'm not tech savvy enough to know if that is really the case.

Now, I realize that talking about "cracked" clients is a bit touchy. I'm not asking for support on the "cracked" client. I only wish to know what needs to be done so that I can use the normal launcher that is downloaded from minecraft.net. The only reason I was using the client was due to the fact that I was still using an account that I paid for, and it was working, so I had no reason to go back to the normal launcher until this point. If anymore information is needed, let me know and I will post back as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for the help!

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Just clarifying, the (official) launcher you are using is the latest? (Bootstrap 5+, Launcher 1.3.10) I'd delete /.minecraft/lastlogin, and if that doesn't work, do you have ANY anti-virus or firewall? (I probably won't ask you to turn it off, don't stress about sharing). And if worst comes to worst, MagicLauncher isn't cracked, supports (mostly) the latest Minecraft, and is from a 3rd party (So it's awesome).

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I am using the latest launcher, and I just now deleted lastlogin, and still have issues. My anti-virus and firewall are all set up to allow minecraft through. I'll have to give Magic Launcher a try then. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks for the suggestions!