I went to college for my bachelor's degree at a state college. It was just far enough that I could justify living on campus to my parents, but close enough that I got in-state tuition and I could go home if anything went wrong.

My college was originally built as an all-boys college. It was modernized in the 1960s to allow girls as well, but wasn't until the mid 80's that they had co-ed dorms. This meant that some of the dorm facilities were "interesting" to say the least.

The building I was in was set up in a large U shape. The bottom part of the U shape had the elevator, a staircase running up and down, and a large bathroom facility for the guys. The shower in that bathroom were the older, large rooms with 5 shower heads on each side. At the end of each hallway were additional, much more recently remodeled bathroom facilities with singe shower stalls. The central part of each floor also had a lounge area with some comfortable chairs, a window looking out over the college, the usual rack of pamphlets and public interest stuff and a pay phone... remember those?!

My dorm mate was Jess. She was from New York. Her dad was involved in finance, and fairly well off. She was a B student without really trying. She had come to our school because she wanted to be far enough away from her parents to have her own space and spread her wings, but she also didn't want to go some place she viewed as "stuffy." Jess was... is... kind of a free spirit, fun loving, super friendly and really down to earth. As room mates we balanced each other out well, she reminded me that if I didn't cut loose every now and then to enjoy myself I would end up burning out; while I reminded her that she did actually have to study occasionally to keep her grades in the B range so her dad didn't cut her off.

It took all of about 2 days for Jess and I to be friends, and after a month we were best friends. Jess's personality reminded me a lot of Kerry. Before long we were walking around our dorm room naked in front of each other without a thought. Jess introduced me to porn movies, which she would borrow from the guys around campus, we would watch them together and masturbate. Jess bought me my first sex toys, and I have never been without since. Jess made me feel really comfortable in my own body.

I met Tommy about 2 weeks into my first term as well. He lived on the same floor as I did.

It was a stifling hot September night. The building, being old, and in New England, didn't have AC, so the only reprieve from the heat was a desk fan, and opening the very small windows that really just tilted inward. It was also extremely humid. I was miserable... I was sitting on my bed in just some white cotton panties and a loose fitting, thin t-shirt, and even then I had sweat running down my back.

Normally If I was going out of my room I would have put more clothes on, but I was so miserable that I just couldn't bare the thought. I grabbed my book and went out into the lobby to see if the more open area would help. I sat down and started reading my Chemistry 101 book, with the material not really sinking in.

"Hi... ummm... Mind if I join you?" I heard a guys voice.

"Free country" I replied without looking up. I realized that I had been quite snarky with my reply. So I waited till he sat down, then I looked up.

"I'm sorry... that wasn't nice." I said, trying to muster a smile. "It's just..."

"The heat?" He said with a smile.

"Yeh... I'm miserable." I said, my forced smile was fading.

"Yeh I understand." He said pleasantly. "My name is Tommy, what's your's?"

"I'm Cindy... Nice to meet you Tommy." I replied. And that was the stat of another life long friendship.

We sat silently for a little while each reading. After about ten minutes of reading the same pages over and over without anything actually registering, I looked up over my book. Tommy was cute, definitely not the muscle jock look, but he was cute. He had brown hair that was about shoulder length. He was clearly tall, 6'6" tall. He was wearing a Metallica t-shirt and jeans with ripped out knees. He was reading a computer science book. His glasses kept sliding down his nose and him pushing them back. No matter how hot and miserable it was, the smile never faded.

Tommy was at college on a full scholarship, which unfortunately was the only way that he could afford to be there. He's one of the smartest people I know. He could have probably sailed through college but he was also constantly studying, always wanting to know more. He's also super nice, not condescending. It wasn't long before he, Jess and I were out own little group of "besties." From the instant that we formed out group Tommy was supportive, and protective of us, always being a shoulder to try on... and more.

"Well Tommy, no matter mow much I read this book it's not sinking in. I think I am just going to go see if I can manage to get some sleep." I got up off my chair and stumbled a bit, my leg having fallen asleep. Tommy looked up and dropped his book, reaching out instinctively, his face showing a moment of total panic. I managed to catch myself, and stood up, shaking my foot trying to get circulation back, and laughing. After a moment I realized the look on Tommie's face had changed from panic to a bit of embarrassment, his eyes darting around, not sure where to look. In the heat and sweat I realized there wasn't much left to the imagination... the think white t-shirt I was wearing was clinging to me, and almost see through in the humidity, and the panties weren't much better. Tommy was so sweet, I could tell he wanted to look; but he was also trying not to for my benefit. As the feeling came back to my foot, I walked away with a slight smile on my face.

The "official" unofficial rule was that the central bathroom in the dorm became Co-Ed at 8:00pm, when a majority of the school staff went home. Since it was a boys bathroom, no one complained, the girls got extra facilities, which meant less waiting around and the boys got to check out the girls while the showered. And let's face it... the girls who used that shower did it BECAUSE they wanted the boys checking them out. Over the four years in the dorm, I asked in on many blow jobs and pussy eating sessions in that shower in every combination possible.

It was about a month after I had met Tommy. It was that point in October in New England where the autumn weather retreats and we get a short second summer. It was about 8:30 and I had just come in from a jog around campus. I was grabbing my stuff and getting ready to go for a shower when Jess came in. She had just been playing tennis, so we were both hot and sweaty.

"Hey, wait up, we can head to the showers together." she suggested. We chatted for a bit while she pealed off her tennis clothes, and wrapped a towel around herself. As we walked out of the dorm room Jess turned to the right and stated heading towards the Co-Ed shower.

"Ummm... I uhhh was going..." I stammered. Looking at Jess. I didn't want to seem like a stick in the mud, but I had never even considered the idea of the Co-Ed showers at that point.

"Come on... it will be fun!" She said with a grin. "Besides, it's early there is probably no one there anyway, and we can actually talk while we shower."

"We'll see." I said, reluctantly turning and following her.

"Besides... maybe there WILL be a hot guy..." she giggled.

Jess was right, when we got there, no one was in the showers, so we had the large shower room all to ourselves. We grabbed two showers that were next to each other and went about washing off the sweat and grime of the day. Jess has always had an amazing body. She looks like she just stepped out of a dirty magazine, complete with air brushing and perfect lighting... but in her case it's natural. She is gorgeous. 5'6", long black hair. Perfect B cup breasts that are perky and tipped with these beautiful light pink nipples. Perfect hour glass shape. Beautiful light pink pussy lips, an a perfectly smooth mound that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Today in her early fifties, is looks like she hasn't aged a day or put on a pound since college. While I work hard to keep myself looking good, it always has seemed like it comes naturally to her.

I was just about done, when I grabbed a razor out of my shower bag and some shaving cream, and spread it around my pubic stubble. I had neglected this particular grooming for a couple of weeks and hated how it had started growing out. I was just about to start shaving when Jess spoke up.

"No Cindy! What the hell?"

I looked at her dumbfounded. "What?"

"Never shave!" She said. "It's horrible." My eyes went from her face, down to her smooth pussy and back. She laughed at my dumfounded look. "Waxing is where it's at silly..."

We talked a bit about getting waxed while I cleared the shaving Gell out of my pubes. Jess helped alleviate my fears about the pain. Yes, the first time heart like hell, but these days I pretty much don't really feel it. Jess told me she would take me to the place she goes to the next day. It was a local shop, and some of the college girls worked there, so we got a college discount. Much to my pleasure the 90's started the idea of getting rid of pubic hair on both women and men. Sorry boys, as much as I love sucking those gorgeous cocks and drinking that delicious cum... unless that beast is smooth, it doesn't get inside me.

We were just about ready to finish up when Tommy came around the corner into the shower area. Poor Tommy hadn't expected girls in the shower so he just stoped, wide eyed and stammered. "Oh. I'm ummmm sorry... I can wait." He said, eyes dashing around the room.

"It's ok." I piped up. "We were just"

"Getting started!" Jess piped in, cutting me off. "Just go with it." She whispered into my ear. Tommy looked hesitant. Being a nice guy he didn't want to intrude or make us uncomfortable, but the twitching between his legs betrayed the fact hat he wanted to be there.

"Hi Tommy." I said, trying to break the tension.

"Oh! Hi Cindy!" He piped up relaxing a little recognizing my voice. "I didn't recognize you without my glasses."

"So THIS is Tommy?" Jess asked. "Cindy told me about you." I had recounted the story of the evening in the lounge area. "Any way, don't be silly, you don't need to leave, as long as you don't mind sharing the water with us." Tommy came in and chose a shower on the opposite wall to Jess and I. He turned on the water and faced the wall. "I'm going to get pretty tired of talking to your back..." Jess commented. Her tone was friendly and flirtatious.

Tommy turned about half way around . "I didn't want to assume you were ok with..."

Jess cut him off with a laugh. "If I didn't want you to look... we wouldn't be here! Besides, Cindy says you are nice so that's good enough for me."

After a couple minutes Tommy and I both relaxed a bit. (Jess was totally cool the whole time.) Jess grabbed some body soap and started rubbing it around my back. "Go with me..." she whispered in my ear... Jess started running her hands around my back and shoulders. Tommy turned more towards us, not even trying to hide the fact that he was watching. Jess's hands moved around me caressing my breasts.

"Cindy... close your mouth." She whispered. My eyes were transfixed on Tommy's cock. The site of Jess's hands running over my body had Tommy fully hard. His brown pubic hair was flat from being wet, showing off his full size. He had a slight upward curve, and a huge head. I licked my lips. Jess's nipples pressed into my back, breaking my trance feeling like I had come out of a dream. It had been over a year since I had my lips around a cock. I wanted it badly, my stomach fluttered, I could taste his delicious cum.

Jess looked me in the eye, and raised an eyebrow with a grin. Then walked over to Tommy. She Grabbed some body wash and started spreading it over his chest. Then moved around behind him, running hands over his back. Jess reached around and ran a soapy hand over Tommy's cock, then started slowly stroking his shaft. She looked me in the eyes with a knowing look, stroking him, and grinning at me. My pussy ached.

Tommy groaned, and Jess started stroking him faster. I watched in slow motion as blast after blast of cum erupted from his cock and splashed on the floor. I whimpered at the waste, I wanted it in my mouth.

"So Tommy." Jess started as if nothing had happened. "I'm taking Cindy here for a wax tomorrow... You should come with us." Tommy was weak in the knees and gasping for breath. Jess could have asked him for a kidney at that point and he would have agreed.

"Uuuhhh... Ok..." He didn't know what he had just agreed to. I imagine he was still seeing stars at that point.

Jess walked back over to me. "Look you want to get that cock in your mouth right?" Jess said quietly. I nodded. "Well trust me on this one, smooth cock is the best, for sucking... And for fucking."

Jess and I went back to our rooms. The idea of sucking Tommy off had me so horny that I ended up masturbating three times that night. Once with Jess, and two more times after we had gone to bed.

To my surprise, Tommy did in fact join us the next day, and submitted to a full body wax. Jess treated us both. That night we met up in Jess and my dorm room. Tommie's skin was still pink and a bit tender from his first wax. Jess was right though, that smooth cock was magnificent. He seemed even bigger and harder than the night before. Such a beautiful site, and it tasted even better than I could have imagined. Tommy got his reward for getting waxed, I got the most amazing load of cum in my mouth from a beautiful cock, and Jess and went down on each other while Tommy watched and got hard again. It was the first of many awesome nights for the three of us.