Announcer: High adventure in the wild, vast reaches of space! Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice! Travel into the future with Buzz Corey, commander-in-chief of the Space Patrol!

Brought to you by those checkerboard super cereals, Wheat Chex, Rice Chex, and Good, Hot Ralston.

[ Fade in on a spaceship interior. BUZZ and HAPPY are at the controls. BUZZ is speaking in to a SPACE-A-PHONE]

Narrator: On a course from Mars to the Man Made Planet, Terra a fast Space Patrol battle cruiser makes it's way through space.

Buzz: Are you still there Robby?

Robby: Yes, go ahead

Buzz: Cadet Happy and I are in pursuit of the stolen plans.

Robby: For god sakes, Buzz, you and Happy be Careful. Baron Von Fronkenstone is dangerous.

Happy: I'm not afraid of Fronkenstone!

Buzz: There's his ship now. Lock Weapons!

Narrator: Buzz and Happy gun it towards the huge laser ship, FOODLIGHT, as GILLIGAN speeds up and overtakes them.

Gillian: Attack group, attack group, attack group. The Man Made Planet seeks to destroy and colonize Mars. Come join the Space Patrol on this action-packed mission. Man Made Planet, the future of the human race is at stake!

[ Action footage of space battle between two military forces. Action continues for several minutes. ]

Happy: That's it! Buzz and I are going to attack. . .

[ Action footage of battle between two military forces. Action continues for several minutes. ]

Narrator: Perched on top of their ship, Buzz, Happy and Gilligan bombard the GILGAN's ship with Rockets and Robot Fighter Saucers!

Maurice: Whee! [Points at the target screen ] Let's be Careful . . . !!!

Narrator: Fronkenstone's angry tirade is interrupted as his orbital rocket swarm destroys the GILGAN's ship.

Fronkenstone: Man Made Planet is under attack by an ambitious new alien empire. If the empire gets control of Man Made Planet it will bring war to a galaxy, which is suffering under the atrocities of an evil xenophobic government!

Gillian: [Elated] Two. . .

Narrator: Fronkenstone continues to insult the Solar System for minutes before the Galactic Unification Marshal Kai, defects and joins Fronkenstone's ranks.

[ Key montage of Fronkenstone and Kai helping Fronkenstone in his quest for galactic control.]

Kai: Fronkenstone, I've come to accept your methods. My years in the galactic court have prepared me for this moment.

Fronkenstone: [Shaking Kai's hand] You're going to join us?

Kai: Yes, my old comrade. I leave the court of madness to help you end your eternal search for galactic glory.

Fronkenstone: All right. Take me to my orders then. I would tell you the location of my orders but that would mean revealing the secret route.