Penny reached her breaking point; enough is enough; pressure has built up so much in her young nineteen-year-old body something must give. Semi-reluctantly, Penny, aka Lucky, succumbs to sexual blackmail, seemingly transforming overnight, from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, spreading her new wings (and legs) in a frenzy of lust. Thank you for taking the time to read my fantasy; if it tickles your fancy, I appreciate your vote and any comments. Please note, this chapter introduces gay-sex; if that's not your thing, you may want to skip it. This ten-part series contains peanuts; if you're allergic to blackmail, force, reluctance, submission, domination, oral, incest, anal, non-consent, cuckolding, rimming, gay-sex, or sex in general, please do not go any further. Enjoy, Knightfantasies

"I Never Dreamed That I'd Lose Somebody Like You" Dan didn't know what to expect as he drove down the long driveway after working a grueling ten-hour night shift . Yesterday was their first day in the new basement suite, and unfortunately, things went a little sideways. With a twisted gut, he parked his beat-up truck next to his wife's economy car and let out a big sigh. He hoped Lucky wasn't still mad at him. Lucky found the basement suite online, and their new landlord, Bubba, gave them a break on the rent if Dan took care of all the outside maintenance, and Lucky cleaned and cooked for Bubba. It seemed like one of those too good of a deal to be true. The fancy suite impressed Dan immediately, but their landlord gave him goosebumps. Bubba's intimidating size and all those muscles everywhere reminded him of a bar bouncer or a wrestler. Even though Bubba's right leg was missing below the knee, the guy looked scary without saying anything. He had to be at least six-foot-four with dark shoulder-length hair, and the perpetual two-day beard couldn't entirely hide the nasty scar on his face. His deep voice rumbled when he talked, and his green eyes penetrated right into you. Dan had second thoughts that he agreed to let his wife assist their landlord during the day. But the worst part was leaving her alone while he worked night shifts. Only Lucky's begging made him agree to the compromise. Dan had to admit the place was luxurious, much nicer than his parent's small home. The first unfortunate incident yesterday happened when Dan woke up early. Bubba mentioned he liked to have sex with women on the outside upper deck. Dan mistakenly thought the woman screaming in pleasure was Lucky. He made a fool of himself as he stood below the deck yelling and screaming at Bubba to stop. Only when Lucky walked around the house in the middle of his temper tantrum did Dan realize his mistake. Bubba stood at the glass railing, looking down on them, naked, sporting a monstrous hard cock pointing to the clouds. Dan had never seen a cock so big. Lucky witnessed Bubba's well-endowed penis and seemed enthralled. After their landlord went into the house, Lucky's fascination with Bubba's cock wouldn't end; she kept asking him all kinds of embarrassing questions. Later, they ended up having a big fight, and Dan regretted snapping at her as she stormed out of the bedroom naked, holding a tiny bikini in her hands. Dan intended to apologize to Lucky when he woke up, but she disappeared. He found her note on the kitchen table, and her tiny wet bikini laid on the floor. Dan walked around the house to the basement suite entrance. The morning sunlight reflected off the fancy inground swimming pool and waterfall. This was a rich person's house, and he felt self-conscious of being so poor. Dan brushed off the dirt from his clothes and hesitantly entered their new home. The patio door made a scraping noise as he opened and closed it. Dan heard a groan coming from down that hallway; Lucky must be awake. As he made his way across the room, he stopped at the kitchen table. The note laid in the same spot and Lucky's tiny bikini was still on the floor. Dan picked up the scrap of paper and reread it. Hey honey, Bubba needed me to ride him. Have a good night, and see you in the morning. Don't forget our deal; I'm so looking forward to your magic tongue! xxxooo Lucky. PS I love our new home and never want to move out! Dan shook his head, trying to decipher her message. Lucky had problems with English; she often used words that were close but not entirely correct. Still, what did 'riding Bubba' mean? Her note preyed on his mind all night at work, and Lucky never returned any of his texts or voice messages. Dan worried Bubba might have taken advantage of Lucky's innocence. The walk down the hallway to the master bedroom filled his mind with anxiety. The bedroom door gave a slight creak as he slowly opened it. He sighed in relief to find Lucky lying on top of the messed-up bed, naked, with a pillow under her bum. Her legs spread wide open, waiting for his tongue. She looked rough this morning like she didn't get much sleep. Lucky's disheveled hair appeared tousled and knotted, and her body had a wet sheen like she just had a workout. Her swollen red pussy looked damp, and she had bruises on her breasts and neck. "Dan?" Lucky croaked, struggling to open her cum-coated eyes wider. Bubba came on her face several times last night, and her eyelashes felt welded shut. "Welcome home, honey," she moaned, trying to move her exhausted body, but nothing seemed to work. "Suck me first; then you can fuck me. Okay?" For the last few days, Dan found Lucky's pussy tasted off, not horrible, but not her usual self. He didn't know what the strange lumps were that slid out and into his mouth, but he put up with them for his wife's sake. Dan took off his work uniform and stood there naked. His small Mexican body was barely five-foot-two, and at most, he weighed about one-hundred and twenty pounds. Lucky's body was even shorter and skinnier than his. He climbed on the bed between his wife's split legs. The closer he got to her pussy, the more damaged it looked, and she smelled like recent sex. Lucky probably used her fingers on herself again; that must have been the moans he heard. Dan cursed that he had been born with a tiny cock, but his tongue made up for that. "Easy, honey, I'm a little sore this morning," Lucky moaned when her husband bit down on her clit. "Maybe no biting today." Sore was an understatement, Bubba's big cock shredded her cunt, and her ass-cunt felt even worse. They never slept, daddy kept her up all night fucking her holes, over and over. She could barely talk; her throat was so raw, she didn't think it was possible, but daddy forced her to take half the length of his cock. She passed out from a lack of air, but he did it several more times after she came around. Bubba used her body like a sex doll or a junkie whore, not caring if she enjoyed his aggression or not. But she did, every twisted, sick moment of his abuse. Lucky let out a scream in panic; daddy was standing at the foot of the bed watching Dan eat her out. He held a finger to his lips, motioning her to be quiet. His long, thick cock was still wet from her cunt. They heard Dan come home and daddy left a fresh load inside her before quickly stepping into the adjoining bathroom. Dan almost caught them in the act. Lucky squeezed her tummy, pushing out daddy's cum into Dan's mouth. She gave Bubba an air-kiss, and he smiled back before quietly leaving the bedroom door and heading back upstairs. "That's a good little boy," Lucky praised, petting her husband on his head. "Get your tongue in deeper, eat it all." Dan swallowed and swallowed as a steady stream drained out of his wife's pussy into his mouth. The taste wasn't so bad now, or maybe he was getting used to her new flavor. Despite the pain, Lucky found her body responding. Her husband's magical tongue always made her come, unlike his tiny cock. Daddy never went down on her, and she would never expect him to. His cock satisfied her better than any mouth could. She reached down for one of her big tits, sucking on a nipple as she emptied her cheating cunt into her husband's mouth. She tasted Bubba's delicious cum on her tit and sucked harder. Lucky didn't squirm around like she usually did, and Dan worried maybe he didn't please her enough. She lay there passively, nursing on her nipple, barely even moaning as he went down on her. "I need more," Lucky said in a scratchy voice. "Finger my ass at the same time." Dan's eyes went wide at her request. Yesterday was the first time Lucky let him touch her ass; now, she wanted him to do it again. Excitedly he pushed a finger in her back hole, surprised she wasn't as tight as yesterday. "Hmm, nice," Lucky moaned. "Use two fingers, and go nice and slow." Memories of last night came flooding back; daddy's big cock fucked her ass so many times last night as she screamed and cried in pain and pleasure. Even when his cock wasn't in her ass, he always had a finger or two in there. It felt different having both holes filled. As Dan fingered her ass, she thought about having two men fucking her at the same time as daddy mentioned; the thought excited her. "Wow!" Dan exclaimed at his good fortune. He pushed his fingers deeper, giving a slight twist on the way out. It looked amazing to see her tiny hole open up. "I can't believe I get to do this to you!" He tried to go slow, but there was no resistance today, and his fingers penetrated past two knuckles. Lucky pulled her legs back, giving him even better access. Dan couldn't wait to see what it felt like to have his cock in there. "Who's my little boy?" Lucky asked. "I am!" Dan exclaimed quickly. "You want to fuck my ass?" "Today?" "Lick my ass! Get your tongue in deep! Show me; you love me!" Dan hesitated but only for a second. Lucky was going to let him fuck her ass! His nose pushed into her wet pussy as his tongue tickled his wife's wrinkled star. She didn't taste 'dirty' like he thought she would. Her ass tasted very similar to her pussy. His tongue explored new territory, and Lucky's body finally came alive. Lucky held her husband's head with both hands. Bubba told her Dan would do this if she asked. How did daddy know? Now she would make this one of Dan's daily chores. No matter which hole daddy left his cum in, her husband would clean her out. "I love it! Your tongue feels amazing!" Lucky moaned. "Make me come; then you can fuck my ass! Hurry, honey, hurry!" Today was the day! Dan pushed his wife's legs back, lifting her ass even higher in the process. "I love you!" Dan professed. "This proves it!" "I know," Lucky responded, as a touch of guilt entered her mind then quickly vanished. Dan did love her, and she was cheating on him, cheating with their landlord. Cheating with a giant man, she calls daddy. Cheating with a cock so big it took her breath away and brought her total satisfaction. How could that be wrong? All the shyness Dan first felt disappeared. He split Lucky's ass apart to fuck her with his tongue. His head bobbed up and down as he smelled her desire. Her dirty hole was clenching down, vibrating open and closed. Soon. Only a little longer, and then he could fuck her ass! Lucky couldn't hold back any longer; she didn't want to come so soon but watching her husband rim her ass pushed her over the edge. "Eat my ass!" Lucky screamed. "YES! RIGHT NOW! OH, MY, GOD!" Dan felt powerful as he hung on. Her tiny bucking body was coming from his tongue. His magic tongue! He switched back and forth from her pussy to her ass, licking and sucking as she convulsed in his arms. He did it! Now, he could fuck her in the ass! Lucky saw the love and lust in Dan's eyes. Why did he have to be born with such a tiny cock? It wasn't fair. No one would ever love her as much as he does. But she needed more. She needed daddy's cock too. If Bubba's plan came together, then she would have the best of both worlds. "Do it, Dan," Lucky said as she held her legs back. "Fuck my ass!" Dan was almost at a loss for words. His beautiful, sexy wife surrendered her ass to him. He leaned down and licked her rosebud one more time. "Thank you, Lucky!" Dan exclaimed as he lined up his small hard cock with her bunghole, quickly slipping past her sphincter. "Oh, it feels so good!" Dan exclaimed, Lucky worried Dan would come too soon. After rimming her ass, he deserved to enjoy it for more than ten seconds. "Don't move; let me milk your cock," Lucky whispered. "Suck on my nipple." She hugged her husband to her over-sized breast as she used her ass muscles on his tiny cock. Dan had no staying power, and this was pure torture. He tried to think of anything to prolong coming prematurely. Fuck! It didn't work! He was close! "OH! NO! I'm coming!" Lucky looked into Dan's eyes as he shot his small load into her poop-hole. Bubba wanted her to do one nastier thing to her husband. To prove what a cuckold Dan was. "Clean my ass. Lick your cum out. I need you to prove how much you love me." "What?" Dan said in disbelief. "Lucky, don't ask me to do that! You know I love you!" "Do it," Lucky repeated. "I need to know you will do anything for me." Dan cringed at the ultimatum look in Lucky's eyes. There was no escape. When she pushed his shoulders down, he gave in, letting her guide his mouth to her brown eye. He tentatively licked, lightly at first, then with a little more pressure. The taste wasn't bad; it was hard to notice a difference. Maybe he didn't come inside her after all. Lucky closed her eyes, enjoying her husband's submissiveness. Daddy was right; Dan is a sissy-boy. Only a wimp would do this. Soon, this would be the only thing Bubba would allow her husband to do. His role would be to eat out her cunt and ass-pussy. She wanted to give Dan one more fuck; she owed her husband that much. Maybe if she sucked his cock, he would get hard again and hopefully last longer the second time around. Dan kept waiting for Lucky to say he could quit. His tongue was getting sore. When Lucky tapped him on the head, he looked up to see her smiling at him. "You did well for your first time. Next time I want to feel more emotion. Like this is the most important thing you will ever do for me." Lucky patted the bed next to her. "Come lie beside me. I want to suck your cock, and make it hard so you can fuck my ass again." "Again?" Dan exclaimed, not believing his good fortune. Lucky let Dan play with her sore nipples as she knelt on the bed to his side. Her massive tits reached the sheets as they dangled down. It felt funny to take her husband's tiny cock and balls in her mouth simultaneously, especially compared to Bubba's massive meat. Usually, Dan never got hard again for at least an hour, but the thought of fucking her ass again changed everything. "I feel it!" Dan said in excitement. "It's working!" She gave him one last hard suck, then turned, wiggling her skinny brown bottom at him. "Fuck my ass, stick your cock in deep!" Lucky knew this might be the last time her husband got to fuck her without daddy's permission. Dan scrambled to his knees. "This is better than Christmas!" he exclaimed as he buried his tiny cock in his wife's cute ass. He rode her like a cowboy on a bucking horse, long and hard, not falling off until he shot his second load inside her. "Do it again," Lucky said. "Suck your cum out." This time Dan didn't give her any trouble, and she had to tell him to stop. Her exhausted body needed sleep. "Thank you, Lucky. You're the best wife ever!" He licked her cute butt hole once again before sliding up the sheets. There was one dreaded question rattling around in his brain. He needed an answer before going to sleep. "Um, I saw your bikini on the kitchen floor. Did Bubba see you in it? Lucky came awake with a bang. The thought of daddy's plan falling apart raced through her mind. "Yeah, I guess so, but only for a minute or two. Why?" "It's just kind of small; that's all." He wanted to say more but held back. He also wanted to ask her what 'riding' Bubba meant but didn't have the nerve. "I'll model it for you later, okay?" "Okay," he replied. Dan worried about Lucky. She was so naive and inexperienced sexually that a guy like Bubba could easily take advantage of her. The thought of Bubba seeing Lucky in the tiny bikini and drooling over her wouldn't stop flashing in his mind. Damn!

Lucky cuddled up with Dan, but she couldn't sleep. Even though her body was exhausted from staying up all night fucking and being fucked by daddy, her nervousness about today's showdown between him and Dan kept her awake. Last night had been fantastic. More than amazing! Her first night in Bubba's house was incredible! Bubba thought of her as his daughter, and she loved calling him 'daddy.' While Dan worked his night shift, daddy fucked all her holes. The positions he put her in left her vulnerable to his massive cock. That wonderful, beautiful, long, thick, curved cock. Dan had his arm wrapped around her, holding one of her giant globes. Slowly she lifted her husband's arm, sneaking out of bed. He looked so innocent in his sleep. She still couldn't believe she got Dan to suck his cum out of her ass. Bubba was right; her husband is a cuckold. Every muscle in Lucky's sleep-deprived body ached; each step to the bathroom accented pain somewhere in her body. After peeing, she gently wiped herself, relieved to see there wasn't any more blood. Bubba's cock tore up her ass, but she never complained. Well, maybe she did cry a lot. Naked, Lucky penguin-walked out to the kitchen as her tummy rumbled with hunger and nervousness. Daddy came up with a 'plan' last night, and it swirled around in her brain, making her jittery and excited at the same time. She hoped everything went well today, but the risks to her marriage were enormous. Her famished body wolfed down the scrambled eggs and toast. The nourishment helped to bring back some of her energy. Sitting at the long wood dining table, she sipped a big glass of orange juice, looking out to the private backyard pool as memories of yesterday flooded her mind. The waterfall rained down into the pool, and she could hear the splashing even from inside the house. Yesterday Bubba took her under the waterfall to a secret cave. They fucked as Dan came out of the basement door heading to work. Her screams attracted her husband's attention, and she thought for sure they got busted. Thankfully the water screen made it impossible to see her and Bubba, and Dan rushed off to work. Lucky looked at the clock on the stove; Dan would sleep for six hours at least. Bubba's plan depended on her acting ability, and hopefully, she wouldn't forget her lines. She thought about going upstairs to see daddy but didn't know if her shaky legs would carry her that far. Bending over to pick up the tiny bikini on the floor was difficult, but somehow, she managed. Her limbs moved slowly, and eventually, she was covered, if you could call being virtually naked clothed. The two pasties on a string barely covered her nipples, leaving the rest of her forty DD breasts on display. The ribbon between her legs split her sore large meaty flaps apart, joining a string wedged between her skinny ass cheeks. Yesterday she wore the bikini to tease Bubba; today, she is wearing it to trap her husband into agreeing to Bubba's plan. Lucky shuffled out to the pool, hanging on to the railing as she carefully went down the steps into the water. Her ass took a beating last night, and so did her cunt. Daddy never let up as he fucked her repeatedly, making her suck his cock clean after he finished in each of her holes. She kept to the shallow end with a firm grip on the edge. Her fear of drowning couldn't stop the need for some relief from the water. Daddy promised to give her swimming lessons soon, and that thought both scared and excited her.r"