So why not start a Substack? Two chief reasons.

First, I don’t want to write to a schedule -- I don't want to worry about whether I am showing up in your inbox too often, or too rarely, or too inconsistently. I don't want to have to decide whether a particular idea is too small or too large for a message. If it’s on my blog, then you can use RSS to get notified whenever I post, or you can just visit when you take a notion.

Second, I love the architecture of the blog -- the way that I can post text and images and sounds, and then connect them to one another through links and tags. It’s the ideal medium for someone with a highly associative mind, like Tristram Shandy or me.

Those, to me, are good reasons to prefer a blog to a newsletter.

I’ll still be doing my Snakes and Ladders newsletter, though.