Many thanks for your votes - Votes are what keep authors on this site writing. This is a complicated tale of chemistry, lust and serious sexual activity with members of my family and other women. For all the sordid details please read Chapters 1 through 13. === === === You cannot have missed the fact that I fucked women. No making love at all, just fucking, sucking and eating cunt. It's what they wanted and what they'd taught me to do. I didn't complain. I fucked Molly on the kitchen table. She sucked me off. I ate her out and we fucked again. No problem. The following evening I was sent next door to 'look after Molly' while Rose and Janet discussed Molly in relation to the 'arrangement' she had enjoyed with Rose's Mother and Father during the eight years that she, Rose, suffered the abuse dished out by my Father. Molly was a woman of a 'certain age', about my Grandmother's age. She explained that there were many more ways to pleasure a woman and would I like her to teach me. I would, most certainly. Molly taught me to make love to a woman. She taught me to make love with a woman. Most importantly she taught me how I might learn to read a woman. Learn when a woman needed to be fucked. When she wanted to be seduced and made love to. When she wanted to make love together. I was an eager pupil and the women I'd only fucked previously were very grateful for her tutelage. My Grandmother rang to say my Father was dead and could I meet her to discuss my future. I fucked my Grandmother in her study, on the floor, on the desk and bent over a chair. === === === "Oi! Put me down yer big lug! Whatchadoin?" squealed my Gran as I hoisted her over my shoulder in a fireman's lift. "I'm taking you to bed, Grandmother so be still or I'll smack your bare bum!" "You wouldn't...!" Thwack! "I would!" "You did!?" "Just like you used to when you put me to bed, remember? Over your shoulder? Me, a terrified six year old looking down the long flight of stairs fully expecting to fall right to the bottom without even touching a stair tread." "You were never terrified. You loved it." "And you're loving it now." "No comment. You weren't naked!" "True but we hadn't just fucked each other in the study either." "Beside the point. I'm your Grandmother," she pummeled my bare bum playfully with her little fists, "put me down this instant!" "Or what?" I challenged. "I'll... I'll... I'll not suck your cock for a week!" "That's cruel! But I give in, where do you want me to put your down, or should I call a vet?" "On the bed, idiot! And make mad passionate love to me. Be my very first lover, Grandson." she chuckled filthily. "Very first?" I checked in utter amazement as I lowered her gently to the bed. I couldn't help but look down at her beautiful naked and totally exposed body. My cock stiffened instantly. "Very first. My Grandfather fucked me. My father fucked me. My Son fucked me. My Grandson has just fucked me. I'll freely admit my Grandfather and my Grandson both fucked me wonderfully but there must have been a kink in the gene pool between the two. My Father was a real bastard and your Father an absolute, sadistic bastard! Hopefully your arrival portends the straightening out of the kink, if the seeing to you've just given me is anything to go by." Gran chuckled, "things are looking up at last," she added happily. No pressure then! "Nobody else? Ever? Just family?" "Just family. I was getting more cock than I could handle and to be honest, while my Grandfather was still around, it was pretty good. After that it got a bit complicated and a lot less pleasurable. My Grandfather fucked his Sister and produced my Mother and her Brother. He, my Uncle, fucked his Mother and his Sister, making his Sister pregnant twice. She produced me, and my Brother a couple of years later. My Brother fucked Mother and me. I produced your Father. It was a terrible birth and afterwards I was unable to have further children. I couldn't produce a Daughter for my Son to fuck so he had to look elsewhere. He found a girl and made her pregnant. Your Mother also fell into his snare. He made her pregnant. The other girl produced a girl child. He would be able to fuck her when she was old enough and continue the family process. He also needed a Son to fuck the Mother and the sister. Your Mother delivered you. Perfect, nearly. If your Mother could produce another child, a female, then everything would be absolutely perfect, as he saw it. You would be able to fuck your Mother and your Sister, make her pregnant, hopefully twice. A boy and a girl, and the family tradition would continue uninterrupted." I swallowed hard. I was already fucking my Birth Mother, had already made her pregnant and produced a beautiful Daughter. Plans had already been made to fuck my Birth Sister five minutes into the day she reached eighteen! Making her pregnant was scheduled for as soon after she came down from University as practical. "If my Mother had produced a daughter as well would it have made him less of a bastard?" I asked tentatively. "Not a chance! My Son was a bastard from the off even without me not being married to my Brother, his Father. His idea of fun was pulling the legs of spiders, swinging cats around his head by their tails then hurling them into a hedge, over a wall or even into the road. He was a very nasty piece of work. I daren't tell him off. His Father loved it 'learning to terrorise, to be in total control' he said. I suffered that terror and his total control, the BASTARD!" Gran retorted without hesitation. The more I discovered about my Father the more I hated him. I didn't think that that would have been possible. === === === "Enough talk, Grandmother, roll onto your tummy so that I can enjoy stroking your beautiful body." "Bet you say that to all the girls!" "Only the truly beautiful ones." "With your pheromones? You trying to tell me that they aren't all beautiful." I paused for effect. "Now you mention it... you still ticklish?" "You remember? Yes." When I was little Gran and I had tickling fights. One of the many ways she used to shield me from the sounds my Mother made when being abused by my Father. There were no sounds any more so I didn't need distraction. === === === Making love to my Grandmother was a labour of love and not to be rushed... I started by tracing tender trails across her shoulders with the very tips of my fingers, back and forth, back and forth with short side trips onto the back of her neck. Gran was purring like a pampered pussy cat in moments. I expanded my exploration, the sides of her neck, around her ears and even up into her hair, kneading her scalp gently with my finger tips. "Bloody good job I didn't get my hair done," she giggled, "special occasion, not seen my Grandson in over twelve years and no hairdo. Musta known he'd mess it up." "I'll get Mum to do it for you. Now just relax, let me experiment." "Not sure I want to be 'experimented' on any more but if it entails more gentle touches and soft stroking I won't complain." "Sorry Gran, bad choice of word. How about... err... 'appraise'? That better?" "Appraise? Sounds like I'm being interviewed for a job." "Oh, you've got the job Gran. I'll just have to make a note on your record that you talk too much." "You're telling me to shut up?" she chuckled. "I was trying to be more polite. Now put a sock in it and relax. Let your Grandson enjoy your beautiful body. Another word from you and I'll start docking your wages. Schtum!" Gran sniggered naughtily and relaxed. My fingers recommenced exploring her soft skin. She started purring again. Tracing down her spine I veered left and up the side of her body being sure to caress the swellings of her tits where they were pushed out to the side of her naked body. Gran shuddered appreciatively and moaned contentedly. Up and down, down the side of her body then up her spine, across her shoulders, into her hair, circle her ears then down and around again and again. Each time it was just a slightly different route but every time I returned to those places that had made her respond particularly favourably. Time to move below the Mason Dixon line, not that Gran was around in April 1765 you understand. I stroked carefully across the top of her bare bum, circled down to her thighs. She parted them invitingly even before I reached them. I ignored her invitation, for the time being, and returned to her waist from the middle of her thigh ensuring I passed over the top of her swelling bottom. Gran trembled. I circled again in the opposite direction. I could feel her body tensing as she tried to keep still. Her thighs opened wider and again I ignored her offer as my fingers headed back to her waist. "You're cruel!" "Schtum!" Around again. Thighs parted wider still. I continued passed the middle and started down to the inside. Gran sighed happily. Up the inside of her thigh. Legs as wide as they could go. I reached the crease where the body main was joined by the legs and paused. Gran moaned softly and wriggled encouragingly. I followed the grease until I could cut across to reach her bum crack just above her anus. Up to the top and instantly back down. Fractions before my fingers stroked across her anus they slid off to the side, down to her thigh and swiftly across to the inner thigh. I was wrong about Gran's legs being as open as far as they could go. Her gaping, dripping cunt looked to be begging for my fingers. Crease, off again to the side. Circle to just above the anus and up to the waist. Gran sobbed theatrically. Removing my hand from her shaking body I sucked on my index finger making it wet and slippery before returning my hand to the top of her bum crack. Using my middle finger I traced a slow line south and stopped just before the puckered flesh of her anus. My index finger circled the puckered surroundings of her dark rose working its way to the centre. Once centred over the entrance to my Gran's bum I pushed the tip of my finger firmly down. Gran shuddered violently and emitted a very contented sigh. "That's very rude. Pushing your finger into your Grandmother's bum." she laughed happily. "You think? Pushing my cock into my Grandmother isn't rude then?" "My Grandson's going to push his nice, big, fat cock into his Gran's bum?" "Would your Grandson's Gran like that, do you think?" "I'd know for a fact she'd love it but not until after her Grandson had put it in her cunt for a while. Made her cum a few times so she was nice and relaxed. It's been a very, very long time since his Grandmother has ENJOYED a cock in her arse." Leaving my finger buried only as deep as the length of my well trimmed finger nail I reached the other hand under her hip and worked my fingers towards Gran's cunt. She was dripping with excitement. Index and ring finger parted the labia and held them wide while my middle finger crept up the wet slit until it reached the nub of her clitoris. Without pause I pressed on her clitty and wriggled the finger in her bum. Gran exploded! Her body shook violently. She gasped loudly then shuddered for quite a few moments. "H-O-L-Y F-U-C-K!" she squealed once she'd recovered her breath, "if you're planning on doing that again you'd better warn me! Could cause a heart attack!" she remonstrated joyfully. "I'll send you a postcard next time. Now roll up a bit so I can suck on your tit." Gran rolled being careful not to displace any of my fingers. My lips fastened on her nipple and my tongue flicked across it. Gran sighed. Keeping my finger just in her bum and my other hand spreading her cunt lips wide teasing her clit, I let my mouth wander over the perfectly placed tit. Little nips and sucks. Tongue lapping against the teat as if trying to tease milk from it. I sucked as much tit in my mouth as possible and pulled gently like a puppy with one of the those rubber bones. Gran squealed and shook with delight. With my index finger still entertaining her anus I moved the remaining fingers down towards her cunt. Two slipped easily inside the dripping cavern. The third joined them moments later. The pinkie finger I pressed against the front wall of her vagina seeking out her 'go' button. The other two pushed in deeper and withdrew. Anus, cunt, clit, G spot and tit, I had all her bases covered. I fingered my Gran to a long series of orgasms with only the slightest of rests between... "Ryan, please use your cock before I'm too exhausted to enjoy it properly. I'm not a young girl any more, y'know." she giggled dirtily. "Your best position?" "On my back. I want to watch you. See you enjoying your old Gran's cunt. I'd like you to see how much I'm enjoying my Grandson's cock too." We reorganised. I grabbed a pillow and told her to put her legs on my shoulders and 'lift'. I slipped the folded pillow under her bum. "What'satfor?" "Once we get the height right it should improve your pleasure. With luck my cock-head will rub along your 'G' spot on it's way in and out of your cunt, OK?" "You're kidding me? Neither your Father nor mine ever did that but then they were never really interested in my pleasure. Only interested in getting their rocks off fucking me until they were either empty or their cocks too sore to continue." "I'm not my Father nor my Grandfather, Gran. My pleasure is and always shall be, giving you pleasure." I told her firmly, "now guide me home. Let's make this connection as shared pleasure." Taking a firm hold of my already poker stiff cock Gran stroked it a couple of times before wiping it up and down between her cunt lips. She grinned happily at me as she teased herself, holding my cock-head just inside her cunt opening and gyrating her hips. Letting go my cock she moved her hand well away and smiled sweetly. "I'm all yours, Grandson." I pushed my cock home tenderly watching her face for signs of particular pleasure or discomfort. Nothing registered until my cock-head connected with her cervix. Her eyes flew open as she grinned with delight. "That's the door to my defunct baby factory," she chuckled, "long time since anything human has pressed against that so easily. Any more?" I delicately worked the remaining two inches in and left my cock buried to the hilt until Gran's panting returned to normal breathing. "OK?" "Umm, nice and full. Feels good." "Pass me another pillow, Gran." With my cock still buried deep I worked the second, unfolded, pillow under the first and lowered Grans' bum back down. "Comfy?" "Very!" Starting to ease my cock outward I watched her face and focused on the feeling on the tip of my cock. The feeling changed and instantly Gran shuddered. "Sweet Jesus! What caused that?" "Just a couple of pillows Gran." I laughed and pulled back until my cock head was again resting at the entrance to her cunt. In again. I found her button without hesitation. Gran shuddered and I kept her rocking back and forth through her orgasm by sliding my cock-head back and forth over her G spot. When she needed a rest I simply pushed in deep and pressed against her cervix a few times before going balls deep. I moved into semi-automatic mode. Focused solely of my Grandmother's pleasure I moved slowly and steadily back and forth in her cunt. Letting her rest a little between orgasms before starting up again. Gran was squealing, screaming and writhing. Constantly thrusting her hips up to drive my cock-head against her cervix and deep into her cunt. Her eyes stared straight into mine as if daring me to make her cum harder. I matched my deep thrusts with her up thrusts until the big one rolled through and over her while I kept her firmly impaled on my cock. "Cum for me Gran! Fill your greedy cunt with your Grandson's fat cock and flood it with the juices of your pleasure. Drive my cock deep into your cunt Gran! Cover me with your cum, Gran." "Ugh! Ugh! Arrrrrrrrh!" Gran continued driving her cunt hard against my cock as she screamed her release, twisting and turning her hips with an uncontrolled desire for more. Holding her legs firm I matched each of her thrusts with one of my own. She stopped suddenly. Her body seemed to flop into the mattress. Her eyes opened wide and she grinned joyfully. "You're a dirty bastard, Grandson of mine. Fancy telling your Gran she had a greedy cunt and should cover your big, fat cock with her cum! Whatever next?" she chuckled. "I tell you exactly the same when my cock's buried in your arse?" "Yeah! That'll do it I reckon." she sighed hopefully. Gran closed her eyes and relaxed. I kept my still hard cock deep in her cunt for when she was ready for more. I let her rest... === === === "Ready to go again?" she asked at length. "Ready when you are, Gran," I replied starting to rock back and forth just a little. "Take it slow please Ryan, feeling my age a bit. You likely to blow your load again or may I suck you off?" "Not ready to unload yet Gran, sorry. I've been concentrating on your pleasure. No need to blow me either if you're too tired. There will be plenty of other times." Gran smiled with her mouth and screwed up her eyes tightly. As I watched tears formed on the outer edges of her eyes and trickled down the side of her face towards her ears. "Gran? You alright, Gran? Have I upset you Gran? Sorry!" Grans eyes snapped open in alarm. She wiped her eyes quickly. "Sorry Ryan. Not upset. Never felt better. Was thinking about my Grandfather, you are so much like him. He deflowered me, with the help of my Grandmother. She prepared me. Kissed me, licked my cunt, made me wet. Sucked on my teats, stroked my clitty. Everything but put her fingers in my cunt. I'd never taken a length of cock at that point but I was naked, my Grandmother was naked and my Grandfather was also naked. As Grandmother got me ready for Grandfather's cock I watched his cock growing as he watched my preparation. Occasionally he stroked it but only so that I could enjoy watching him. I kept telling myself 'that's going in my cunt in a minute. That's going to make me a real woman. That realisation made me wetter and more eager for Grandfather's cock than ever. When Grandmother thought I was ready enough she moved to get Grandfather ready to fuck me. His cock was already hard but she played with him, sucked on his balls, one at a time. Licked up and down his length, circled his cock-head with her tongue then went straight down on him. Swallowing his entire cock in one go! I was mesmerised. Astounded! My fingers started to play with my cunt I was so ready for cock. Grandmother moved. Grandfather got between my wide parted legs and leaned forward. Grandmother guided his cock to my cunt and wiped his cock-head up and down my slit before placing it right at my cunt entrance. Grandfather pushed himself in just a little. Enough to keep it in place. Grandmother moved to a better position. She bent to suck my teat into her mouth and placed her hand on my mound. Her finger found my clit and stroked around it lovingly. She sucked hard on my tit and rubbed my clitty aggressively round in tight circles. As I squealed with pleasure Grandfather pushed his cock deep inside me. I hardly felt any pain as my very first cock plunged to my depths and my first ever orgasm exploded all around me. Neither of them stopped until I begged for a rest. I spent the rest of that night in bed with my Grandparents, I hardly slept a wink. The following night I slept with my Father. I learned two very valuable lessons on those two nights. 1. Sex can be incredibly beautiful with loving partners and 2. Sex can be a terrible ordeal and a right pain in the arse when you're with a total bastard! So, Ryan, I'm very alright thank you. You brought back some very happy memories and started to heal the hurt of the many between years. Thank you."r"