How To Edit Minecraft Server Files

The web based FTP client allows you to manage your Minecraft server files with ease from your panel. To access your Minecraft server files using the web-based client, go to FTP File Access and log in using your panel password. Once authenticated, you will be taken to the home directory on your server.

Navigating Server Files

Navigating through your server's files is a lot like what you do on your personal desktop. In the middle is the directory structure, we can navigate to, select and edit our files from here. Click the appropriate folder to enter in and view its contents. To edit a file, we click Edit, and to download we click the actual name of the file.

There are options for managing the specific files you've chosen. After you have selected the items checked, you can issue actions to them such as:

Move - Move selected files into another directory on your server. Select files can be permanently deleted by deletion

Copy - Make an image of the selected files.

Rename - Rename specific files

Download Select files can be downloaded in an archive format.

Zip - Archive files and save them to the server.

Unzip - Copy the contents of an archive into the directory you're presently in.

Edit using a text editor to edit the file.

Create a New Folder and Files

You can create new folders or files directly from your control panel by selecting the New Dir or the New File Upload option located on the left-hand side menu.

New Dir - Create new directory (or folder)

New File - Create a fresh plain text file.

Upload - Upload a group of files or an archive.

If you're using the Upload option to upload files to your server, it is important to remember that you can only upload single files and not entire folders. If you wish to upload a complete folder, you'll need to upload it as an archive file, and then use the unzip option to extract the contents onto the server.


The web-based FTP client is quick and easy for server edits and uploads. However, it has limitations. When making changes to your server files or uploading files you are using the panel's web page as an intermediary for the file exchange. This means that you can only upload a certain quantity of files in one session. This limit is 50mb. Any upload or file commit that is greater than this will need to be performed using an external FTP client like Filezilla. alatorre -party clients like Filezilla don't have any limitations on file size, since they connect directly to your server's files instead of the web-based FTP client.