Part 12 Julie and Penny and a Night of Dancing Interrupted

We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon. Our Thanksgiving was sidetracked with Ben's meltdown. When we walked inside, I instructed the women that they could change into some comfortable clothes for the rest of the day. I figured everyone had been through enough and I wanted a calming atmosphere for Penny. I sat down on the couch with Penny and talked with her.

"How are you doing Penny? Are you feeling any better?

"Yes, Rich, thank you. Just being out of that house and away from Ben is making me feel a lot better."

I looked at her closely. Her eye had gotten a little darker, still almost shut, and her lip was quite swollen. I grabbed her more ice and she put it on her lip and eye. It would at least a week for her lip to heal, and 2 weeks for her eye to get back to normal. Even looking like she was in a combat zone, her beauty shone through.

"I'm glad to hear that Penny. Let's get down to business, namely where you will sleep. You have a choice. We have a room available for you, or you can move into the master bedroom with me and Julie. I already talked with her and she is all for you sleeping with us. I told her that you've liked me for a long time and she's ok with that too. She said you can never have too much family. Now, you didn't hear this from me, but she likes you too. In her words, you're hot."

I emphasized hot. Penny blushed a bit when I told her this. I don't know if she's ever thought about another woman in bed with her or what her reaction would be. I thought it best to get it out in the open and see where she stood.

"Rich? Did she say that? After seeing her today in her corset and boots I can say she is also hot. I had a great time with her, at least I did before everything blew up. It was like we've been best friends for years." I broke in,

"Julie said the same about you. She enjoyed spending time talking with you." Julie answered,

"That's awesome. I like Julie, and if I knew this before, I would have made more of an effort to be a friend to her. I hope you don't mind, I mean, I told you I liked you and all, so I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I mean, you did accept being my guardian and I know I have to be available to you, but I don't know how to say it."

She was sounding flustered and a little embarrassed. She was blushing slightly and averting her gaze when she was talking. I told her to just get it out, just say what she wanted. Penny continued,

"I like Julie, I mean like. I like you too, don't get me wrong. I've known for a while that I like men and women. I like men because they're strong and protective, and I'm drawn to that. I like women because they're sexy, and women just know what each other are feeling. I've only dated boys though, so I don't know what dating a girl would be like. I'm sorry, I wanted to live here because of you, but now I'm thinking mostly of Julie. You're not mad, are you? I shouldn't have said anything, you'll probably regret accepting me in your family now." I spoke up,

"Julie, it's ok. I don't mind. If I had only Julie I may feel different, but I have four women now. You're probably thinking I'm worried about sex, but I'm not. I mean, I am, but that's only part of it. I'm finding out quickly that I desire to make everyone happy just as much as I desire sex. I'm also finding out that I like to dominate women, not in a bad way though. I've talked with Beth and Nicole, and the way I explained it, I like to control them, but only if they want it. I don't like to control women if they're not also enjoying it. I hope that makes sense." Julie answered,

"Yes, it does. The way the club is I always worried about being in a situation that someone didn't care about me. My mother told me about the club around the age of fifteen and what I could expect. I thought it was bullshit, and how could she go along with something like that. She spent time with me and explained everything, and I came to see it as something I could live with. I still don't like not being in control of my future, but I can live with that if I have someone that takes care of me and doesn't abuse me."

"What you described is what I was looking for. After I turned eighteen Ben was put in charge of me, my schedule, my chores, and my punishments. I had to dress in the corset and walk around half-naked. It was humiliating at first, but I got used to it. I never liked when Ben would look at me, but when my father would bring over other club members I would like being looked at. It was still humiliating and embarrassing, but I liked it. I enjoyed that attention, and I fantasized about them taking me away. I never had to do anything with them, but I thought about it. That must make me sound weird, and I can't believe I'm telling you this." I answered,

"Penny, I think that's normal, and not unlike how the other women feel here. All three of them have, at one point in their lives, felt alone and abandoned. They've all told me that. Above everything else, they don't want to ever feel that again. They want someone to pay attention to them, someone to want them. It sounds like you're in a similar position. Is that close to what you're saying? Penny answered,

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Ben was put in charge of me and I felt like my parents abandoned me. My mother and father stopped monitoring what I was doing; it was Ben's job now. If he would have cared about me, I may have felt different. All Ben cared about was himself; he liked spanking and whipping me, and that's all he did. I could tell his discipline was never about me, it was about his desires. I felt alone like no one cared. I tried to talk to my parents, but my mother told me it was my father's decision, and all he said was I would have to talk to Ben. Everyone just gave up and left me. The physical abuse was bad, but being left alone was worse." I spoke up,

"Damn Penny, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was that bad for you."

I reached over and hugged her. She just laid her head on my shoulder and sat there, hugging me back. After a few minutes of sitting like that, I spoke up.

"Not to ruin the moment, but getting back to my question: do you want your room, or sleep with us?"

"I would like to move in with you can Julie, Rich. I like the idea of being with you two. I don't want to be alone in my room, I want to be with someone. You and the other women will probably get tired of me around you so much, at least at first. I just want company, I want any attention that doesn't involve beating me."

Penny was abandoned at home. How many other daughters of club members follow that same pattern? There must be hundreds of girls of all ages in club families; when are they left by their parents and put in situations like Penny? Even if they find club members and aren't punished by family members like Ben, is it any better? They're given to a stranger, their guardian, and that can't be easy for them. Somewhere in the past, the rules must have made sense to someone.

Why would they put their daughters in this position, with no way of leaving, and no hope of a normal life? When did the club members' view of their trafficked victims as property extend to their own family? That is what Penny was born into, a life as property. I wondered if these men were just numb to it, believed in what they were doing, or a little of both. I didn't care what I would have to do; my daughter would never grow up like that. Penny spoke up,

"How does this all work? What are the rules in this house? I was always just supposed to follow around Ben and do what he said. Is that what you have the women do here?"

"Not exactly. The women greet me when I arrive if they are at home. If not, they report to me when they get home. I give everyone instructions and they go do their thing. Everyone has chores and they complete them each night, but they can do them at any time."

I explained the requirements for clothing both inside and outside the house. Penny didn't have many outfits that fit those requirements, so I knew we would have to go shopping tomorrow. Maybe we could catch some Black Friday deals. We had to get her corset, boots, and collar either way. I also explained the requirement for wearing heels and what type I liked. She had a pair of heels which would work, but I told her we would buy her another pair or two. She liked the idea of shopping with us and was excited. I explained my requirement that all the women be clean-shaven below their necks. She asked if that included her vagina and I said it did. She didn't seem to mind too much, and we moved on.

By the time we were done talking the women had changed, gotten the food together, and we all sat down and ate. Penny had a lot of questions and the ladies answered. I let them talk and get to know each other. I explained to everyone that Penny would be moving into the bedroom with me and Julie, and I thought I caught a small smile on Julie's face. This should be fun. Penny also brought up her virginity and asked how I would move forward with that. I wasn't sure what to say, but I spoke up.

"Penny, there's no rush on that. I want you to feel comfortable first, then we will talk about everything that comes after." Penny spoke up,

"Thanks, Rich, but seriously, I'm an eighteen-year-old woman and my hormones are going crazy. I've had men stare at me practically naked, and I have to now walk around and stare at these women all day the same way. I know you guys will be having sex, and I'll be thinking about it. Knowing what we talked about earlier, do you think I want to wait much longer?" Beth spoke up,

"If I may, Penny, we'll talk about this after we eat. Rich, me, Nicole, and Julie will talk with Penny and figure something out. Unless you have plans, we'll take care of it and let you know what we're doing."

I told Beth I was fine with that and the topic dropped. The conversation returned to other various topics and everyone finished up, eating a bit too much turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and dessert. We all separated and did our own thing. Beth and Nicole were still putting the finishing touches on their rooms, while Julie helped Penny unpack her clothes and get situated. When they finished, they joined me in my office where we watched TV and played video games together for the rest of the evening. We were all three young eighteen-year-olds and still spent too much time wrapped up in TV and games.

When it was time for bed, I said my goodnights to Nicole and Beth. I let them know to get ready in the morning to do some shopping with Penny, gave them both a good night kiss and retired to the bedroom. Penny was a little apprehensive, not exactly sure what she should do. Julie sensed this and took Penny by the hand. She walked her to the bed, helped her take off her clothes, and climbed into bed with her. Once in, Julie started kissing Penny, very carefully because of her swollen lip. I didn't think she would move this fast, but I didn't say anything, just let it go.

Penny, unsure at first, started relaxing and enjoying it. I could tell Penny was happy, and I was sure Julie was enjoying herself immensely. I slid into bed with them and they separated to lay on both sides of me. I kissed them both, put my arms around them, and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to the feel of Julie's lips wrapped around my cock. Damn, I had forgotten to tell Julie to forego my wake up call. I didn't want to push Penny or make her feel uncomfortable on her first morning. I remembered what she said about her hormones, so I just laid back and relaxed. Julie was on one side and Penny was on the other watching her. Julie looked up and explained she was showing Penny how to give a blowjob. I spoke up,

"Penny, you've never given a blowjob?"

"No Rich, I haven't."

"Oh, then that must have been Susan yesterday. I thought that was you."

"Yes, that was my mother. I wanted to, but I was unsure what to do. I didn't want to mess anything up."

"Penny, you don't have to worry about that. You'll do great. Just don't feel obligated to do that until you heal. I don't want to aggravate your lip and have you start bleeding again."

She smiled at me, then put her attention back on Julie. Julie took Penny's hand and wrapped it around my dick and showed her how to give a hand job, which she caught on to very quickly. When I was hard and almost ready to blow Julie hopped on and went to town. Julie was always energetic when it came to sex, but what turned me on this morning was Penny. She was mesmerized by our act, never taking her eyes off my dick buried in Julie. I could see the look of lust in her eyes, and I knew she wanted it; I wanted it also, but we would wait to see what Nicole and Beth had in mind before I took her virginity. After Julie finished and I came inside of her, I spoke up.

"Penny, have you orgasmed before?"

"Yes Rich, but only by myself," I answered,

"I saw you getting worked up watching us just now. How would you like one before we get ready?"

"I don't know Rich. What are you thinking of doing?"

"I'm not fucking you, so don't worry. This is all about you. Just trust me."

I leaned up on the bed, laid her back, and climbed between her legs. She was watching me like a hawk, wondering what I had in mind. She had no idea until my mouth met her vulva. She had a long vulva, raised, with her lips extending a little less than an inch and a light red. Her pubic mound was rounded, and her clitoral hood was raised slightly. When I brought my face to her vagina I could smell her scent; even before a shower, the odor was light and pleasant, but her taste was stronger than the other women.

Her clitoris was larger, and she reacted more when my tongue met it. I didn't know if this had to do with her being horny, or had to do with greater sensitivity. Either way, she was enjoying it. I looked up and saw her close her eyes and lay her head back. Julie immediately started kissing Penny and playing with her breasts. I put my focus back on my job, and when I started licking and sucking on it her back arched and she pushed her hips right into me.

She started grinding on my face while I did my best to keep my head in position. The sensation from my tongue and Julie's kissing was sending her quickly toward the summit, and before I knew it, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. Penny is stronger than she looks, and it was all I could do to move my head enough to breathe. I continued tonguing her while her body was rocked by waves of orgasm. As they subsided so did her grip, and I was able to pull back.

When I lifted my head out from between her legs Penny was spread eagle with her arms stretched out and Julie had her head laying on her chest. I climbed up to the other side and kissed Penny on the forehead. I asked her.

"How was that Penny? Did you enjoy that?"

"Rich, I've never felt an orgasm like that before. That was amazing. Between you and Julie I thought I would lose my mind. I don't have to tell you that's the first time anyone has done that to me. I just don't know what to say."

I told her I was happy to be the first to give her that, and I was sure Julie felt the same. After letting Penny recover, we all took a shower together and got dressed. We could smell breakfast cooking and it smelled amazing. We were all hungry, and when we made it to the kitchen Beth and Nicole had breakfast ready. When Nicole saw us, she spoke up,

"Judging by the smile on Penny's face I would guess you introduced her to your morning routine. Is she still a virgin?"

I answered in the affirmative, telling them everything we did. Penny seemed a little embarrassed with her sex life being discussed in the open, and I told her we had no secrets in this house. Everyone would always know what everyone else was doing. I didn't want secrets putting a wedge between us, and I told her that we were always honest. If something bothered someone, they would come out and tell that person. That was the only way to work out any problems before they grew too large to easily fix.

We all piled into my truck and drove to the mall. We visited the same stores as we did before, but this time it was all Penny. The ladies took her to the lingerie store and picked out her panties, bras, and a few pieces of lingerie. I waited patiently for them outside the store not wanting to make Penny uncomfortable. Julie gave me a smile and a wink when they came out, telling me Penny looked incredible in there.

Next, we hit the leather store. They found a corset, collar, and a pair of boots for Penny. Next up was the clothing store. I had more input on this, approving every outfit that Penny tried on. After going through about 15 changes, we arrived at 6 outfits. I had Penny try on some heels and bought her another 2 to add to the one pair she had. After we were done it was back to the Dessert Emporium for lunch. The ladies had a good time, laughing and joking about various topics, and I could start to see how Penny would add to our family dynamic. I started to relax, trusting we would be fine going forward.

We all made it home. Julie helped Penny get her new clothes put away and I told everyone I wanted to see them in their corsets. The first ones were Beth and Nicole. They had plenty of practice getting in and out of their home outfits and it didn't take them long. They both knelt in front of me and we talked, waiting for Penny and Julie. I spoke up.

"What do you two think about Penny moving in with us. I've talked with Julie and know how she feels, and she's on board with it 100%. I want to get your opinions." The first to speak up was Beth.

"Rich, I've known Penny her whole life. She's a sweet kid, very smart and very likable. I've always admired her beauty, and the more she grew the more beautiful she became. I always thought you two would make a great couple, but you were just so shy, you couldn't get out of your way. I'm glad you two found each other, of course, this dynamic is different than anything I ever imagined. I think she will make a great addition to the family." Next up was Nicole.

"I have only known Penny for a day, but from what I've seen, she seems genuinely nice. I see how you look at each other; it's the same look you and Julie give. I would worry about that, but I also see how they look at each other. Knowing my daughter, I only see one problem going forward; you jealous of them, because if Julie is let loose on Penny, you are in trouble." I spoke up,

"Well, I know all about that. I've spoken with both Julie and Penny separately, and they both like each other. I didn't know Julie liked women, and Penny told me yesterday that she also likes women. And no, I'm not jealous." Nicole spoke up,

"Then you better get ready for those two to get close. I've seen that look and I'm telling you, they're falling in love. I don't know if they're ready to admit it yet, especially if it's their first relationship with another woman, but it's happening. Don't worry Rich, you still have us. Of course, I'm pretty hot on Beth, so you may just be left out."

After saying that she gave me a wink and we all laughed. I was sure her comment about Beth was only half kidding; I knew Nicole liked Beth more than she was admitting. Thinking about it, Penny and Julie were taking their time. Just when I thought it would be a good idea to check on them and make sure Julie didn't have Penny back in bed, they came around the corner.

Beth, Julie, and Nicole are all 5'5 or under. Penny, on the other hand, is 5'11. When she came out in her corset and heels, she stood 6'1 and towered over Julie who was walking beside her. Penny's legs, in her boots, looked exaggerated. They were the longest, sexiest legs I've ever seen, and I had to check to make sure my tongue was still in my mouth. Her breasts were about the same size as Julie's, but where Julie's small frame made them look larger, on Penny they looked smaller. The corset lifted them and pushed them together some, but it didn't have the same effect as it did on Julie. It was a different look, but just as sexy and hot. Julie and Penny both had big smiles on their faces. Julie spoke up,