Chapter Five: (Not So) Easy Like Sunday Morning I woke up that Sunday morning at around ten. Just woke up. I didn't have those few moments of waking up. I was asleep, then awake. More awake than I'd been in years. I lay there completely stunned for a moment when I realized that my mind was quiet. I wasn't arguing with myself or anything. Just...quiet inside my head. Weird. I mean, my emotions were all a big fucking jumbled mess, and I'd think about that later. But for right then...I was otherwise at peace. Fucking weird. I laid there and enjoyed everything for probably fifteen minutes. Then I got up and took a massive piss, took a shower, brushed my teeth - in the shower 'cause it saves time. You know, the usual morning stuff. I got dressed in a pair of olive green cargo shorts and a black wife-beater. None of the girls had woken up yet, presumably, so I made sure to be as quiet as possible going down the stairs. Smiling and humming happily to myself I set about making breakfast. I whipped up some batter, pulled out the old Hello Kitty waffle maker and started making some waffles. I had the bacon sizzling in the pan, some biscuits in the oven, and a full pot of coffee brewing when a pair of tiny hands encircled my waist and a firm pair of tits pressed up against my back. "Mmm. Morning Bryce. Sleep well?" "Yes I did, Mr. Crowley. How could I not sleep well after so many orgasms?" She giggled, kissed my back and disappeared. A moment later I heard Niagara falls rushing into the toilet. I returned my attention to the cooking, only to be interrupted by a naked Chelsea entering the kitchen, snuggling into me and giving me a kiss. "Good Morning, Mr. Crowley. You throw a great party." She giggled and headed off to the stairs. One after another, the parade of girls - all still naked - came into the kitchen and greeted me with a kiss and moved to other parts of the house. Even Nikki, the last one to wake, apparently, came into the kitchen in the raw. As soon as I noticed I focused very intently on not burning the bacon, and putting the last waffle in the griddle. As I flipped a piece of bacon Nikki hugged me from behind. Her breasts squashed up against me and I could feel her nipples poking my back through the thin fabric of my shirt. She leaned in further and kissed me right behind the left ear. In my spot. The "turns me on instantly" spot. FUUUUUUUUUUCK! "Morning, Daddy." I took a deep breath and let it out very slowly, and quietly bent my head down a little to suggest I was really, really focused on the bacon. And not hard enough to cut glass suddenly. "M-morning, Muffin." She kissed my spot again, longer this time. Nothing unseemly, but...longer. Much longer than a usual kiss between us. And was it my imagination, but were her lips slightly parted? Son of a bitch! She turned and left the kitchen, her hand trailing along my side until she was gone - the path her fingers had just taken now burning. Burning. Burning! "Shit! The bacon!" I managed to keep the last few pieces of bacon from burning too badly and got them onto the serving dish. I popped the last waffle out of the automatic griddle, then spent a minute leaning on the counter, my arms supporting my weight, my chin down on my chest. Gaining hold of myself again - or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof - I hollered out, "Breakfast is ready! Clothing at the table is not, I repeat, not optional! Move your butts, ladies!" I spent the next few minutes setting all the breakfast fixings on the table and getting out plates, silverware, glasses, and mugs. Beth and Yelena entered the kitchen together and had apparently decided that wearing very skimpy, flimsy-looking bras and panties counted as being "dressed." Opening my mouth to say something I thought, They're as covered as if they were in bikinis, which they've eaten in at this table before. I closed my mouth then smiled at the girls. "Dig right in, ladies. You don't know how long everyone else is going to take." "Not long, Mr. Crowley!" Bryce called as she slid by me into a chair and popped a piece of bacon into her mouth. She'd at least actually gotten dressed. Mostly. I could see she was braless by the very tight fit of her Halestorm crop-top and the might-not-have-even-bothered Daisy Dukes that did a very poor job covering her pussy and ass. Not that I was complaining. Chelsea and Regina - both wearing more substantial shorts and simple t-shirts - joined the other ladies at the table and dug in, as well. I turned to holler out for Svetlana and Nikki but my yell died unvoiced as the two joined the rest of us. Nikki was in a black sports bra and matching running shorts while Svetlana had on a green Lycra workout top and black yoga pants. All I could think of right then was Jayne from Firefly in the main room of the whorehouse talking about how there's "so much tasty here my John Thomas is like to pop off and fly around the room," or something like that. Getting control of myself I sat at the head of the table and began grabbing food before it was all gone. The girls were all laughing and talking and making jokes and, surprisingly, very little of their commentary was sexual in nature. Although some feet did slide up my calves to my inner thighs a couple of times. As breakfast wound down I got up and started clearing the table. Nikki piped up, though, and said, "Oh no, Daddy. We've got this. We'll get things squared away. You relax." "Thanks, Muffin, but-" "No buts, Mister. The party's over so we're not on 'your rules' right now. Sit. Relax." She stuck out her tongue at me. She hopped up, grabbed the plates out of my hand and dropped them in the sink. She then turned to the fridge, grabbed out a soda - knowing I despise coffee - and put it in my hand, taking my arm and shooing me into the living room. "You do so much for me, for all of us," heads were nodding around the table, "and we just want you to relax." She gave me a quick kiss on the lips. That was nothing unusual in and of itself. We've kissed on the lips her whole life. Often we'd give cheek kisses, but we're just as likely to give a quick peck on the lips. But this time there was electricity. I don't know if she felt it, but my heart damn near stopped. I managed to smile pretty naturally, all things considered. "Thanks, baby. Thank you, ladies. I'll just go sit down and relax, then." I headed to the living room as the chatter started up behind me. Blankets, pillows, bras, panties, purses, make-up bags...they were all scattered around the living room. And I smelled what I was pretty sure was the remnants of our practically-an-orgy last night. I tossed the blankets on the couch over to one side and sat down, grabbed the TV remote and got comfy. I was about halfway through the first episode of "Good Omens" when the girls bustled out of the kitchen and tackled cleaning the living room. I just paused the show and sat back to relax. Nikki was the last to come in. She stood next to me, her hands on her hips and hollered, "Damn, sluts. Smells like a whorehouse in here. Somebody crack a window while I put some more wax in the melter!" I'm pretty sure I blushed. I know I did a pretty good job last night satisfying a couple of these sexy women - who were flashing me knowing grins from time to time - but still. I'm pretty sure I blushed. I guess I'm still an innocent small-town boy in some ways.

A bit later I was in the garage looking for a fresh light bulb and the ladder so I could change out the bulb in the entryway when Yelena came in and said, "Mr. Crowley, I just wanted to thank you for the party. It was, mmm, memorable." I chuckled and gave her a smile. "That it was, bella. I'm glad you had a good time." I started to turn back around when she stepped up close to me and wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her back, enjoying the feeling of her in my arms. She took a step back, her hands remaining on my waist. "I said I want to thank you, Mr. Crowley. Not simply say 'thank you.'" Her right hand slid around and down and she started stroking my cock with the palm of her hand. Her left reached down and slowly slid down my zipper. "I have to go soon, so I don't have time to really, properly, thank you. But don't hold back, ok?" She unfastened the button to my shorts, then slid my shorts and boxer-briefs down to my ankles. She raised my rapidly-stiffening cock and began licking it gently. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek up and down my length. "When you're ready, just come in my mouth. I want to taste you." And without further ado she swallowed me whole. This girl was a seriously accomplished cock sucker. She didn't hesitate, she didn't gag, she just took my full length into her mouth and throat and started bobbing up and down, leaving just the very tip of my head inside her lips, then all the way back down to my base. Her head was moving fast and she was sucking furiously, desperately. No finesse, no teasing, she just wanted me to come. I hadn't expected a blow job today, but I certainly wasn't going to argue with her. I leaned back against the wall and placed my hands on her head. I let her maintain full control; I just wanted to touch her, and her head was the only part of her I could comfortably reach. It didn't take long at all. She had told me to just go ahead and come, so that's exactly what I did. I waited just long enough that my head was in her throat and gave in to my orgasm. She pulled back so that just the head was in her mouth and gave every indication that she was enjoying my taste as she swallowed every drop. After I was done she spent a moment licking and sucking, making sure I was clean and that she'd gotten everything I had to offer. Then she pulled up my shorts, tucked Junior back in, fastened them and zipped up my zipper. After regaining her feet she hugged me again. "We'll have to make time for some mutual enjoyment soon." I tilted her head up and kissed her long, deep, and passionately. Like Chelsea, she was surprised I'd kiss her after she blew me, but I kept kissing her until she broke it off. "Whew. Really wish I could stay longer, but my Papi will be pissed if I don't get to the restaurant on time. See you later, Mr. Crowley?" "Absolutely, Yelena. Soon." Another quick hug and off she went.

A couple hours later most of the ladies had gone home or to jobs. Before they left, each one had sat on my lap and given me a long, lingering, lusty goodbye kiss and a "thank you." Except Beth. She'd leaned over, shy and proper as almost always -- last night being a notable exception -- but did offer a real kiss. She was even the first of the two of us to extend her tongue. It was very sweet. And sexy. Truth be told, my arms and lap were feeling pretty lonely the girls had gone. Besides myself, the only ones left in the house were Nikki, Svetlana, and Chelsea, who came over and sat gently in my lap. She smiled at me, sitting fairly primly, considering she was straddling me and had wiggled around to get my hard cock situated between her ass cheeks just a second ago. She gave me a gentle kiss on the lips then sat up straight, took my hand and looked in my eyes. "Is there anything you want or need to talk about, Mr. Crowley?" I pulled in her in for a hug and just enjoyed the lavender scent of her freshly-washed hair for a minute. Still holding her I said, "Nah. I'm good for now, darlin'. Not even sure what the hell I'd say." She turned her head and kissed me again. A much deeper kiss this time, her tongue slipping between my lips. She moaned happily before gently breaking it off. I leaned forward and kissed the tan lines on her shoulder, then her other shoulder, then down to the edge of her shirt. "I love these, by the way. So sexy!" I kissed her again. "Still thinking, still taking things in, still adjusting, but I'm ok for now, sugar. Thank you." "In that case I'm heading out for now. I'll get out of your hair and let you continue processing everything. But if you ever want to talk, let me know. I'm here. Or you could call or text, just to talk about whatever." She kissed me again, and gracefully - somehow - climbed off my lap and headed for the door, hollering, "I'm out you two. Text me later!" After she left, the house was oddly empty and quiet. I'm not sure what Nikki and Svetlana were up to, but about the only thing I could hear was the hum of the fridge. Sighing happily I turned off the TV and stood up just as my cell rang. Glancing at the display I saw it was Dana. "Hey, sugar. How are you this fine afternoon?" I could hear her smile. "Just fine, Jesse. How about you?" "Honestly? Better than I've been in a very long time. Mostly. Got some shit to think about, but overall, doing pretty damned good." "That's great! I'm so glad to hear that. You've been gloomy for so long it'll be nice to see you with a real smile on your face again instead of that fake 'I'm fine' bullshit." I laughed and we chatted for a few minutes. Eventually she said, "I didn't call just to chat, even though we don't talk enough. I just had an e-mail come through. Big project. Can you come in for a few hours tomorrow and help make sure we get a good start? I'll take you to lunch." "Of course, Boss." She chuckled. "I'll be in at eight and you can fill me in on everything." We talked a few minutes more and were about to hang up when I remembered and said, "Oh! I'm gonna need your help with something." I looked around and didn't see Nikki anywhere. I dropped my voice, speaking much more softly. "I found a fucked up '32 Ford for Nikki. You know, the one from American Graffiti? Like that. She's wanted that car since she was eight and I fucking found one!" Dana squealed over the phone, then I heard a clatter. A second later she came back on. "Shit, I got so excited I dropped the phone! What can I do to help?" "Let me keep and restore it at your place? It's gonna take me a while to get her back in shape. At this point I'm planning on it being Nikki's 19th birthday present. Means I've got about 10 months to get her ready, and I'm gonna need every bit of it. I can't keep it here, she'd see it, and it's got to be a surprise." "Oh fuck, yes, Jesse! Let me know when you're going to bring it over. I want to see it! Can I tinker with it, too?" "Yeah, I'd love that, Dana. Thank you. It'd mean the world to her, knowing you'd helped fix the coupe up, too. I'll be grateful for any effort you want to put in." We talked for a few more minutes, getting each other more and more excited about the car for Nikki. Finally, though, we wrapped up the call and I headed into the kitchen to make a sandwich or something for lunch. I was squatting in front of the open fridge, digging around in the back to see if we had any sliced roast beef, when I felt some fingers running through my hair. Then I felt a body pressing against my back, and a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and the hands slid up to my chest, just stroking softly. "Hey, Mr. Crowley. Making some lunch?" I stood up slowly so as not to knock Svetlana over. She backed up, and when I turned around she was sitting on the kitchen island in a tight pink tank top, black pleated mini-skirt, and four inch black fuck-me stilettos. Braless. I could see her nipples distending the fabric, and her legs were spread wide; she'd arranged the skirt so that her pubic region was covered, but every other inch of her long, toned, tanned legs were on display. Her white hair was teased and looked like she'd just hopped out of a convertible. Damn, she looked good. She leaned back a bit, her nipples pointing right at me, and slid her hands up her inner thighs. "Are you hungry, Mr. Crowley? I could offer you something tasty..." and she smiled oh-so-innocently. I didn't allow my gaze to linger on her beauty or the way she was displaying her sexy body. Instead I gave her a neutral smile and said, "Oh, I wouldn't ask you to fix my lunch. Not here in my own house. I'd be happy to fix a sandwich for you, though, if you're hungry. I could cook something instead, if you'd prefer," and turned back to look in the fridge. I didn't want her to see my desire for her. I'm honestly not sure why I was playing like this. Maybe it was her assertion that she could make me snap? I wanted her, of course. But I didn't want her thinking she had that kind of power over me, I guess. And maybe I was subconsciously picking up some cues she was throwing out. Maybe she wanted me to play all nonchalant? I don't know, but I wanted to see where this all went. I mean, I was sure she was a natural sub, and I reckoned I was going to have fun with that. But I'd never really done anything like this before, so I was kind of feeling my way along. To be honest, what I really wanted to do was turn around and take her right there on the island. But no...I was going to make her work for it. I smiled ruefully to myself, wondering why I was bothering. I heard her shifting around, and then she said, "No need to cook anything for me, Mr. Crowley. I'm pretty sure you have some meat I wouldn't mind swallowing, though." I tried. I really tried! But I couldn't contain it. I snickered, my hand flew up to cover my mouth, and then I just lost it and laughed so hard my butt hit the floor. It took me a minute, but I finally regained control of myself and stood. I turned around, leaned against the fridge, and just looked at her, eyebrow cocked, struggling to keep from breaking out in laughter again. After a moment she shrugged and then smiled sheepishly. I chuckled again. "Really? 'Meat' you 'wouldn't mind swallowing?' I think that qualifies as a 'Dad joke' of come-ons." We both had a good laugh at that. She hopped off the island and gave me an honest, simple smile. "I've never had to work to get a guy to make a move. Usually it's enough to show some skin or play with his hair and he's all over me. Not sure why I said what I did last night." She shrugged again. "You know I'm totally interested, right?" I smiled. "I think you made that clear. And I'm interested, too. And if all you'd like is for me to take you to bed, I'd be happy to. But if you're really wanting to make me lose it and take're going to have to step up your game. Because, last night notwithstanding, I have a pretty amazing amount of self-control." I gave her a quick, friendly hug. "So do you want some lunch? And do you want to change into less hazardous footwear?" She laughed. "Yes, to both. I'll take a sandwich if that's what you're making. Nikki's hungry, too." And away she went. As she passed me I slapped her on the ass, getting a squeal from her. "I still haven't given you permission to touch yourself. Lunch in ten." The three of us had a pleasant, simple, sex-free lunch. Just a man, his daughter, and one of her friends. At least, that's the front I put up. I don't know what was going through the ladies' minds. Mine, though, was hyper-focused on every time Svetlana casually touched my hand or arm, the way her hair moved when she turned her head, the twinkle in her hazel eyes as she laughed at something. But I was even more aware of every time Nikki shifted position, the sound of her breath, the way her clothes hugged her form, the way her teeth cut into her sandwich when she took a bite, the way she chewed, the way she swallowed....I refused to let myself actually think about anything more than our pleasant lunch conversation. But it was there. Boiling under my surface. Fortunately for me, Nikki and Svetlana were heading to the gym right after lunch to work out. Meaning I got a few precious hours of peace. After the past couple of days I needed some time to myself to try and figure shit out.r";u=23994