This is particularly the case with traditional tiles, where various factors can influence the number of tiles required per square meter. The most popular profiles include plain tile, double roman, and pantiles. Whilst a flat tile such as the redland plain tile is very minimalistic, a pantile tile such as the sandtoft double pantile offers a bold aesthetic. Choose a roof type that fit to your project and access all materials that we have to help you. Redland offers a comprehensive range of roofing components - all you need to create complete roof systems.

Extracted from quarries throughout wales and spain, slate tiles are renowned for their traditional appearance. They also provide incredible longevity, with them offering a lifespan of decades. As one of the uk’s leading roof tile distributors, we offer a wide range of top quality roof tile options at highly competitive prices.

You can showcase your own personal style with your choice of colour and creative shapes for your clay or concrete roofing tiles. Manufactured from recycled polymer, the envirotile collection is often chosen because it supports sustainable home initiatives and has an incredibly easy installation process. Additionally, envirotile roof tiles are lightweight, low cost, and still perform equally or even surpass when compared with more traditional roofing tiles.

These additional components can include roofing underlays, insulating material or other accessories, such as the sturmfix 2.0 wind protection for example. We are continuously expanding our range for our customers and our partners. Furthermore, we are developing a variety of solutions tailored specifically to local needs.

When planning, therefore, special attention should be paid to the elements that are relevant to a property for longevity. In many cases, the roof is put on the back burner, even though your home will be protected from above for many decades and is important both from a technical, energy and visual point of view. Browse through our reference objects and see where creaton products have been used successfully. The natural charm of clay tiles means they are as popular today as they were 200 years ago. Whether you are looking for tiles from sandtoft, marley, redland or any other supplier, at roofing outlet we are sure to offer you the most competitive rates available.

In addition to this, we are present in central and south-east europe through the brand tondach. After all, we have been honing our expertise in the manufacturing of clay roof tiles for over 130 years. We are driven by the high aspiration of providing a natural living environment.