Gotta Get The Hazmat Suit Ready

A thought experiment: If you could bring back one thing from Modern WoW that you believe nobody would have an issue with, What would it be?

Oh boy, here I am opening the flood gates on this one, eh? Gotta get the Hazmat Suit ready.

*incoming barrage of LFD Comments*

Obviously a lot of classic purists scoff at the notion of modern wow stuff coming to classic but since Blizzard is changing stuff, may as well accept that all options are on the table and just roll with it, eh? This was an idea that popped into my head while I was at work the other day and I thought yknow what this is a good thought experiment/topic of discussion, thats probably been done many times but I digress.

For me it would easily be Transmog. Primarily because running around sporting a badass set you farmed old raids to get would be cool to have around, and tbh it'd give us a reason to run the old raids and dungeons aside from gold making or farming other things. And it would definitely have to be the modern version of Transmog, where you can collect appearances and they'll be stored in a database, so you don't have to keep the gear in your bags like the earlier days of it.


Theres nothing you could bring from modern wow that noone would have an issue with..

Mass loot

Ah yeah Area looting would be so nice to have. Take my upvote!

Hell yeah, this would be a simple change that I don't think many would take issue with.

There are a lot of QoL improvements which don't take away the classic feeling. Improved AH, Bulletin board, mass loot, bigger material stacking, void-storage, (no more in Retail but I loved Reforging), pet-/mount storage, posting professions (will come with wrath)

Yeah definitely. These would just be quality of life improvements.

The improved AH

Definitely. Take my upvote on that one.

Rated Battlegrounds

Mixed on this one personally but I see why it would be appealing to PVP peeps.

Changing your gear to not look like what you have equipped is bad.

How hard is it to right click and inspect someone? Lol

Retail guild chat window

Yes definitely. That'd be very nice to have.

Transmog is a good pick that I had never considered!

For me though, my pick would be the improved AH. It’s just such a massive QOL change that I don’t really see any downsides to.

The improved AH that retail has solves a lot of issues, like annoying single stacks. Its why I love it.


I personally would not want to play on a server with these changes, but maybe they could add specific servers for people who do want them someday.

Individual raid lock outs. As some1 who's casual raider and choosing to play with dads that raid randomly it's really nice that if at the end of the week if we can't finish our raid I can easily join random pug and clear my missing bosses.

Personal loot. This system is hated for some reason, but I think at least an option for it should exist. Our dad guild managed to gear pretty fast in CN. Yes you can't trade piece of armor if it's your highest ilvl piece but from my experience both in guild and PUG is that people will offer duplicate piece for any1 in the raid so the gearing process is pretty fast.

Auction house. Retail one is simply better.

Transmog. Ua 7 's really nice system, I don't understand why people are crying over it.

War mode. Idea of balanced servers is just dead and it's been for like 12+ years. If some1 wants wpvp they can always turn on war mode.