As a trainee teacher you realise early on that you need a clear plan for managing a class of students for forty to sixty minutes, never mind for a whole school day. You soon come to appreciate that you need a back-up plan for when the first plan goes off the rails, plus contingencies for all sorts of unexpected things that can come up.

So you do all that, and you get through the first class all right. But the next class is coming up fast. You need a whole new plan for getting through that. That plan has to follow on logically from the first one. If you are teaching them A, B, C today, then it should be D, E and F tomorrow. The need for a coherent, connected set of plans to arrive at your targeted outcome becomes obvious. It time, with experience, you get the hang of it. It becomes second nature.

When it came to slave training Dan, Alice had just such a plan. She was always going to know what to do next. Her years of teaching and school administration experience meant that Dan was totally surrounded and enveloped in a comprehensive slave training plan from the minute he had set foot inside Alice's front door.

Dan was a teacher too, so he should know, but in the pitch black cellar that first night, Dan couldn't care less about what the plan might be. His present situation was occupying his mind fully. Sleep might come later. He was busy trying to process all that had just happened.

He lay on his back, his legs slightly spread the better to accommodate his steel cock cage. He had tried various positions and found that lying on his back was best. It allowed the chain around his left ankle slide almost directly down the side of the bed to the floor. The weight of the cock cage pulled down against the inevitable sporadic attempts of his cock to stiffen. That stopped it dragging too much, or too painfully, on the piercing behind his balls. He found that if he put a hand on top of the steel cage, he could stop it from rising at all.

As a bonus, he could also tickle the visible tip of his penis with a finger, or just tap on it rhythmically. Check in with ole Mr. Banana. Say hello. Dan found it strangely comforting to be able to touch himself, even if only slightest of touches. Some primeval thing, he supposed. The slow blink of the little red light in the ceiling above him seemed calming and peaceful. He couldn't care less that it signified an overhead camera recording his every move.

Dan would have liked to have a duvet or even a blanket to cover himself. Not out of modesty. More for the comfort of it, the old security blanket thing. To be able to wrap himself up in his own little space would be nice. But the plan required that he be naked, vulnerable and observed. That he be laid out on that shiny plastic mattress like a slab of meat on a butcher's counter waiting to be peered at, poked and prodded. Under the plan, Dan would eventually come to accept that he was somebody's slab of meat. No more, no less.

Dan's hands roamed around his smooth, hairless abdomen and chest, as he mentally compared his situation now to where he expected he would be this night. Getting used to the feel of the new shaved Dan. Under Dan's plan he would have been asleep in bed with his wife, Mary, drained and sated from a full-on bondage/slave sex session. He would be looking forward to a nice lazy day in which he would bring his wife breakfast in bed, satisfy her sexual needs, whatever they might be, and then get on with doing his own thing.

He accepted that, as of now, he had no idea of what tomorrow would bring. He could guess that a lazy day wasn't part of the agenda. He was amazingly relaxed about that. Bring it on, thought Dan, letting his hand slide over the smooth steel of his cock cage again. He felt that, deep down, he was surprisingly content with the totality of this slave state compared with the play slave state he had fantasised about.

Dan should have drifted off to sleep then, but he let his mind wander back over the humiliating verbal abuse handed out by Mary in the restaurant, and the sex teasing by Alice after signing the contract. His cock thickened once more and tried to grow and stiffen inside the steel tube. Little licks of jabbing pain at the end of his cock competed with duller pulses from behind his balls. No way could he get to sleep like this.

He pushed down on the cage with his hand to ease the discomfort. Then he resorted to the science teacher's version of counting sheep; listing all the elements in the periodic table, in order and their atomic weight. That had the added benefit of pushing away distracting horny thoughts. He had only got as far as Zinc before he drifted away.

A sudden harsh bright light dragged Dan out of a deep, dreamless slumber. It seemed like it was only a few minutes since he had started counting the chemical elements. For a moment he didn't know where he was. He felt around for the duvet which he thought must have slipped off in the night. While one hand slapped vainly against the plastic cover of the mattress, the other reached out for the warm reassurance of his wife's sleeping body by his side. No one there. Then his hand brushed against the cock cage at the same time as he registered the rattle of the chain around his ankle. He felt for his slave collar on his neck and the leather cuffs on his wrists to confirm the reality of his slave status.

It wasn't a dream. He actually was naked, shaved and chained in a cellar, his cock permanently locked in a steel cage. His heart speeded up and a jumble of thoughts and commands banged around in his head all at once. He had to get ready. It was day one of slave training. Time to be on his best behaviour. He remembered that he had to stand to attention beside the bed before his slave trainer opened the cellar door. Dan stumbled to his feet, rubbing his eyes, the chain around his ankle rattling at the sudden movement. He took up the position; feet together, toes pointed slightly outward, hands by his side, thumbs pointed to the floor, chest out, chin in, and waited.

At first nothing happened. All was silent. Dan had time to become fully awake. He reacquainted himself with his surroundings; the chair in the middle of the floor, the bucket containing his pubic hair beside it, the bench on which he had his manhood skewered and imprisoned, the line of shelves, the boiler behind the stairway, burbling away. That was the sum of Slave Dan's immediate surroundings. After about a minute, he heard the key turn in the lock and Alice appeared at the top of the stairs.

'Good morning, Dan.' She was wearing what appeared to be her nightwear; a large loose white tee-shirt that reached to mid-thigh. The wide neck was askew and slipping slightly off one shoulder. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail giving her a rather severe look. As she began descending the stairs, Dan noticed that she was holding what looked like a three foot cane in one hand.

'Good morning, Head Mistress,' said Dan, looking nervously at the cane.

Alice stopped at the foot of the steps and pointed with the cane to the chair in the middle of the cellar floor.

'Go over and stand behind the chair, Dan. Then give it a push.'

Dan shuffled across to the chair, the chain clanking behind him, and stood behind it, as instructed. His failure to do the 'Yes Head Mistress thing' wasn't him trying to start anything, or make a rebellious statement. It was just that his brain hadn't quite got up to speed yet. Dan was never a morning person. Alice didn't make an issue of it anyway.

Dan pushed the chair. It didn't move. It seemed to be fixed to that position on the floor somehow. It was a sturdy, uncomplicated affair. Four wooden legs, a solid wooden seat, a back that looked a bit like a cut-off ladder, comprised of three straight horizontal back rests fitted into uprights that extended about six inches beyond the top back rest. Dan gave a harder push, and then pulled at it. Not a budge. He concluded that the chair must have bolts in the legs that are fixed into the floor - Dan the scientist.

'Yes. The chair is fixed in that position, Dan. Just so you know. While you are free to sit on it when you are alone in the cellar, its primary purpose is for restraining you when you are being punished. You will recall that you are due a punishment and I agreed with Mary that I would administer it. That is what we are going to do now. So prepare to be punished'.

'Yes, Head Mistress.' Dan's breath was coming a little faster now, his cock beginning to twitch.

'You will notice that there are snap shackles fastened to each leg. I want you to attach one of the rings on your left ankle cuff to the left chair shackle. Then do the same on the right side.'

When Dan complied, he was left standing with his legs slightly spread on either side of the back chair legs. As he rested his hands on the top of the chair, he pulled himself against the back rest to stop his cock cage rising as he became aroused. He was thinking; here I am about to suffer my first formal punishment as a slave. I am going to be caned by someone other than my wife. I am going to be caned by my work boss, in her house, where I am chained and naked in her cellar. How hot is that? His groin ached and throbbed as his cock tried to grow into a full erection. Thankfully, its movement was stopped by the chair-back. He didn't want the painful tugging on the guiche ring to start again.

'Now bend right over the back of the chair so that your hands hang down by the front legs,' ordered Alice as she approached him from behind.

'Yes, Head Mistress.' Dan felt the top of the chair back press into his stomach as he leaned over. The uprights on either side of the back pressed into his ribs and prevented sideways movement. His hands reached to about half way down the length of the front chair legs. Dan could see right down into the wide neck of Alice's tee-shirt as it bloused out when she crouched beneath him to attach his wrist cuffs to the front chair leg shackles. He could see between her pert tidy breasts and glimpse the aureole of one nipple. Dan was thinking how he wouldn't mind sucking on that nipple when Alice pulled hard on his wrist forcing him up on his toes so as to make his wrist cuff stretch down to meet the shackle at the base of the chair leg. She attached the second wrist with a second tug that brought Dan right up on the top of his toes so that the top of the chair back was now pressing hard into his lower abdomen and bladder. He felt the need to pee. He had resisted going during the night as Alice has asked him avoid using the bucket if possible.

Like she had a sixth sense, Alice asked Dan if he had used the bucket.

'No, Head Mistress.'

'Good boy. Now I want you to hold out a little longer. But just to be safe I will put the bucket here between your legs.'

Dan upside view through the back of the chair was reduced to a small triangle made by his spread legs and the chair back. Part of one of Alice's bare legs was in his field of vision and he could see the tip of the cane resting against her calf. Then the cane moved out of sight and Dan braced himself.

'What is going to happen now is that you will receive five strokes of this cane on your ass. This is a punishment beating because you came without your owner's permission yesterday. As a slave, your owner controls all your sexual activity. It is a property rights thing. While the written contract was not signed at that point there was a de facto contract in place. You had requested that you be a slave and Mary had agreed to it. Isn't that so?'

'Yes, Head Mistress,' said Dan, in his bent over position, feeling a bit undignified and thinking this is not the time or place for a legal discussion of the niceties of slave contract law making.

'Coming without permission is normally a very serious matter. It is part of the reason Mary wants you in chastity; to train you out of coming. You have to learn to come only when she wants you to come. However, as the detailed rights and obligations had not been discussed with you fully before it happened, on this occasion your punishment will be just five strokes. Do you understand, Dan?'

'Yes, Head Mistress,' said Dan feeling a bit bored and fed up. He just wanted the thing over with now. The waiting had gone on too long, especially in his bent over position. Being forcibly held in the stretched position, bent hard over the chair back was quite a strain. The blood rushing into his upside head was making his ears ring.

He took a deep breath and held it, readying himself for the first blow to strike his virgin buttocks. Well, they weren't totally virgin. Mary had given him some spankings and paddled him with a wooden spoon, but she would stop as soon as Dan said 'ouch' in a really ouchy sort of way. So he decided they didn't really count. He realised his attention was drifting from his 'lesson' and resolved to pay attention to his 'teacher'. It would be like her to ask questions on the lesson later.

'You may be wondering why I'm going on and on about this,' said Alice, her teacher's training kicking in again. She could sense that she was losing her pupil. Time to cut to the chase.

'Mary and I agreed that when you are about to be punished you will always be told what your punishment is and be reminded what the punishment is for. So repeat the 'what' and 'why' of your punishment for me, Dan.'

'I am going to receive five strokes of the cane because I came without permission, Head Mistress.'

'Good boy. Now, take a deep breath. Are you ready?

'Yes, Head Mistress,' said Dan, in his bent over position, taking another deep breath and holding it. This is it, he thought. At last. It is going to happen now.

He flinched reflexively as he felt the cane touch gently across his ass and rest there, but his punishment hadn't started yet.

'Before each stroke I will place the cane where I intend it to strike, just to help my aim, Dan. I can't say I am big into this sort of stuff, myself. I did practice on a watermelon last night, Dan, and made quite a mess. Mary said she wants to see five strong stripes on your ass when she collects you on Sunday. So five strong red stripes is what we are aiming for.'

'Yes, Head Mistress,' said Dan, letting his deep breath out once again.

The endless talking was getting to Dan. Next she'll be giving me the 'this will hurt me more than it will hurt you' line, he was thinking, as he felt the buzz go out of the whole exercise and his cock deflate inside it's cage. The strain of being bent over and stretched was taking a toll on him as well. His hips were a bit pinched between the uprights of the chair back, which was itself digging into his abdomen. His breathing was ragged and by now he really badly wanted to pee.

'A procedural detail before we start, Dan. In the age old tradition of these things, you must count each stroke and thank the punishment giver. Then when you are ready, you are to ask for the next stroke to be administered. You are to say "Please give me the next stroke, Head Mistress."'

'We will start now. Ask for your first stroke.'

'Please give me the first stroke, Head Mistress,' said Dan, thinking will this woman ever shut up and get on with it.

He felt the cane lift off his ass. There was a moment of silence, then that swishing sound as Alice swung the cane will full force onto his stretched buttocks. A bit like the moment you step off the high diving board: The silence, then the sound of rushing air, then the glorious impact.

'Aaaagggh!!,' screamed Dan, as the searing shock of the blow ripped across his buttocks. Despite all the build-up, he wasn't ready for the fierceness of the impact and the line of piercing, shocking, scorching pain that scored both ass cheeks with a stripe of raised purple tortured skin. He instinctively tried to pull up from his bent over position to rub his burning buttocks with his hands and ease the agony. All he achieved was to jerk violently and uselessly on his shackles. He sobbed despairingly and was sure his ass was cut and bleeding. But he was helpless and unable to do anything about his pain. The jerking and sobbing slowly subsided to a steady hiccupping of low moans from deep inside him.

'I'm waiting, Dan. It was only a single stroke of a cane. You are a big boy. You can take it. Remember, if you do not follow the proper protocol for a punishment beating, I am required to re-start and keep re-starting your punishment until you take all five strokes in the proper manner.'

Dan, terrified at the thought of a never ending beating like this, sobbed, 'O-one s-stroke. T-thank you. Head Mistress.' Quickly, Alice laid the cane gently across his ass to line up the second stroke. She waited for Dan to request the second stroke. But it was too much. A violent shudder rocked him and a steady leak of pee dribbled out and around the end of the cock cage and ran in two streams, half down one leg, half straight into the bucket. He didn't even notice it. This searing agony was not part of Dan's plan for what a hot, sexy, slave punishment session should be like. He just couldn't bring himself to ask for another stroke like the one he had just suffered, never mind four more.

'P-please, Head Mistress, I c-can't take anymore. I will be very obedient. I w-won't come ever again without permission. I p-promise, Head Mistress, please.'

'Well now, that's not what you are supposed to say. Is it, Dan?

'Please, Head Mistress. I will do anything you say. Anything,' pleaded Dan.

I'm very disappointed in you, Dan. This is what training is all about. This is why you are here. Obviously you need more training in how to take your punishment like a proper slave. We will have to go back to basics.'

Dan felt the cane lift off his buttocks. He tensed every muscle for the second stroke and shouted a final despairing, 'Nooo, please, no more.'

No stroke came. Alice had walked away from her position behind Dan to reach into one of the carrier bags that sat on the shelves. She returned and squatted down at his head, asked him to open his mouth wide. Dan was glad to obey and show what a good obedient slave he really could be. Alice quickly placed the ball gag in his wide open mouth and secured it tightly with a strap around the back of Dan's head.

'Now Dan, we will start again. You are going to receive five strokes of the cane as punishment for coming without permission. Your punishment will start now and I will count the strokes for you this time. Are you ready?'

The cane rested gently on Dan's buttocks half an inch below the livid red weal of the first stroke.

'Gnnn, gmymm, gyoooo'


'Aggghhh, haa, ha.'

'One stroke.'

The cane rested again, slightly lower on the now heaving and trashing buttocks of the reluctant slave. It was an instinctive attempt by the body to escape the pain. At least Dan had accepted the pointlessness of trying to argue his case through the gag. He was quiet now, save for the regular deep sobs that convulsed his body.



'Two strokes.'

After the third stroke, Dan stopped thrashing about. His body accepted that there was no way of escaping the blows. Regular sobs still rocked him. Soon the punishment was over.

'I'll leave you there a while to recover. When I come back down I expect you to thank me for disciplining you. Otherwise I will just have to start the process all over again. That is what this period of slave training is all about, Dan.'

With that, Alice went up the cellar steps, closing the door open behind her at the top. Silence. Dan's first thought was that he needed to escape. He felt that he could die in this cellar. Another beating would kill him. But, as the shock and pain eased, Dan edged towards an acceptance of the throbbing soreness that would be with him for the rest of the day. He supposed his ass couldn't look as bad as it felt. Not like a mashed up water melon anyway. Five, no six, strokes from a cane couldn't count as an epic beating he decided. Life would go on.