Matthew woke to the gentle stroking of Bethany's fingertip on his nipple. He blinked and mumbled as he oriented himself, slowly realizing that he was laying in his own bed.

"Well, look who's awake," Bethany said, "good morning."

Sitting in the desk chair beside Matthew's bed, Bethany looked rested and freshly-showered, which she was. She had changed into a well-worn sweatshirt and yoga pants with her knees poking through the fabric of the legs. She laughed softly at Matthew's confusion.

"Relax, Matty," she began, "after you sucked my toes so clean I thought my nail polish was going to come off, I had you up on my bed for a little cuddle and after-care. That led to another stroking session and you were so deep in subspace by the end of it I was barely able to guide you here to your own bed. After making sure you were hydrated and tucking you in, you went to sleep like a babe. And now, I've been sitting here with my coffee waiting for you to wake up, I never did get to make sure you felt okay after our playtime last night before you dropped off."

"Uh, what time...?" Matthew managed to say.

"It's about eight o'clock, you've been sleeping since midnight."

As Matthew regained clarity and awareness, he realized two things. First, he was naked and uncovered. Secondly, he still wore Bethany's collar. The first bothered him little since he'd become so accustomed to being naked in Bethany's presence. The collar, however, piqued his curiosity and he reached up to touch it.

"I left that on you," Bethany explained, "I thought it looked nice and it fit you so well last night. You don't have to wear it, but you can around the apartment if you want to."

"Okay," Matthew said in a soft non-committal voice as he touched the smooth leather of the collar.

Bethany's next words tipped the balance.

"I'd like it if you did wear it, Matty," she said in a quiet tone that carried the words to Matthew's soul.

Matthew nodded obediently, sure that it was now expected of him in the apartment. He knew he was under Bethany's spell and wasn't certain he didn't want to be. A shiver ran through his body as a wave of submissive desire swept over him.

Smiling, Bethany reached out to tease Matthew's nipple again. She also noted that his cock was straining to be noticed, as hard as she had seen it the night before and already leaking a droplet of precum. Sliding her hand down Matthew's torso, Bethany scooped up the precum with one fingertip and brought it to Matthew's lips. Matthew's eyes met Bethany's as his lips opened to receive the treat he was offered.

"Have a good workout this morning," Bethany told Matthew as she stood, "I'll be out for a while this morning. Be a good boy today Matty."

Matthew swung his legs over the side of the bed and brought himself to a sitting position as Bethany finished speaking and disappeared around the corner at the doorway.

"Yes, Miss Bethany," he said softly, as much in reflex as it was intended reply.

As he went through his morning routine and his workout, Matthew's mind continually tried to rebuild the events of the previous evening. He believed he remembered most of the evening's events and could piece them together in order. But then the memories became scrambled as his mind sifted through impressions of obedience to Bethany's guiding hands and words, and a deep-felt need to please her through his submission. The last acts of the night were known to him only by the brief description Bethany gave him as he woke up.

Matthew had a fleeting sense that he should be worried that he had lost time in that manner. But he also realized that he had not lost time due to any intoxicants or physical deficiency like dehydration. Slowly, he wrapped his head around the fact that it was one of the effects of his submission to Bethany. He recognized the way she guided him ever deeper into sub-space and played with him in that almost-hypnotic state, and that she kept him safe while doing so. In the end, while sipping his coffee which followed lots of water while working out, he admitted to himself that he trusted Bethany enough that would not object to being placed in that state again.

Returning to their usual routine around the apartment, Matthew often wondered if Bethany would ask him to be her assistant again. Bethany may have had plans to do so, but she wasn't ready to share them with Matthew. She did happily announce that the tip she received for their session had handily paid Matthew's share of the rent for the month. Matthew shook his head slowly to himself as he realized that technically made him an online sex worker too, and soon returned to wondering if there would be a second time.

A few days later, Matthew left the apartment at mid-morning to attend an employment interview. It was mid-afternoon by the time he returned and approached the door of the apartment. His interview had been a combination of questions, in an appropriately distanced setting, and a chance to demonstrate his skills with the technology the job required. All seemed to have gone well except for some remarks in closing that they were seeking someone with a little more experience. With that, Matthew thanked the interviewers for their time and left, not expecting to hear from them any time soon. His mind was still turning over each stage of the interview when he walked into the apartment.

The first thing Matthew noticed was Bethany standing at the living room windows, and she was not alone. The second thing was the dinette chair in the center of the floor. That was the chair Bethany sat on when she gave Matthew his weekly maintenance spankings. Her wooden paddle sat on the seat of the chair. The thought that Bethany's guest had also seen the chair and possibly knew its purpose made him blush. He looked back to the two women by the window.

Standing five feet eight inches in her bare feet, Bethany was a good eight inches taller than her guest, who wore work boots. The shorter woman was dressed in a medium blue work shirt, collared and long-sleeved, tailored dark blue cargo pants, and she had an electrician's belt with a pouch of tools on her right hip. In contrast, Bethany wore a loose blouse of red silk over a flowing yellow calf-length skirt. The color of her toenails matched her blouse.

"Hi Matty," Bethany said, "this is Zoe, she was here to take care of a few things with my cameras and screens. You might remember, I mentioned her to to the other day."

"Uh ... hi," Matthew said with a half-hearted wave, "nice to meet you Zoe."

"Hello, Matthew," Zoe replied.

With no more conversation appearing imminent, Matthew slipped off his shoes and headed down the hallway to his room. Reaching the open door to his bedroom, he stopped suddenly as his eyes took in the changes in the room. Almost as soon as he stopped, Bethany's hands on Matthew's shoulders guided him into the bedroom.

"I made a few changes," Bethany said as she moved to stand beside Matthew, "I didn't think you'd mind. Since we had such a great time playing together the other night, I thought that extending my cameras into here would be fun."

"Uh ...," Matthew uttered, unsure of what direction to go with the questions exploding in his head.

"Let me show you," Bethany said as she took a tablet from the desk and started her system control app.

"As you can see, Zoe installed two monitors over your desk, they're high enough that your desktop monitor won't obstruct them."

Bethany brought the monitors to life and they soon displayed two video images of her own bedroom. One was the view from the camera over her own desk, and the second showed her bed from one side.

"As you can see, Matty, I can pick and choose what views you enjoy from my control panel. I can also run saved videos from my network."

As she spoke one screen changed to a view of a seated Bethany with a squirming Matthew over her lap as her paddle rose and fell repeatedly. Matthew gasped at the realization that their session for the bridal party had been recorded and saved.

Bethany laughed and assured Matthew that the video was safe in her system. Then she changed both screens to new views. Each of them was looking at Matthew's bed. Matthew looked around and noticed the cameras, one over the new monitors where it would see him sitting at his desk or laying on the bed, and the second high on the wall at the foot of the bed looking downward. That wall also held the other very noticeable change in the room.

Soon after he had moved into the apartment, Bethany had let Matthew know that she knew he laid in his bed at night when she had guests. And she knew he lay there stroking himself to one or more orgasms while she came on her lovers' cocks. After Matthew had admitted to this, she had presented him with a set of six photographs selected from a variety of boudoir style photoshoots she had done for clients. Surprising Matthew in his bed after one short session with a visiting stunt cock to entertain an online client, Bethany had confirmed that Matthew regularly found himself looking at one particular photo when he was covering his own stomach and chest with cum.

The professionally shot boudoir portrait showed Bethany in a blue leather skirt and white lace bra. In the photo, she was sitting on a straight-backed wooden chair holding her paddle. Another photo from that shoot was now on the wall over the foot of Matthew's bed.

Blown up to life-size, the new photo was placed to appear that Bethany was standing on the level of the bed looking down at Matthew in his bed. She was wearing her blue skirt and white lace bra, the skirt ending just below her pussy and exposing a few inches of creamy skin above the stocking tops of her patterned white thigh-high stockings. On her feet were black pumps, the heels adding a full four inches to her height. Bethany held the ends of a riding crop in each hand, the shaft of the crop crossing her thighs in the space between skirt hem and stocking tops. The expression on her face was one of firmness of will, one that implied she would always have her way.

Matthew stared at the photo, his mind a turmoil of reactions and also imagining how it was going to feel laying in bed with Bethany looking down on him. His hardening cock suggested that he wasn't about to object to the situation, but it certainly awoke a variety of conflicting emotional responses.

"I hope you don't mind, Matty," Bethany said as her demonstration of the system ended.

"No, Miss Bethany," Matthew whispered, his eyes still locked on the image of his roommate on the wall.

Bethany giggled as she snapped her fingers in front of Matthew's face to get his attention. As he turned toward her, Bethany held up Matthew's collar.

"There's one more thing," Bethany said as she indicated a small box on the wall beside the new monitors, "If you really feel the need for privacy, this switch will shut down monitors and cameras. Now, why don't you get cleaned up and come out to the living room."

The inference was clear, he was to present himself in his apartment attire, naked except for the collar, and he didn't need a reminder that the chair and paddle awaited.

Matthew showered, ran his razors over his face and balls to take care of any errant whiskers or pubic hairs, and readied himself to join Bethany. He stood at the mirror in his bathroom and sighed softly as he slid the collar around his own neck. He relived a slight feeling of the submission he felt when Bethany first buckled it into place, a memory that came fresh to his mind each time he put it on.

Naked and collared, Matthew instinctively checked himself over in the mirror to make sure he was ready. The slight absurdity of the act, while wearing no clothes to be checked, brought a wry smile to his lips. At the same time, the underlying essence of his submission in being naked around the apartment never ceased to maintain a persistent level of arousal. Even the thought of presenting himself for a spanking didn't prevent his cock from staying semi-hard as he walked down the hallway.

Matthew was three steps past the end of the hall and into the living room area when he realized that Bethany was on the sofa, and so was Zoe. The scene before him was enough to bring his cock to full hardness, and he barely maintained the self-discipline necessary to keep his hands at his side ... as Bethany preferred, he reminded himself automatically.

Bethany sat in the center of the sofa, her skirt pulled up to expose most of her thighs and her blouse wide open. Zoe, still fully dressed except that her tool belt and pouch were on the coffee table, straddled Bethany's thighs as she knelt on the sofa. Zoe's hands were on Bethany's full breasts and teasing her nipples to hardness while the two women were locked in a deep and amorous French kiss.

A weak moan escaped Matthew's lips as he watched the smaller woman fondle and kiss Bethany. He remained in place as the women noticed him and broke off their kiss. Zoe started to get off the sofa, keeping her gaze on Matthew. Bethany turned toward him and drew her legs up onto the sofa to sit and watch as she buttoned her blouse.

Zoe moved toward Matthew, her movements showing a balance of grace and control. Her diminutive stature took nothing away from the power of her presence.

"I see you have collared him," Zoe said to Bethany.

"He chooses to wear it around the apartment," Bethany replied, "We haven't formalized anything yet, but we may get there when Matty's ready."

Zoe came right up to Matthew, stopping barely a foot away. Matthew watched as she approached, already under her spell. The feeling that washed over him was one that he imagined the prey of a lithe jungle cat felt when they realized they were being stalked.

"May I touch you, Matthew," Zoe asked, the formality of his proper name making it a request he should not refuse.

"Yes ma'am," Matthew said softly.

Zoe smiled as she reached out, her fingertips touching Matthew's stomach in a manner that was almost a caress. When she spoke again, it was clearly directed to Bethany.

"You have him working out, he has improved since your first photos of him."

"I haven't needed to direct that," Bethany replied, "Matty's been very good at keeping up his exercise routines and he's running almost every day now."

"It's making a difference," Zoe said as she slowly circled Matthew, her fingertips never breaking contact.

Finishing her circle around Matthew, Zoe's hand slid downwards to cup his balls under his engorged cock.

"Of course, you know what I'd do with these, don't you Beth."

Bethany laughed.

"I most certainly do, how long did your boy go without an orgasm?"

"He was caged for a year, with daily cleanings and teasing," Zoe responded as she gently massaged Matthew's balls, "When I finally let him cum he cried as he thanked me. He's been very well-behaved since then but I'm certain we both think of locking him up again for an extended time. After all, a lady can always find cocks to enjoy, but a properly submissive man is a rare treasure."

"I don't think Matthew's quite ready for that level of commitment," Bethany said, "but I'm sure you've given him plenty to think about."

Zoe smiled at her friend as she returned to the coffee table to pick up her belt and tool pouch. Buckling it on, her fingers instinctively touched each tool making certain it was present and in its proper place. She paused beside the sofa, leaned over to give Bethany one more quick kiss, and then headed for the apartment door. She picked up her tool bag before opening the door.

"I'll send you my bill for the work on your system."

"Thank you, Zoe," Bethany said, "I appreciate it and will watch for the bill. The usual etransfer for payment?"

"Yes please," Zoe said as the door swing shut behind her.

Bethany took in a big breath and exhaled slowly before speaking.

"It's been a busy day, Matty, but we still have something to take care of."

Soon Bethany was seated on the wooden chair with Matthew laying across her lap. She held the paddle still against his asscheeks as she reminded him of his agreement to follow her rules around the apartment, thanked him for doing as well as he had been, and reminding him of a few minor infractions she had noticed. The maintenance spanking, she explained as she did each time she provided one, was for the good of their shared living arrangement and was to help Matthew stay focused on the details of apartment living.

Matthew braved the first heavy strikes of Bethany's paddle. After the first set of strokes he barely held back the moans caused by a mixture of the growing heat in his cheeks and the deepening of his submission. Each time Bethany paused between sets of strokes, Matthew breathed deeply and steeled himself to accept another round. While each maintenance spanking had a common purpose, their intensity and duration varied according to how Bethany read Matthew's reactions. She might keep him wondering about when it would end, but her intention not to push his personal limits.

Bethany kept Matthew across her lap when she was done and let the paddle slide to the floor beside the chair. With one hand on Matthew's back, her other hand massaged his well-spanked ass cheeks, feeling the heat that radiated from his flesh. Slowly, Bethany dragged her fingernails over the reddened skin with just enough pressure to bring a moan from Matthew's lips. She next rand her fingertip down between Matthew's ass cheeks until they rested against his sensitive anus. Massaging gently, she knew she had his complete attention.

"Does this feel good Matty?" Bethany asked.

"Yes, Miss Bethany," Matthew gasped in reply.

"That's good to hear, I'm sure you remember the anal plugs I showed the ladies during our session and I was thinking it might be time to start training you to take one."

Bethany paused, her fingertips pressing gently at the entrance to Matthew's bottom. Mathew gasped softly, unsure of how to respond.

"You can think about it Matty, I'm sure your online explorations will show you lots of possibilities. You might enjoy wearing a plug for me. I know I enjoy them and I'm wearing one right now."

A shiver of arousal went through Matthew's body. He wasn't sure if it was the feeling of Bethany's teasing fingers or the thought of her beautiful rounded ass having been filled all this time with a plug.

"Would you like to see it, Matty?" Bethany asked, "I was wearing it for Zoe while she was here, she likes the way it makes me horny for her."

"Yes, please, Miss Bethany," Matthew moaned.

"On the floor, Matty."

Matthew slid off Bethany's lap and rolled over onto his back on the floor in front of the chair. Since the first maintenance spanking, he'd ended up in this position a few times when Bethany wanted to ride his tongue after spanking his ass.

Bethany stood and watched Matthew as she unbuttoned her blouse. Sliding it off her shoulders she draped it over the back of the chair. Next, she slid her fingers under the waistband of her skirt and slipped the skirt from her hips to fall and puddle around her bare feet. Stepping forward and around Matthew, she stopped when her feet were placed a few inches to either side of his head. Slowly, Bethany lowered herself into a squat until her crotch was about a foot over Matthew's face. Matthew's cock twitched as he saw the bright red jewel set in the base of the anal plug buried in Bethany's ass.

"Do you want to kiss my jewel, Matty?" Bethany asked.

"Yes, please," Matthew moaned.

Bethany lowered herself until the base of the plug was right over Matthew's waiting lips.

"Kiss it, Matty," Bethany breathlessly directed.

Matthew obeyed, placing one wet kiss after another on its surface. Losing himself in the moment he ran the tip of his tongue around the out edge of the plug's base, tasting Bethany's skin.