This story contains nonconsensual elements.

For centuries humans have been the pushovers of the world. Despite being more numerous than the other races it was petty divisions that left them as easy and enjoyable prey. Elves teased and tormented them during their raids. Orcs took men and women to be their pleasure slaves. Fairies played all manner of tricks and jokes on any human they could find. Beastfolk commonly kidnap a person to act as their personal pet. No one knew what the Demons did with their captured humans, though anxious minds often come up with extravagant ideas. Alliances between human clans were often fleeting and barely useful in staving off all the threats that faced them. That was the case until the Mortal Goddess appeared. Her influence spread quickly but quietly, and within a few short years most of humanity had found the banner they needed to gather under. The clans waited to hear what their goddess would do to face their enemies, and perhaps even tell of ways to enact vengeance against them. The Mortal Goddess did whisper plans to her people. While her power was not infinite she could cast a small curse on each and every being that had harassed them over the ages. It was a curse so small that the other races wouldn't even know it had appeared, but strong enough that when the humans did rebel it would ensure victory. And so the humans trained and prepared under the guidance of their new leader. Men and women grew from frail militiamen to valiant knights and soon to be heroes. The goddess then softly announced that the curse had been placed upon the other races, the time for humans to rise up and prove themselves was at hand. .................... As the victories for the humans mount their pride and belief in their strength grows with them. The prankster leaders of the fairies have been captured and bound in the Hall of Glories along with members of the other two races who fell to humanity. Before they laughed at the tricks they played, now the fairies are forced to laugh from being tickled by their former playthings. More men and women crowd the Hall in the hopes of trying out the skill of tickling, some for excited vengeance and others to become interrogators for final races that still plague the common folk. The remaining races who haven't felt the sting of the goddess' curse haven't missed the news of the fairies' fall. Special care is taken to continue their meddlesome attacks on humans so that their old livelihoods are not entirely lost. Though they know that tickling exists they still cannot imagine the tortuous sensation it must be, the one that turned three entire races from strong aggressors to meek victims. Though many humans celebrate another successful capture they knew that another plan from the Mortal Goddess wasn't too far away. Indeed, for after a few months she whispered another plan of attack, this time it would be against the beastfolk. This race has proven to be difficult, for they are known for adapting well to hardships as well as being very secretive. That has not dissuaded humanity's belief in their leader, and when they heard this new two-part plan they readied themselves for a large scale endeavor that hoped to topple the largest pack of beastfolk in the world. Outside a large forest a farm was built, though not in secret. It was constructed knowing the hidden eyes of humanity's new prey were watching. It would only take a matter of time for this special trap to lure in unsuspecting beasts, and later the entire pack when the second part was put into action. .................... Kleea continued to watch the new farm from the branch she was standing on. Though the sun was rising she didn't fear being seen, the foliage providing ample cover to fool any drowsy human eyes. It would only be a matter of minutes before she and some of the other members of her pack decided to launch their plan to each capture a human. As the female beastfolk narrowed her skilled eyes to find the human male she had been studying over the past few days she reflected on the time she had spent in this pack. All of her kin had been more careful since hearing the news of humanity's numerous achievements, but they have adapted before and they shall do so again to keep their tradition of taking a human pet. Kleea even moved on from her old pack when its leaders deemed the desert men and women to be too dangerous to kidnap. Moving to the forest from the hot sands was a change, but to her the opportunity for a better chance of a pet would be worth it. And here the chance would be found. The humans here might have been too proud when they built this new farm. Kleea and some of her brethren had been watching since the beginning, and they noticed the armored soldiers dwindle once they felt the false sense of ease. Now all that remained was a single soldier, who was currently dozing in a chair up against the barn. The beastfolk plan was simple, rush in and out as fast as possible before all the humans were awake, preferably leaving with a struggling new pet over their shoulder. Kleea chuckled to herself. She wondered what her new human would react when he saw her. Most common men and women didn't even know the true appearance of a beast due to their secrecy. Kleea had heard the rumored stories from captured humans about large wolf-like creatures that walked on two feet. Once they became pets did they learn that humans and beastfolk look somewhat similar. They share two arms and legs, though those appendages are partially covered in fur in Kleea's case. The only other differences would be a tail that came out just above their ass and pointed furry ears. Kleea visualized the farmer dropping a plow in surprise as he gazed upon a tall, naked, dark skinned woman with a little too much fur before the said woman threw him over her shoulder and take off sprinting into the woods. The female beast started to grumble. She still hadn't spotted her human prize. Did he change shifts? No, it took a few more seconds but she found him. Disappointingly, her soon to be pet had decided to shave. The idea of humans removing such nice hair still confused Kleea, this race clearly had strange customs. It didn't matter, the new pet will receive some light punishment from his new mistress for this annoyance. Kleea's ears perked up slightly as she heard a soft bark from the small group's leader, the attack would commence. She softly slid down the tree and took up a low stance at the edge of the treeline. Wordlessly, the ten beastfolk ran out of the forest and towards the working humans. 'Strange,' Kleea thought, 'these farmers are reacting a lot faster than a usual commoner.' It did seem that way, but it was still just farmers. The lone guard fell backwards when he heard the others yell, seemingly useless. Kleea still kept her gaze on her human before she and her kin entered the crops surrounding the farm. When she emerged from the plants Kleea was surprised by the sight of farmers preparing to fight back. They had dropped their tools and each grabbed ropes to act as lassoes. She was not the only beastfolk to sense unease as the attack leader barked a quick command of retreat. They all started to turn and run back into the crops. Kleea didn't. She was the fastest in this small group, but that trait was not a favor in this case as she felt a lasso land around her. Then another, and a third. The beast struggled as more humans appeared. Kleea was stronger than a lone man, but now there were too many to fight. As the humans began to rear her in she pulled one last time to try and escape. Her action earned a strong yank in response that threw her head against the barn wall. Kleea's world turned to darkness. .................... The beastfolk rose quickly from her sleep, trying to jump up quickly to get control of the situation. However, she couldn't as Kleea was currently tied up in what looks to be the same barn that she had seen before. She was slightly up from the ground, her body shaped like an upside down Y bound with rope. The ropes were tied to the beams of the barn, and despite her struggling Kleea soon learned that this was not a situation she alone could escape from. The beast's eyes took in the rest of the barn. It was, surprisingly, mostly empty besides some scattered items that might be found at a farm. With nothing else to do Kleea continued to test her restraints until the doors opened and two humans walked inside. It was a brown-haired man and a woman with long blonde hair. Like all the other humans here they appeared to be simple farmers, though Kleea began to suspect otherwise. The way they held themselves in front of her and their response to her kin's attack was not how a normal commoner would act. Before she could think of anything to say the woman spoke first. "Well, the beast's finally up. Finally! How long have we been waiting, Garrin?" "Today, Amber? Little more than an hour. At this miserable farm? Twenty eight days." "Whatever, I've been waiting for this moment." Kleea partially knew what was coming. She had been hearing the stories, though the human's special gift was still not completely understood. Even with what little she knew the beast still thought she could outlast their torture. The beastfolk are fast, surely her small group was already back with the pack and planning a quick rescue plan. All Kleea had to do was wait. "Not so fast Amber. I know how you're feeling because I feel the same, but if this beast wants to cooperate let her do so." Kleea's response to his sentence was a poorly aimed glob of spit that landed near the man's shoe, and followed with, "Go ahead with your torments, pets. I can outlast anything. Soon my entire pack will come to this farm and you all will become our playthings." The woman, Amber, looked even more eager. "Oh, does the beast think she's not ticklish? That we humans haven't followed our goddess' plan? Right now your 'mighty pack,'" she said with air quoting fingers, "is in disarray. All the new pets you've taken over the past few months haven't been commoners, but soldiers. Soldiers who have been training your other pets in secret and waiting for the news of a failed attack and a capture beast." As Kleea heard these words dread began to form in her mind. The lady welp couldn't be serious, could she? The man, Garrin, said it has been over an hour. Her brethren should be arriving any minute now. Just wait a little more... "Ticklish? Ha! You can tickle all you want but my tongue will reveal nothing about my pack." Garrin shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I tried. Go ahead and get started, Amber. I'm going to get something that might be very special." The man went over to one of the sacks on the floor while the woman approached the beastfolk. Amber wasn't tall, her head barely reached Kleea's bare breasts, but she didn't seem to mind. Her hands shot forward and began to pinch all around the beast's waist. The beastfolk had been trying to wrap their heads around humanity's new tactic, but never got far in their thinking. Here and now, however, Kleea began to understand. The instant those probing fingers began their assault she fought to keep in giggles. She also fought her more animalistic side, trying to keep her tail from moving to reveal her sudden distaste. "Oh, I know you're ticklish, beast. I've tickled some of the others in the Hall of Glories. This feeling may be new, but you will come to fear its power." Kleea gritted her teeth and tried to ferociously growl at Amber, but it came out strangled and much softer than she had hoped for. The human continued to tickle, moving a hand to start squeezing one of the beast's muscular thighs. Still, Kleea fought. Her pack would be coming, she knew they were. "Do the beasts not know how to laugh? I think not. By the end of our little session all the others outside will hear what your screams of laughter sound like." Amber again changed her tactic, moving the hand at Kleea's waist to scitter all around her ribs. That provoked something out of the beast, a sudden forced cough with a small giggle before she resumed control. The human, noticing her response much to Kleea's dismay, upped her attacks. Kleea had to squeeze her eyes shut while her mouth started to become sore from her straining to keep it closed. Damn this tickling! Those torturous fingers were driving her wild, and she knew sooner rather than later her laughter would emerge. The beast hoped to hear the screams of surprised humans before that happened, a signal that her kin had returned to save her. She waited, and waited, all the while Amber's fingers continued to tickle and tease her sensitive skin while also throwing in some verbal jabs as well. Surprisingly, Kleea felt the woman's fingers retreat. She slowly opened her eyes to take a look at why. Amber was staring at the beast with a disappointed frown, her hands flexing as if eager to get back to the tickling. "Hmm, I guess this beast isn't ticklish after all. Maybe I should let the others know..." With the last word Amber started to turn around to leave the barn. Did she really think so? Did Kleea actually fool the humans? With a glimmer of hope the beast's pride started to return. As she stared at the now defeated woman she tried to come up with insults to add to her victory. Just as Kleea was about to say something, she felt someone behind her grab her right foot and something started brushing against the naked sole hard. The beast had forgotten about the other human, Garrin. Whatever he had grabbed from the bag tickled bad, really bad. Kleea didn't even have a chance to try and suppress the laughter that echoed around the barn. As she shivered in the ropes holding her the beast caught a glimpse of Amber turning around, a wide grin on her face. "Ha! I knew you couldn't keep it in. What did you get, Garrin?" "A hairbrush. Given that our ticklish beast has some fur on her I thought it would pair well. Guess I chose right. There is another one in the bag too." Kleea thrashed as much as she could and tried to growl out a threat to stop Amber, but she was too busy laughing to do so. The bristles from the brush were driving her insane, they tickled far worse than the bare fingers from before. No matter how much she tried the beast couldn't re-trap the laughter, every swipe of the brush destroyed any attempt. Before she knew it Amber had also retrieved a brush and walked over to the struggling beast. "So, let's see how the not-ticklish beast enjoys this type of brush." The woman began to use the brush over Kleea's stomach. These bristles were softer, but that didn't change how maddenly ticklish they were. In fact, they seemed perfect for the beast's softer upper body skin. With a rough brush on her feet, and a softer one exploring all over her torso, Kleea began to feel the thoughts of surrender enter her tortured mind. How long has she been tickled by these humans? Her pack should have arrived by now. The words the woman said returned to Kleea's mind, that a trap had been set among her kin. If that was true, and no escape was coming, and they wouldn't stop tickling all over her sensitive body if she didn't tell them what they wanted... The brushes retreated, leaving Kleea the chance to catch her breath. The tickling was even worse than she could imagine, but her hardy pride still wasn't defeated. She was a beastfolk, mighty and strong, and these pitiful humans will NOT break her. Before Amber could say anything Kleea took the chance to growl out some words in between breaths. "" The beast finished by spitting again, this time the glob hit its target and it ran down the now infuriated Amber. The woman wiped her face in the sleeve of her shirt before responding. "Oh, now you've gone and done it. Garrin, sit back for a moment, this is personal now." Kleea felt the man release her foot while Amber stepped forward. She dropped the brush, reached forward, and for some reason grabbed the beast's tail. Kleea was confused as the human tugged it forward, shot a menacing glare, then started to run the furry tail across her bare pussy. The beast's reaction was instantaneous. "Nnohohohohot thehehehehere!" Kleea's futile struggling became even stronger than ever. The sensations from her own tail as it swept back and forth over pussy and clit provoked more intense laughter. There were even feelings of humiliation, the thought that a part of her proud body was being used against her shook her deeply. Amber showed no signs of listening to the beast's begging as she continued to tickle her prisoner with her own tail, and she didn't stop for quite a period of time. Amber even added the fingers of one hand to the mix, returning to pinching along the beast's waist. Finally, after what felt like hours, the woman stopped her attack. Kleea panted and gasped for full breaths of air, the horrid tickling making her weaker than she had ever felt before in her life. "W-w-what do y-you want from me?" "Hm? Oh, we did want information on your pack's future movements, but I don't think you are quite broken enough to tell us that. Don't you agree, Garrin?" "Indeed, Amber." As the man said that Kleea felt him grab her left foot and the rough brush returned to its tickling. The beast's laughter returned, and it once more grew in volume as Amber also started to tickle again. She had again picked up the softer brush and started to use its light movements to focus on the beast's very sensitive privates as well as letting her fingers travel along the still sensitive ribs. Kleea would have told them anything they wanted to hear to stop the tickling. She even tried to work out a plea for them to listen, but was unable due to her frantic and endless laughter. Her pussy, clit, soles, seemingly everywhere were being tortured like never before. Soon tears began to flow down her cheeks from the overstimulation. Then the beast's laughter turned silent and she began to struggle to breathe. As darkness started to return to Kleea's eyes she welcomed it. Should would take anything to escape the tickling. Unfortunately, the beast would not get her chance at rest. Amber and Garrin stopped their tickling and Kleea's lungs once more had a chance to fill with air. Shaking in the ropes and lightly sobbing the beast tried to form words to beg for mercy. "P-please n-no more. I'm s-sorry. W-what do y-you want to know o-of my kin?" Amber crossed her arms and stared into the beast's defeated eyes. Tapping her foot, she said, "What do you think, Garrin? I kinda want to run this bitch until she passes out." "I actually have an idea. Come here." Garrin came out from behind Kleea and led Amber some steps away. As he whispered in his compatriot's ear the beast noticed the woman's smile once more grow wide. "Well, that sounds like a wonderful plan! So, tell us everything you know about your pack. Also, tell me that you are a ticklish little beast bitch too." Hearing those words stung Kleea, but she didn't hesitate in telling them everything. Even the part about being a ticklish little beast bitch. The humans stared at her the entire time, and Kleea couldn't help but notice Amber fidget with the brush in her hand. She hoped the woman believed the information, and that she wouldn't feel the bristles again. When Kleea was finished she sagged in the ropes, exhausted after her ordeal and betraying her pack. "That sounds perfectly believable to me. I'll go tell the others and get them ready for what comes next," Garrin said while walking out of the barn. As he passed a sack he tossed the hard brush on top of it. One human left, but one still remained, and much to Kleea's dismay it was Amber. What was she going to do? Tickle her again and this time not stop? Instead the woman did something else. She walked over to another sack and pulled out some rags and rope as well as grabbing a wooden stool. The beast was surprised when Amber stepped up and forced her mouth open, roughly stuffing the rags in before tying the rope around her head to keep it in place. Once Amber secured the gag she idly paced in front of Kleea, talking as she did so.r"