Sorry I never got back to finish telling this story. If you have not read "Son Visits With His New Wife", you should read it first.

The following day I was a bit apprehensive about how we would react to each other after the night's activities, but I really did not have to worry. Melanie and Matt met us in the breakfast room and everything seemed normal.

We had to get our food one at a time and then bring it back to the room to eat. Matt said that we should just eat together on the patio and Jeanie quickly agreed.

I will admit that being out on the patio in about the same spot I watched them fuck the night before was a bit exciting to me again.

Breakfast went off without any problems and we made our plans for the day. It was sunny and warm so we decided that we would go to the lake and enjoy a boat ride and then go swimming back by the hotel area.

After a beautiful but uneventful boat tour, we headed to the hotel to change into swimming suits. I threw my shorts on and Jeanie put on a modest bikini. We were dressed first and we headed down to the water.

When Melanie and Matt walked down, Melanie had a wrap on but still I could tell she was wearing a bikini.

Once they joined us at the water, Jeanie and I went into the water and then I looked back to see Melanie remove the wrap and saw she was wearing a thong bikini that was not modest at all. Jeanie caught me staring at Melanie and told me not to be a pervert.

When they got close to us, I could see that Melanie's nipples were partially visible through the fabric and it caused me to think about the night before and my dick started to harden.

Neither Jeanie or Matt are really strong swimmers, and when Melanie said she wanted to try to swim across the corner of the lake, they did not want to try. I jumped at the chance to be alone with her and we took off swimming.

While we were swimming over, she told me that she really enjoyed sucking my dick the night before and hoped that we would have more chances to play. I told her that we would have to be careful since Jeanie would not like it at all.

When we got close to the shore on the other side and could stand up, Melanie reached down and grabbed my dick through my shorts. She started rubbing it under the water and of course I took my chance and started touching her as well.

She reached down and pulled her thong to the side and said that I should get behind her. As I moved around behind her she fished my hard cock out of my shorts and moved so that I could enter her.

I looked back over to where Jeanie and Matt were and they were walking back up to the hotel.

Melanie told me not to worry about them, Matt knew that she planned to fuck me and he was keeping his mother busy so we had time to enjoy.

That allowed me to turn my full attention to Melanie and really enjoy her young tight body. I fucked her as we stood in water up to our chests and tried my best to make her scream.

I didn't succeed in making her scream but did manage to give her a decent orgasm before telling her I was going to cum. She told me to cum inside her and I started shooting my cum up into her seconds later.

Once we were finished and settled a bit we walked up out of the water to the shore and sat at a bench there to rest before swimming back.

Melanie told me that she was very happy that we got the chance to play and that she hoped we could continue for the rest of the visit and into the future.

I said that it would be difficult with Jeanie around but I hoped so too.

Melanie told me that Matt was going to feel out his mom to see if she would be a bit more open to some playing and I said there was no way.

I said that we should be heading back before they started to wonder where we were, and we started the swim back to the hotel area.

When we got to the rooms, Jeanie and Matt were sitting on the patio and had gotten us some refreshments. She said we should shower off and then we could enjoy the refreshments together.

I went into our room and stripped off to get into the shower.

After showering, I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and went outside. Matt and Jeanie were there still and Melanie was still in their room.

Jeanie was wearing some slacks and a blouse and Matt was sitting there in shorts and a muscle shirt.

Jeanie poured me a drink and I started sipping it, before exclaiming that it was pretty strong for that early in the day. Jeanie smiled and said we were on vacation and didn't have to drive anywhere so we should enjoy it.

Melanie finally came outside, and she was wearing the wrap that she had worn down to the beach earlier. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra under since her nipples protruded proudly.

When she sat down, I was presented with a flash of her bare pussy before she crossed her legs. I looked up at her and she smiled.

Nervously I looked at Jeanie and asked her what they had been up to while we were swimming.

Jeanie told me that they had a good time talking and she was happy to spend some alone time with Matt since they never really had any time to talk alone.

Matt mentioned to Jeanie that she was over dressed for such a nice day and said she should go put on some shorts and a t-shirt or something since we were just going to be around the hotel.

Jeanie said that was a good idea and got up to change.

As soon as she went into the room, Matt asked me if I liked Melanie's pussy and I said it was fantastic. Melanie asked him if he talked with his mother about anything and he said that he started to and that is part of the reason that the drinks were so strong.

He told Melanie that she should go in and help Jeanie pick out something to wear, and Melanie went into the room. After a few minutes Melanie came back out and said that she was going to get something of hers to have Jeanie put on.

She went into their room and shortly she came back carrying something and went back into our room with Jeanie.

I heard them talking inside and after a few minutes Melanie came out again leading Jeanie by the hand. Jeanie was wearing a summer dress of Melanie's that was a bit too small for her but looked fantastic.

The dress did not leave a lot to the imagination and was quite a bit short of being mid-thigh. Plus, it was also obvious that Jeanie was not wearing a bra either.

Jeanie said that she felt a bit self-conscious wearing that but Matt and I were quick to say that she looked great. Matt added that we were family so it was perfectly ok and adding that there was nobody else around.

When Jeanie sat down, she was very careful to hold the dress down as she crossed her legs. Then Melanie said it took some talking to get her to come back outside not wearing anything under her dress. Jeanie snorted and turned quite red. She said she should go inside and change. Melanie took her hand and told her she should just enjoy.

I was a bit shocked that she stayed out there but before long she was talking to us and enjoying the time together.

We did not drink a lot but Jeanie was obviously feeling the alcohol. There were times that the dress slipped down to almost display her nipples and many times that her legs were no longer crossed and I caught some glimpses of her pussy too.

As it got toward the evening, Matt and I decided that we would call over to reception to order some food for dinner. We were informed that the restaurant was closed that day and they recommended a restaurant to order from. We looked it up online and picked out some food.

The restaurant was about a 10-minute walk from the hotel so Matt and I took off to get the food.

While we were walking, Matt told me that Melanie was going to try to get Jeanie to loosen up some and she was hoping to get to play with Jeanie. I told him not to get his hopes up.

It took longer than expected for the food to be done and when we finally got back to the hotel we went to our room and it was empty. We put the food down and then Matt opened their door with his key and we walked in.

Jeanie and Melanie were laying on the bed kissing. Melanie had her hand up under Jeanie's dress and Jeanie was playing with Melanie's bare tit.

They jumped as we walked in and Jeanie covered up, but Melanie continued to try to play with her. Jeanie was visibly shaken at being caught and she shouted that we should get out.

We left and went back over to the other room and waited. About 10 minutes later, there was a knock at the door and Matt opened the door. Melanie was there and said that Jeanie needed a couple more minutes before joining us. She told us that she succeeded in getting her to cum.

A few minutes later, Jeanie knocked and we let her in. She was very embarrassed and said she just wanted to eat and not talk about it.

The food was luke-warm and tasted good but it was hard to enjoy the food with a hard cock under the table.

After we ate, Matt and Melanie went back to their room. Jeanie said she wanted to shower and then go to bed and we could talk about what happened later.

When she finished in the shower, she got into bed and said she wanted to go to sleep because she felt drunk. I wanted to fuck but she wanted nothing to do with that.

After she went to sleep, I walked outside to the patio but the lights were off in the other room and I ended up going to bed without any that night.

In the morning, we woke up and Jeanie still said she did not want to talk about it. She did want to fuck though. As she climbed on top of me I couldn't help but hope that there would be more action before Matt and Melanie went back home.