Author Note: Here's a little something that hopefully will start off your 2021 a little brighter, plus Late pt.4 is in the works. Happy New Year! - TSG123


What a day.

Jane flicked a strand of hair out of her eye as she walked side by side with Freddie towards the car, itching to put her arm around him again. A cool breeze flickered across her skin, and she realised they'd been busy 'massaging' for a long time, as the sky was dark and foreboding. Gatherings of leaves drifted across the empty car park, searching for shelter as she checked for signs of life, waiting until they were round the corner from reception before squeezing their bodies together.

She gently pulled him along as they walked, since Freddie's knees were shaking whenever he tried to move straight, and Jane held him tight, keeping him steady against her tall frame. His smile was hazy, eyes slightly unfocused. Jane felt a warmth inside her. She felt... Giddy.

They stopped next to her sleek black Sedan and no words were exchanged, Freddie's face cracking into a huge grin and Jane breathing out slowly as the sheer craziness of the past few hours sank in.

It seemed as if she might float away, she felt so alive. Part of Jane wanted to chastise herself for thinking like a stupid schoolgirl, but she couldn't help it. There was a slow tide of euphoria building inside her. If only she could bottle it up forever. Their sweaty lovemaking was repeating over and over in her head; The look of elation in his eyes, the shudder as she hit his prostate... It was so vivid that she blushed just from the vibrant passion of it. It was like watching her own fantasies spill into reality, living it, breathing it.

Jane checked her pocket and began fiddling with her keys as they stood holding each other by the waist, waiting for nothing in particular. A beat passed. Unconsciously she began squeezing tighter to Freddie, almost as if the moment they let go the spell would break and everything would go back to normality.

Freddie felt the squeeze and rubbed his hand on her waist. At that moment he turned in, standing on tiptoe so he could reach up and kiss her softly on the lips, then buried his head in her neck, arms embracing the inviting warmth of her curves

Jane felt his heat, and crushed his body to hers, stroking the soft hair and planting gentle kisses on his cheek and neck, making him coo. Freddie could feel her heart beating strong, and fast. It thrilled him that he was having this effect on such a gorgeous woman. The sound of lonely cars in the distance echoed through the tranquillity of the dull, ordinary square of grey, the two lovers making it glow with a fleeting moment of affection.

Jane forced her arms to let go of Freddie and rubbed her nose against his, before breaking the hug. A long, considered breath, and she turned to her car.

Freddie stared as Coach Matherson, opened the door and bent over to grab something from the back, her peachy ass still threatening to explode out of her sports leggings. A leather jacket was retrieved, and she winked at him as she put her arms through it.

A hazy thought popped into Fred's head that he hoped this wasn't all a dream, as she stepped into the driver's seat and closed the door.

His mind began to wander as the engine rumbled to life. Did this mean he was going to be her boyfriend? Jane revved the throttle of the comfortable looking Sedan as Fred stood next to it, feverish thoughts sending his consciousness down long, winding roads of Matherson. His knees wobbled and it was hard to really focus on anything other than the high he was riding right now.

Jane rolled down the window and spoke with a bemused expression on her face. "Get in the car idiot."

Freddie blinked, and then shuffled like a quizzical puppy to the passenger side door, almost falling into the spacious interior.

Jane smirked as he tried to pull his seatbelt, the mechanism refusing to budge. She watched for a few painful seconds as he yanked at it, getting more and more flustered as it refused to budge.

"Christ boy..." she said tenderly as she leaned over and gently pulled the seatbelt across Freddie and into the clasp for him.

"Thanks Mummy," said Fred, and openly cringed that he'd said it outside of their sweaty love session. It sounded odd.

Jane snorted. He really was such a dork, but it thrilled her that he had called her that.

"You're welcome, my little bitch," she said casually. "I believe we've sorted our nicknames for the next training session then?"

Fred let out an awkward laugh.

"Um... Maybe just for today."

"Maybe not," said Jane with a wry smile.

Fred's laugh petered out.

Jane turned the keys slowly. She was going to take her sweet time before she had to drop Fred off. For the first time in a long while, she was feeling almost contented. She looked over at him fidgeting with his seatbelt clasp, a slightly uncomfortable look on his face. She considered he might still be wrapping his head around everything he had gone through today, which made sense - she'd introduced him to a lot of new experiences tonight.

"Fred... do you mind if I ask you something personal?" she said, tightening her grip on the wheel slightly as she attempted to (gently) broach the subject of his feelings on having been ploughed like a whore earlier this evening.


"Have you... ever had sex before?"

"Huh?" said Freddie, in a slightly higher pitch than he intended. "Yes, yeah... Of course!"

He had tried to sound incredulous, but it came out as slightly panicked.

Coach Matherson, raised an eyebrow. She set the stick to drive and eased out of the parking lot as she answered: "Well if we're both being honest... you never seemed totally relaxed around me until we were... you know... fucking."

Freddie sat up a little straighter in the car seat.

"I'm not a v-virgin... I had sex with some... three... women actually" he stammered.

Coach Matherson raised her eyebrows as she watched the road.

"Oh yeah?..."

Best to meet the elephant in the room head on.

"Any like me?"

Fred's cheeks ripened as the unsaid details ran through his mind; Coach Matheson's huge cock sawing in and out of him. He subconsciously clenched his asshole.

"No.. no, they were all normal!" said Fred defensively

"All three of them were... normal? " she said in a slightly robotic voice.

"Well... you know, like women," said Fred, regretting his choice of words.

"Right," muttered Jane, her eyes glued to the road.

The car lapsed into silence, and Fred cringed inside.

A car approached ahead and the Sedan flew forward, past the vehicle's headlights until they were just dots in the rear-view mirror. The revving motor sounded like a nuclear explosion in comparison to the deathly quiet inside the car.

Fred tried desperately to search for something to say, but his brain was clawing thin air. Why did he have to be so stupid sometimes?! He looked over at Jane but she ignored him, the muscles in her jaw becoming a little tense. Her body language was stiff, and her hands were gripping tighter on the steering wheel like it was about to fly off at any second.

They came up to some lights and the breaks juddered a little sharper than necessary, the seatbelt tightening around Fred's chest as he was pulled forward. Fred glanced over and noticed her leg looked like it was trying to put the brake pedal through the floor. The warmth in her expression from earlier had faded, and her eyes were glued to the road.

He tried to drag his brain through something, anything to break the awful silence.

"I haven't had sex with three women," he jabbered.


Jane didn't register that he had said anything, her gaze still fixed on the red light as the car engine say quietly humming.

"I'm a virgin... was a virgin," he said. There was a note of pleading in his voice.

"So... I was your first?" Jane stated tersely, more as confirmation than a question.

Fred nodded his head.

"And I'm assuming that you weren't expecting your first time to be getting bent over and fucked by a woman with a cock?" She emphasised the word 'cock' despondently.

His eyes flicked to her crotch. The crimson in his cheeks plumed...

"Yes," he breathed softly.

Fuck it. Be honest.

"And... I really liked it" he said.

Jane's eyebrows quivered as the light turned green. Her foot pressed the pedal a little softer and the engine whined, jerking them into a gentle speed away from the stoppage.

She didn't respond, but her jawline had softened, so Fred continued.

"I just... I feel nervous about me being you know... a guy. And you... you're an amazing woman... I just feel like...not manly, with you...but it's still good, you know?" he struggled awkwardly.

Jane's expression didn't change, but her demeanour was calmer, and her eyes flicked back to him.

"And... I really enjoyed tonight.. I just... don't want to be a girl or anything... But it was amazing..." Fred searched for words that could show how he felt. His embarrassment at being fucked. The fact that he liked it, liked her. That he felt ashamed and yet yearned for more. And the fact that somehow, deep in the recesses of his mind, a dominant woman like her might just be what he genuinely wanted.

Jane opened her mouth, and her voice was reflective.

"Fred... I know you might have notions of what a man should be, but I have seen what you are... You are a submissive boy, and being fucked turns you on."

The look on Fred's face was one of embarrassment at this emphatic statement, and he turned to stare out of the window.

"Sure," he uttered, but inside his heart was pounding.

"You're not an alpha male Fred... I owned you, and you loved it," she insisted, a note of lust creeping into her tenor.

Fred's lip trembled at what felt like a personal attack, and he felt the blood rush to his mutinous cock, which throbbed at the words being thrust indelicately into his ears.

"Answer me... you enjoyed me being inside you, didn't you?" She was ravenous now.

Fred's eyes bugged out, and he couldn't respond.

"My balls slapping your asshole as you called me Mummy."

Her tone was so provocative it was almost steamy, and Freddie felt intense embarrassment, which only seemed to feed his body's elation. She had already emasculated him today, and it felt like his body was slowly being conditioned to accept it, to revel in it. It scared him but he was also filled with so much nervous excitement that he no longer knew what to think.

She stopped at the lights and flicked her eyes to Freddie. He was avoiding her gaze, looking extremely uncomfortable... and his hands were covering his lap.

Coach Matherson bit her lip. She couldn't help herself.

Her hand snaked between his legs, grabbing the small package there with her large fingers. Freddie groaned and his eyes snapped to his crotch and then her.

"Oh, sorry," she said in a mock apologetic voice, "just trying to change to park."

She squeezed his package as she stared back at him menacingly, as if daring him to challenge her. Freddie let out an un-controlled mewl and Jane felt his tiny cock begging for attention between her fingers.

She leaned close, until she was inches from his face.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, my little slut." She said, smiling, although her eyes took a few seconds to lose their hard edge as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and his lips parted. She moaned, frenching him and squeezing her hand at the same time.

Freddie panted at Jane's frenetic efforts and sucked on her tongue, easily coerced back into a state of worship as the lights began to change. The green light flicked on as he melted in her embrace, and a few seconds of French kissing drew him in until a car horn blared angrily behind them. Jane begrudgingly let go of his cock and balls, withdrawing her tongue from his lips as she shifted to drive and hit the accelerator aggressively, the car lurching as it sped away from the intersection.

Freddie's cock wouldn't go down and he nervously crossed legs, his head swirling again. He felt like he was losing his mind today, although weirdly it felt like he had unlocked an inner happiness that he had never before experienced. A kind of deep-set submissiveness that Jane was tapping into. It terrified him as much as it thrilled him, and he tried not to look at Jane again as they sped towards his apartment.

Jane was in heaven. She was riding home in her car, leather jacket on, with her bitch horny as hell in the passenger seat. The swell in her leg was raging against the confines of her tight pants again. This boy was a drug, and she was utterly addicted.

She glanced over and noticed him crossing his legs. He was loving this, she thought smugly.

"Must be nice." said Jane, a sly expression creeping onto her features.

"Huh?" said Freddie, confused.

"You know... Having a small penis, " said Jane, like they were discussing the weather. "No danger of someone noticing it at the supermarket... the first time an old lady spotted mine, I thought she was going to die of a heart attack... I guess being small has its benefits right?"

She smiled in a commiserating fashion as the lust began to seep slowly into her balls, awakening the beast.

Freddie felt his dick throb in the face of her condescension and tried to look crushed as he muttered a vague response. "Well, it's not that small or anything."

"What do you mean? It's so cute," she said pityingly, as if talking to a child. "Shall we take our cocks out and see how manly you are then? Do you think seeing a proper cock will make your baby dick get hard for Mommy?"

Freddie felt so horny and belittled at the same time. He didn't have anything to respond with other than to nervously squirm in his seat. When you're being driven home by a woman hung like a horse, there is nothing you can say.

Coach Matherson didn't know what was coming over her. Freddie just seemed to wake the animal in her. She wanted to break him repeatedly, have him curled up with her inside him, begging for more... She kept her eyes on the road, but she was hyper aware of the young man shifting uncomfortably next to her.

"You know Fred... I don't think you're being grateful enough to your Coach for giving you a ride home." she said slyly.

Freddie looked at her confused and immediately felt a rush of excitement and fear when he saw her mean expression, eyes flashing towards him.

"Oh.. Jane, I... I'm sorry, for-"

"Oh, you're sorry?" she said seductively. "Well maybe you should pay me back instead of talking with those fine girly is bad manners to ride home like a whore and not act like one."

Freddie's cock hardened to its fullest extent, so much so that it was openly throbbing without being touched. The big dick energy exuding from Coach Matherson was undeniable. He looked down at her leg and saw the angriest, most uncompromising bulge trying to split Coach's pants in two.

Freddie's mouth watered. Oh God... She had definitely changed something in him. He needed that dick in his mouth. What was wrong with him? A straight man doesn't have thoughts like this, right?

Without saying anything, Freddie leaned over, and put his face against her bulge. He moaned as he rubbed his lips against it, making Jane shudder and grunt.

The car pulled up to another stoplight and Jane used the ten or so seconds of waiting to pull Freddie's head back and whip off her tight leggings and placing it under her ass (avoiding getting too sweaty on the leather seat, upholstery maintenance is important).

Freddie briefly marvelled at her ability to remove the constricting pants so quickly before setting to the task at hand, smooching her pale dong which was now jutting proudly from Jane's body. He ran his wet lips across the shaft and let his spit lubricate her. Jane started moaning as the lights changed and she put the pedal to the floor whilst pushing Freddie's face into her meat, squeezing it between his face and her tight belly. He realised now more than ever how heavy her dick was. It felt like a hot, spongy flagpole was being pressed against his face.

He took a deep sniff of her musk, drinking in the tang of the sweat, the natural odours from her groin. He juddered. It smelt better than anything he could think of in that moment.

He nestled his face under her cock, licking her balls, which were perched at the edge of her seat. His lips got in close and formed a seal around them, trying to engulf as much of her nutsack in his mouth as possible. It made him strangely proud that he managed to get one whole testicle in his mouth, making a horrendously slutty slurping sound, lathering it in his spit whilst trying to swallow it.

Jane's knuckles went white as she gripped the steering wheel and tried not to slam the accelerator every time she felt the orgasmic suction on one of her testicles. The right one was being tongued, becoming engulfed in spit. A few seconds later, those tight lips detached from spit-lathered skin with a wet pop, the air briefly flitting over the wetness and making her shiver, before the little hoover attached itself enthusiastically to the left ball, slurping mingling with the sound of the engine as Jane's right leg tensed, the motor roaring and the tension in her balls began to churn.

Fred fixed his attention back on her shaft, leaving her balls soaked in spit, and plunged onto her shaft, letting out an excited squeal into a mouthful of cock meat which left Jane going almost cross eyed. She moaned and her legs spasmed. The car jumped forward and she quickly applied the brakes, the engine winding down. This was way too dangerous; she was 100% going to cum everywhere and drive them into a building. She looked for the nearest lay bye as Fred's eyes rolled into the top of his head just from sucking Jane's cock, which was driving her insane, and turned into what looked like a quiet residential area.

She checked the houses nearby for any signs of life, shut the engine off, and then harshly scrunched her fist in Fred's hair and began fucking his face for a full minute. The only sounds now were the "Schlich, schlich," of her cock stirring the mix of saliva and pre-cum in his mouth.

God he had made her so horny. They had spent hours fucking earlier this evening and within thirty minutes she was trying to blow her load in his face again.

Jane's expression was one of elation, her brow furrowed and eyes closing as she pulled her chair back and lowered the back rest. The jacket came off, followed by the shirt which she put under her back, leaving her breasts open to the air. She enjoyed the soothing feeling of lying there whilst pumping her hips upwards into Fred's face as she held his head, enjoying the sweet sensations of having her long staff pleasured with young lips. Fred's tongue would flutter occasionally against the slit of her penis, a touch of sensitive nerves that made her offer little whimpers of encouragement.

A tentative hand slid up her belly, towards her chest.

"Yes, good boy" said Jane softly.

Fred's searching hand found a breast, and he slowly worked his fingers around it, caressing it, playing with it. Jane's nipples were soft, like rubbing pink cherries, but with a hardness that made them flick back to attention from each pull and prod.

Jane gasped as her nipples were teased with his roving digits. She could feel his other hand sliding down her leg to rest on her bollocks still wet with saliva, and he began to rub his palm into her nut sack, tenderly loving her meaty tennis balls.

Jane let out a girlish whimper as her nipple, cock and balls were all zealously assaulted in a three-pronged attack that left her defenceless against the volcano stewing up inside her.

Fred bobbed his head up and down the throbbing veiny monster, yearning for the dessert stirring in her scrotum. He could feel it pulsing, expanding in its excitement for release. His own penis was fully erect and dribbling pre-cum in his trousers as he pleasured every part of her ridiculously beautiful body that he could touch, flexing his palm around her balls, vibrating his tongue on her cock-head, agitating her nipples between his fingers.