Minecraft Launcher Will Not Open (Mac)

Hey kinda late response but when this remains to be an issue for anyone simply open exercise monitor find Minecraft launcher and force quit it. It's not a perfect repair however it's higher than rebooting your laptop computer each time you wanna play.

it labored for me !!! MINECRAFT SERVERS thanks !


thank you! mounted 🙏

Whenever you open an software on macos, that utility's brand will bounce up and down a couple of instances after which open, however with Minecraft, it would not even bounce up and down. It just will not open.

Restart your computer or delete after which reinstall the sport.

Don’t return the sport but if u Have tried to return the game because it will stop the sport from with the ability to load and the issue will look exactly like that

This happened to me as we speak too

Mine does this too. I ran Minecraft on my last mac with out an issue but I lately acquired a brand new one and can't do away with this challenge.