I don't know how I got here. On my knees, face down, ass up white a beautiful white tranny pounds my ass and calls me sweet dirty names while I moan like a slut and push my ass backwards with his thrusts, pleading with him to fuck me deeper and harder. I just don't know how I've found myself in this position but I fucking love it! Let's back up a bit, a few hours ago at my local pub...

I spotted her like 20 minutes after I entered the club. It was a Saturday evening, I'd been drinking since 9.00am in the morning in my local pub, waiting for the Rugby World Cup final and then celebrating when South Africa went on to emphatically beat England and win the cup. Everybody was in ecstatic mode on this warm Saturday in Johannesburg. Tequilas and beers were flowing as people shouted and sang the national anthem.

About 8pm (yes, I drank the whole day), I decided to go to a nearby club in the hopes of picking up a floozy to spend the night with. Not the smartest idea ever considering I was thoroughly drunk but I was in one of those drunk happy moods. I needed some pussy to cap off a beautiful day!

Let me tell you about myself. I'm 41, single, black guy, good looking, in decent shape, I'd worked hard in the last couple of years to reduce my beer belly. Now it was just a slight bulge that gave me a mature look, or so I thought to myself. I'd broken up with my ex like a year ago and I decided after 6 years of servitude, I needed some quality "me" time to 'discover' myself, code for doing lots of fucking!

So anyway none of my pals and drinking buddies wanted to go to the club, everybody was dead drunk and they all preferred to stay at the local pub close to home. I wanted to get laid or worst case, get a blowjob from a gay guy. None of my friends or drinking buddies knew about my bi 'tendencies'. Sometime ago I'd discovered quiet by accident that gay guys give the best blowjobs ever! This is after a white guy who'd been looking me up in the pub followed me to my car as I was leaving and offered to give me a blowjob! What followed was the best blowjob I'd ever received in my life from a person who could only be described as an expert blowjob lover and practitioner. Dude had me cumming in less than 5 minutes as his mouth deep-throated my cock, saliva dripping from his mouth while his hands stroked his cock. It felt like he was sucking my soul out of me as I came hard. My spurts of cum didn't deter him, he redoubled his efforts and ended up swallowing my load and then looking at me seductively as he licked his lips and showed me the remnants of my orgasm in his mouth. I was hooked. Went to his place and ended up fucking him the whole night!

This started my encounters into the gay world as he slowly introduced me to gay sex. He never fucked me but he did rim me and finger-fuck me as I amateurishly tried sucking his cock.

On this night he was away, he'd gone to watch the game with his very straight white friends on the other side of town.

So with no one to play with I ended up at 8.00pm in a bit of a dodgy club just about twenty minutes from home. The place was popular with the young white crowd so it was a place you'd be sure to find drugs, gay and bi people, lots of people getting high and lots of fights in no specific order.

The place was reasonably packed when I got there. Most of the crowd usually started streaming in at about 11.00pm when the local pubs were closing down but today, everybody was out there celebrating so the club was a lot busier than usual for the time of the night. I got a cold beer and started walking around the club. It was noisy and boisterous, full of young people dancing and getting drunk. After 10 minutes of walking around and seeing no one I knew or I could get to, I settled in a corner at the bar and watched the crowd with a silly drunk smile on my face. That's when I spotted her. She was at the opposite side of the bar, alone, doing the same thing I was doing but in a less inebriated state. She was slowly sipping one of those fancy alcohol-laden cocktails, the kind that could knock you out in one glass if you underestimated them. I couldn't see much of the body but the face, I liked the face. She had a pretty slim aquiline face, dark hair, moderate make-up. Not that garish makeup that women put on to hide pimples and acne and lousy skin. This was a light touch to accentuate her face and her eyes. She had dark eye shadow which with the dim lights in the pub, gave her a mysterious, almost vampirish aura. I couldn't help staring at her even when she caught me openly doing so. She smiled as I winked at her. That was all the encouragement I needed.

I called up the barman, sent her a drink which she accepted and slowly made my way to her through the ever thickening crowd. Somehow it didn't strike me as odd that such a hot girl would be drinking all alone in a pub full of horny young men. Alcohol makes you think you're the handsomest man in the world, today was no exception.

'Hi. Mind if I join you,' I said.

"Sure, feel free!" She replied.

"Saw you all alone and just had to chat to you, did you watch the game today?"

"Yes, I did..we won!!"

"Yes we did..we fucking beat those pommy bastards!!"

She laughed as I said that and I was hooked. I had to do all I could to get into this woman's panties.

We spent the next hour getting to know each other. Her name was Alison or Ally. She was 32, worked in an advertising agency as an account manager. Single but not looking. Lived alone just about five minutes from the club. She'd been working the whole day at a photo shoot for a client so she was unwinding down after a rough day.

After an hour of chatting, I'd heard enough. I moved in for the kill...or so I thought!

"This place is getting too packed, can't even drink in peace. Wanna go to my place and have a few things there?" I asked hopefully.

"Only drink?" She asked with a sly smile on her face.

"Only drink. And whatever comes to mind, " I responded.

"You don't know about me, do you?" She asked with a strange look on her face.

"Err...should I know anything more?"

"Do you like surprises?"

"Depends on the surprise, but yeah, I like surprises."

At this time I'd figured she's a prostitute and she didn't want to spoil her sale of the night by breaking the news at the club. I was drunk and horny and I was prepared to pay if need be. Good quality women are hard to come by, I didn't mind paying a few coins for great sex.

"Cool, lets go. Let me finish my drink." She said.

I hurriedly paid my bill including hers as I ordered an Uber.

Twenty minutes later we pulled into my complex and I led her into my two bedroomed house.

"You got a nice place," She said as she took off her shoes and undid her hair. "Can I use the bathroom?"

"Sure, no problem. Just down the hall on the right. What will you have to drink? I got wine, beer, whisky and tequila."

"A glass of red wine. Pour out a shot of tequila for us." She said.

"Of course," I said with a smile on my face. This is gonna be easier than I thought, I mused to myself.

She came into the room just as I was putting the shots on the table. I lost my breath when I looked at her. She was even more stunning and exotic now that I could see her under the living room lights. She has a slim build, what looked like a nice set of C-cup breasts, slim waist and long dark hair that went down to her shoulders. I couldn't stop staring at her as I gave her the tequila shot. She downed it in one gulp, put the shot glass on the table and then pulled back her head and ran her fingers through her hair.

I was totally entranced by her.

I couldn't help it. I reached out and touched her face. Cupped her cheeks in my hand and pulled her to me as I lightly kissed her lips, testing to see the waters and how far I could go. She reached back and wrapped her arms around me and suddenly we were hungrily kissing each other,hands feeling each other's body, lips smashed against each other, tongues savouring each other's harsh taste of tequila and beer and cocktail and whatever else we'd been drinking. She could feel the heat and stiffness of my arousal as I felt her nipples jutting out of her top and heat emanating from her crotch. I quickly pulled her top off as she did the same to me, cupped her nice perky breasts in her hands and sucked her nipples through the fabric of her bra. She groaned in pleasure as her hands peeled off my t-shirt, stroked my naked back, pushed my mouth deeper into her boobs. My hands strayed to her skirt as I undid the clasp on her back and the skirt fell to the ground. She stopped me as my hands were going into her panties. Pulled me up and kissed me deeply as I unclasped her bra and pulled it off her shoulders. She undid my belt and pulled my shorts and briefs down at the same time. She got down on her knees, tossed away my shorts and underpants and slowly took my cock in her mouth. My 7 inch cock stirred to life as her warm mouth engulfed it, from the head to the root in one gulp. I almost declared undying love at that point. This woman had skills!

She went to town on my cock, giving me the proper pornstar procedure as she substituted between my balls and my cock. Slobbering my balls deep in my mouth while her small petite hands stroked my cock and then deep-throating my cock with her eyes on her face, spittle running down her mouth to my cock as she swallowed my cock and stroked it with her right hand.

"Turn around." She said after five minutes of the magnificent blowjob.

I didn't argue, I just turned around. I was a toy to do as she wanted.

"Bend over and spread your legs."

I bent over and did what she asked. Next thing I felt was a warm feeling in my virgin asshole as she spread my buttcheeks and stroked my rosebud with her tongue. I moaned in joy and bliss as she devoured my asshole. Her tongue darted in and out of my ass, her lips kissed my asshole as her hands kneaded my butt over and over again. I was in love and in lust. Truth is, I have a huge ass fetish. I love everything to do with ass. Spanking, eating, rimming, finger fucking, fucking. But I'd always been the giver especially when it came to eating and rimming a nice ass. This was the first time I was feeling how it felt to have an expert ass lover do their thing on my ass. And no doubt this woman was an expert at it. She had me moaning like a whore as she spit and shoved her tongue deep in my asshole, finger fucked my ass with her tongue and then bit my asscheeks as she came up for breath.

Five minutes of this and I was a mess, I was ready to do anything she asked for and she knew it.

She stopped all of a sudden and reached for her bag. From the corner of my eye, I saw her retrieve a bottle of lube.

"Go to the couch, put your knees on the edge." She ordered.

I eagerly complied and positioned myself on the edge of the sofa, on my knees, face down ass up, waiting for her to continue her attentions on my asshole.

I felt something cold on my asshole and realized she'd stuck a lubed finger in it. She slowly pushed her smallest finger in as I moaned. My asshole protested the intrusion and closed around the foreign object.

"You're tight. I'm gonna love this." She whispered.

It didn't occur to me to ask her what she was gonna love. I was lost in a sea of lust, longing and the fulfillment of long suppressed pent up desires.

A woman who loves assplay, she could do all she wants with my ass, I thought to myself.

She continued finger fucking me and slowly but surely, my asshole opened up to her fingers. Soon she had two fingers stroking my butt and then three fingers as the lube dripped down my asshole and into the couch.

"You're ready," she said.

This was after ten minutes of her finger fucking me while her other hand stroked my cock. My asshole felt full and open. I was ready for anything and everything. Even so what followed was a shock to me.

"Remember when I said I have a surprise for you?" She asked as she wiped the lube off her hands with some tissue paper.


"Well here's the surprise."

She came to the left side of the couch where I could see her clearly and slowly removed her panties. I almost jumped when a stiff white cock jumped out of her panties and angrily pointed at me. The head was cut and the cock was definitely bigger and thicker than mine, at least 9 inches. I gulped as I stared at her cock with a mixture of horror and fascination. It was so big and so...yummy. It oozed and throbbed with power and masculinity yet when I looked at her, she was so feminine. She was a woman!

She looked at me with a slight knowing smile on her face as if she could see the emotions I was going through.

"Yes, I'm a tranny. I thought you knew that in the club. You want it? You want this cock? It wants you. It wants to fuck you. It's gonna take it easy on you because it knows this is your first time. I know you want it, I can see it in your eyes, but you have to say it, say you want me, say you want my cock." She whispered calmly.

I looked at her hungrily and fearfully. There was something about her calm demeanor that I liked. It was relaxing. She was making sure I knew that this was my choice. That I was going to willingly choose to be fucked by her. That I was the bottom, the sub, the aggressee, she was the aggressor, the dominant one here. That she'd take care of me, break me in slowly, make sure I enjoyed my first experience being fucked.

"Yes." I croaked, my mouth suddenly dry.

"Yes what?"

Yes I want it, I want your cock."

"And where do you want my cock?" She asked calmly and softly.

"In my ass," I replied.

"You want me to fuck you?" She asked.


"Then here's a condom. I want you to put it in my cock, lube my cock and then place it in your asshole."

She handed me a condom which I unwrapped on her cock. I'd never done it before, I was nervous and my hands were shaky as I slowly sheathed her cock with the condom.

"Put lots of lube on it baby." She said. "You're gonna need it."

Again, she said it softly and calmly, with an aura of authority that calmed me down. Dabbed a generous portion of lube on my hands and stroked her cock with it, making sure her cock had lots of lube all over.

"It's time now," She said.

She reached down and cupped my face and kissed me. Softly asked me.

"Are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to. We can stop right now."

"Yes baby, I want it. I want you. I want to make you happy." I breathlessly responded.

And it was true. There was something about the way she did everything. Cool, calm, collected. It gave me a surge of reassurance. It made me want to please her, it made me want her cock in me. Deep down inside I knew that I'd never get a better introduction to anal sex. I wanted it. I wanted to feel how it was to be taken, to be fucked, to be on the receiving end, to open up myself to someone else, submit your mind and body to someone else and be on the receiving end of cock.

She got behind me and maneuvered my position to her liking. I was still on the edge of the couch with my butt sticking out as my knees hung over the edge of the couch. She reached up to me and took my right hand and placed it on her cock.

"Place my cock on your asshole." She ordered.

I felt her hot slippery cock on my hand, placed it at the entrance of my asshole as I braced myself with the other hand.

She gently started pushing in. The pain was excruciating, it felt like my asshole was been torn into two. My hand automatically pushed her back but she caught it and held it.

"Shhhh...it's gonna get better." She cooed into my ears as she bent down and kissed my neck, my ears, my lips all the while her cock never stopped the invasion. Slowly but surely my asshole opened up to the intruder. My mind was in a daze as the mix of emotions overwhelmed me. Pain as her cock forced its way into me. Desire as she kissed me deeply.

Finally it was over. I could feel her pubes scratching my buttcheeks and she stopped and let me get used to it.

"It's gonna be fine baby, you're gonna love it." She whispered as she kissed away my tears of pain.

After a minute or so, she slowly pulled back her cock and now my asshole was in protest, gripping her cock with all its might as if it didn't want to let this intruder go. The sensations made me gasp and I almost collapsed into the couch. She slowly started pumping her cock in and out of me. I groaned into her mouth as my asshole adjusted to her cock. She continued kissing me, kissing my ears, neck, eyes, her tongue darted out and sort mine. We french kissed as she slowly fucked me, introducing me to the world of bisexuality and anal sex. Everytime her cock would dig into me, it would touch a spot deep inside and my now erect cock would jump with joy and ooze out more precum.

Five minutes of the slow pound and she started speeding up. As she got more excited, she got more verbal. And I loved it.

"You thought you were gonna fuck me? Thought you were gonna get hot white pussy tonight? Well who's getting fucked tonight? Who's getting fucked now. Who's my bitch now?"

"Me." I croaked in pleasure.

"You're not the first black guy I've fucked. Think you're all macho but once my dick is in you, you become sluts. You think you're the first black virgin I've picked up in a club and fucked?"

"No baby." I moaned in pain and pleasure as she switched positions, her cock opening and stretching a new part of my ass bringing with it pain as she went in and pleasure as she pulled out.

"First time I saw you in the club, I knew I was gonna be fucking you tonight..didn't even take long. It's only been three hours since we met. And here you are moaning like a bitch, you love moaning like a bitch? Do you? You love being fucked?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes I love being fucked by you."

"Wanna be my slut? Want me to be fucking you regularly? Make you my slut?"

Her cock was pistoning in me so fast, it was all I could do to support myself as she drilled into me.

"I don't hear you...do you want to be my slut?"


My entire body seemed to be centered on my asshole. The sensations emanating from my ass were overpowering my body. This combined with the sheer nastiness and uninhibited sex seemed to have tapped something deep and neanderthal in me. I wanted more. I wanted to please my queen. I would do anything she wanted as long as she fucked me, as long as she made me feel this way. My body wasn't mine anymore, it was hers to do as she pleased with.

"You're gonna have to do one more thing for me then."

She said as she slowed her thrusts and pulled out her cock from my ass with an obscene plomp sound. Lube and my inner juices gushed out of my empty hole and dripped into the couch.

I looked back at her in surprise and lust and want.

"Stick it in me, fuck me," I said as I made a poor attempt at twerking, my big black ass juggling in a lewd manner as I reached for her cock with my hand.

She smacked my hand away, smacked my butt hard. I winced under the unexpected lash.

"I fuck all my sluts raw. I breed my sluts, I don't fuck em with condoms." She said calmly. "You wanna be my slut, I'll have to fuck you raw. Breed you. Cum in your ass."

"You want that? You want mummy to fuck you raw and cum in your ass? Don't worry. Mummy is negative and on Prep. Are you negative my slut?"

"Yes I am," I responded. I'd tested a couple of months back so I was sure about that.

"Do you wanna be mommy's slut boy?"

"Yes I do," I croaked.

"Then here, remove this condom from mummy's cock, lube her up and stick this cock in your ass. Remember, it's your decision. Mommy isn't forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. You decide if you want this cock raw."

I hesitated for a second, contemplating what she just told me. My rational mind told me this wasn't a good idea. Picking up a stranger and having unprotected sex was a very very bad idea. Another part of my mind couldn't care. It wanted more and more and more. My inner slut wanted to come out and play. Wanted to be indulged. Wanted me to be carefree, not too think of the consequences of unprotected sex. To enjoy the moment, enjoy the animalistic release. Enjoy pure nasty uninhibited sex and to hell with the consequences. Enjoy being a bitch, a slut, a whore for a hot white tranny and her magnificent cock.