Wow 1.12.1 Or 2.4.3 Servers

Hi guys. I'm a very old WOW player. I've started with 1.12.1 and then played BC for a while and then dropped it.

But I love both of them.

Can you please tell me some servers that have 500+ online players on them. Do they exists? I see that the lists are not full and thouse lists missing some good servers.

TBC is completly dead

Kronos and Darrowshire vanilla servers pull maybe 300 players each(?)

Turtle WoW does custom content and not PURE vanilla but they are the biggest server on 1.12 client. Over Ua-7 peak EU hours.

Upcoming whitekidney’s fresh vanilla server has 16k(?) people in discord server and bunch of youtuber/streamers recognition - it will be big

What is a whitekidney? Is it a guy or a realm? Can you share some links? Thanks.

They're all dead, Jim.

Wait for whitekidney fresh

Wait for fresh scam

approx release date?

For real or is it hopium?

OP, why didn't you play Blizz classic? You still have a few months left of TBC.