I was eating the dinner I'd prepared, but I wasn't really tasting it. Gabby had refused to come down and eat with us and Smith was still at his friend's house. Because it was just the two of us, Stella and I sat side by side at our kitchen island. Unbeknownst to her, she was just three feet away from the exact spot where I'd shot cum all over my daughter's chest two hours prior. And while Stella seemed to be savoring my signature steak tacos, all I could focus on was my appetizer, a brief taste of Gabby's pussy filtered through my fingers and her sweet mouth. I was sure my dick would never be soft again.

Stella gently laid her hand on my thigh. I jumped and damn near choked. Laughing she said, "Jesus, babe. You're a million miles away. What are you thinking about?"

Nope. No way. Definitely could not tell her what I'd been thinking about. I'd heard somewhere that the best lie to tell, was one that was partially true so I sighed before admitting, "Gabby."

Stella's shoulders slumped a bit before she said, "Yeah, I know I keep telling you to talk to her, but only because she seems to listen you. I can speak with her though, if you're not sure how to approach it."

Ever the clueless man of the house, I asked, "What is it we want to get across exactly?"

Stella's fork clattered against her plate. "I'm worried about her priorities. Gabby is brilliant, but this is her last year of school and she has no plans after that. And she needs to quit doing this with Mitch. This on again off again business. She's too young to be caught up in that sort of pattern. And!" It seemed my wife was on a roll. "He's too old for her anyway. If she were 20 or 21, it wouldn't be as bad."

I felt my eyebrows draw together. "How old is Mitch?"

"He's 23 babe, I've told you that."

Now my silverware hit the deck. "Um no, pretty sure that's never come up." Holy fuck. "Never mind, I know what I need to cover with her now." Stella patted my arm and chuckled again then went back to her meal.

I sat through the rest of our dinner trying to pinpoint exactly why I was so pissed. And I was fucking pissed. First I told myself it was the difference in their ages, but that was a weak argument considering I was 18 years older than Gabby and would absolutely be fucking her as soon and as frequently as possible. Then I considered the possibility that my anger stemmed from suspicion that he was taking advantage of her. Same problem though. Pot, meet kettle. In the end, I couldn't boil it down to anything other than, I was jealous. He wasn't some high school kid looking to have fun with Gabrielle before their lives inevitably veered off in different directions. Depending on his situation, which I obviously knew nothing about, he could be around for awhile. They could have a future. Together.

As much as my dick wanted me to, I didn't run right to Gabby after Stella left for work. I did the dishes, wiped everything down, and sent a text to Smith.

Me: Let me know if you're going to be later than 8:00

Smith: It'll probably be more like 9.

So much for Smith coming home and saving the day before I did something really stupid. The longer I kept myself away from her, the more I felt like things had gone far enough. We should just forget it and move on.

I turned off the kitchen lights and stood in the middle of the floor telling myself things like, 'Just go to bed' and 'I should probably go downstairs and workout.' Those thoughts were intermingled with, 'Go have your daughter's pussy for dessert' and 'I bet she's a phenomenal cocksucker.' That last one made my dick jump in my pants and before I knew it, I was headed up the stairs to her room.

Gabby's bedroom was down the hall from the master and ran along the back of the house. Her door was slightly ajar so I didn't bother knocking before gently pushing it inward. The foot of her queen size bed was directly across from the doorway. She was sitting on it, her back to the headboard, a notebook in her lap, a textbook by her side and wireless headphones crowning her head. Stella and I bought her a desk for school work. It was sitting against the wall to my left covered in various hair and makeup paraphernalia.

She was engrossed in her work so I leaned against the doorjamb and took time to study her. I'd looked at her millions of times, seen her in thousands of outfits and various states of undress, but nothing had prepared me for seeing her scantily clothed for the first time after acknowledging that she would eventually be under me, taking my cock.

She wore shorts that revealed smooth legs painted with the remnants of a fading summer tan. They seemed longer and curvier in that moment than I'd noticed before. Her waist was trim but I knew from that afternoon how tender the flesh around her belly was and how it felt like velvet against my cock. There were no bra straps peeking out around the tank top she wore and with her hair piled at the top of her head, I couldn't wait to put my mouth on the column of her throat and her delicate collar bones.

I caught her attention when I reached to my crotch to adjust my stiffening cock and she startled. "Dad. Hey." She said while quickly sliding off the headphones.

I didn't reply right away, just stalked to the side of her bed, sat on the edge, and tossed my phone on her nightstand. It would have been easy to reach back and drag my hand up her leg, but I didn't. Instead, I looked in her eyes for a beat before turning my head toward her messy desk. "Turns out I was today years old when I learned that Mitch is 23."

I heard a long sigh. "Mom," was all she gave me.

"Yes." I turned back to her and hitched my right leg so that my knee rested on the bed. "It seems she's not a fan of her daughter attending high school during the day and hanging out with a guy old enough to buy beer at night."

"It's not like that," she whispered.

I held my hands up to either side of my head. "Hey, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. This is mom's thing and she'd probably prefer the likes of Mitch if she knew what you and I were doing."

Gabby's eyes fell to her comforter. "What exactly are we doing, Dad?"

The million dollar question. The father in me had warred with the man in me for nearly twenty-four hours. With no determined winner, it was Gabby who'd have to decide the victor. "Something changed last night, Gabrielle. I love you the way I always have, but now there's something extra. I like it. I want to keep exploring it, but you have to make that call."

When she spoke, it was like something was caught in her throat. "You said I belonged to you."

I couldn't control the grin I felt sliding into place. "I believe what I said was that your cunt belongs to me." I watched transfixed as pink blossomed across her cheeks. "I am not going to lie to you, Gabrielle. Ever. But, if I get inside you, you're probably going to get more honesty from me than you think you can handle. The person who walked in this room a minute ago is not the same person who'll be fucking you. I might be your laid back Dad, but as a man, sweetheart, I'm not shy about what I want and I do what I need to do to get it."

It was subtle, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed Gabby press her thighs together. I slid my ass off the bed, planted both knees on it instead and leaned in to cage her hips between my fists. "I promise baby, you'll get what you want too."

Her tongue darted out to wet her lips while she nodded and shifted her gaze to my mouth. "We do this, Gabby, you need to know that almost anything goes with me, a lot of it will be new to you, and I'm really looking forward to finding out how far you'll go." With a light thunk her head fell against the headboard. That kindling was igniting inside her and I was close to getting the Gabby back who fisted my hair and rode my fingers. "So if you're not on board with something, you do not hesitate to tell me, understand?"

"Yes, Daddy." Her right hand came up to curve around the underside of my arm. I felt a tenuous tug of encouragement to move toward her so I did. Never taking my eyes off hers I leaned in and just barely dragged my own lips along hers. Immediately she parted them and her hot breath fanned against my mouth.

"You are so fucking beautiful," I whispered before kissing her hard and using a hand in her hair to steady her against me making it even more forceful. I snaked my tongue into her mouth and felt her suction pull it in deeper.

I knew the fire was burning hotter when her arm and leg started working together to push her books, pen, and headphones to the floor. I stood up and grabbed her behind both knees and tugged her down the bed until she was stretched out. I grabbed her pillow and she helped me by raising her head and shoulders so I could slide it in place. Then I was on top of her and my lips went back to hers.

Gabby wound her arms around my neck and shoulders and my hands coasted down her sides. I slid in and grabbed her ass with both hands tilting her hips while my own surged down. The result was an incredible pressure and friction. My hard cock fit perfectly against her covered sex. Gabby felt it too. She moaned. Her legs lifted off the bed and curled around my grinding hips. "You like that, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy." I gave her more by slamming my hips down harder and grinding slower once they made contact with hers. "Shit," she hissed. "It's really good."

It may have been my imagination, but in that moment I could feel the heat of her cunt reaching between us and consuming my cock. I took my hands away from her ass and planted them on the bed to hold myself above her. Most of my weight shifted to where we were pressed together so I stopped thrusting and just ground my hips between her legs hoping her clit was as affected by it as my dick.

We were staring at each other. Gabby had her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. "I cannot wait to fuck you, Gabrielle." Her eyes closed and her chin lifted, pushing her head further into the pillow. That served as a reminder and I dropped my head to let my mouth explore her neck. I dipped my tongue into that sweet hollow behind her collar bone and she shuddered. Her thighs squeezed my hips and her arms wrapped tighter. I decided to spend a good amount of time worshiping that area of her body. It seemed it was a favorite for both of us.

On that thought, a vibration penetrated my fog and I looked to the side to see Gabby's phone lit up. The display said, 'Mitch Calling.' She read it too and her eyes flew to me. "Answer it," I murmured as I ground my hips again.

Startled, she said, "I can't!"

I smiled at her and eased away, sitting back with my legs under me, my knees still between hers. My tone was stern. "Answer the phone, Gabrielle. Put it on speaker."

Her eyes were wide and I could tell she wanted to argue, but she snatched the phone off the bed anyway. I was beginning to understand that Gabby would give me a run for my money as long as I talked her into it first. She knew where this was headed, because Stella was right, she was incredibly smart. She knew and she wanted it. She just didn't want to want it because it was wrong to let your dad fuck you, but it was really wrong to enjoy it.

She was shaking when she slid the button across the screen to connect the call. "Hello?"

"Hey, babe. How're you doin'? I've been worried." Mitch didn't sound 23, he sounded 40. His voice was deep and he'd managed to put a lot of affection in those few words, but it wasn't a desperate affection, he sounded steady.

Gabby's eyes went every where except to me. She was uncomfortable. I didn't hate it. In fact, I felt like contributing to her discomfort so I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her shorts and slid them slowly down to her knees. No fucking panties. A well groomed triangle of dark hair abruptly stopped where her slit began. Nothing was visible except the outer lips of her cunt and they were bare and oh, so inviting. Since I had no plans to move from between her legs, it was up to her to lift them to help me get rid of the shorts. After a brief stare down she did and I smirked. She wasn't even making it difficult to talk her into it.

"Babe?" She hadn't answered him, too concerned about what I was up to.

"Yeah, sorry. I was just working on my chem homework."

With the shorts gone I laid my palms against her stomach and slid them up and over her tits, taking her tank with me. Once it was bunched up under her armpits I was satisfied for the time being. I slipped the phone gently out of her hand and laid it on the pillow next to her head.

"I was worried when I hadn't heard from you today. Everything's ok at home?"

I leaned in and sucked a nipple into my mouth while pinching the other with a thumb and forefinger.

"Yeah, nothing happened."

"Thank God. Do you know who was up?"

I switched to her other nipple and watched her face while I sucked. She had her eyes closed and shook her head. Using the nipple, I tugged on her tit to get her attention then nodded toward the phone. "No. I'm not sure."

Mitch's deep sigh came through the phone. "Well I was worried about you when I left, but I was so turned on."

Gabby didn't say anything. Her eyes were on me. I was licking a path down her body remembering my cum there earlier. I nipped one hip, then the other before sliding even lower.

"When I got back to the house, Troy and Scott had some people over. It sounds ridiculous, but I jerked off in my car before going in so no one would notice my hard on." There was laughter in Mitch's voice, but Gabby gasped. I couldn't say for sure if it was because of Mitch's declaration or the fact that I'd sunk my teeth into the flesh of her inner thigh causing a sting. I quickly soothed the bite with light licks, each one a little closer to her pussy than the last.

"You did?" she asked. I stretched out on my stomach with my head at the apex of her thighs. When my face was close enough to feel the heat, I inhaled deeply. Instantly, the scent triggered the memory of her taste the way you can taste the smell of some foods. She was sweet, but sharp. Fucking delicious, actually.

"Babe." Mitch laughed. "You were so fucking hot last night."

I nodded in agreement as I used my forearms to push her thighs wider and my hands to separate the lips of her cunt. It was beautiful. Nothing I saw last night did it justice. I wanted to lay there and stare, but I wanted to eat it more. I didn't fuck around, I immediately covered her with my mouth and used my tongue to probe every inch I could reach. She tasted so fucking good my hands moved to her hips and I dug my fingers in. It was too good. Gabby was too good to be true.

She let out a squeaky sounding, "You too, babe." Then her fist was in her mouth and she was biting down. Hard. I reached up and began kneading both of her tits while I gave her a deep swipe with my flattened tongue before sucking her clit in my mouth, hard. Her hips shot off the bed, but I didn't fight to hold her down.

"Who's home with you right now?" Mitch asked.

Her eyes were squeezed shut. "Um, just my dad, I think."

"Where is he?"

I pulled my head away slightly and Gabby stilled. She was looking down her mostly naked body. My hands were full of her tits and my face was between her legs and wet with her arousal. "He's downstairs," she said. "Eating."

I smiled and shook my head at her joke. Then I blew soft cool breath over her inflamed pussy. Goose flesh immediately rose on the landscape of her skin.

I was just about to return my lips to her clit when I heard Mitch say, "Grab one of your toys, babe."

It was my turn to freeze. I raised my eyebrows at my daughter whose cheeks reddened. "Okay." Her voice was shaky, but she leaned over the side of her bed and came back with a box. A box. Of toys. Holy fuck.

I reached up and took the shoe box out of her hands, flipped the lid open, and wasn't sure whether to laugh, be horrified, or beam with pride. Gabby had quite the variety which suggested she was not at all confused about what made her feel good. I'd been thinking I was really great at making her come and making her do it quickly. Turns out, she had practice, and not just with Mitch. I looked up at her with a devilish smile which she didn't see because both her hands covered her face. She was mortified. I laughed almost silently.

"Did you find one?" Mitch asked.

I looked through the box conflicted. There were two bullets, one with a cord and one without, a long, rather narrow, basic vibrator, a rabbit, a vibrating cock ring, which I took and stuck in my pocket, and two realistic looking dildos except one was a very unnatural shade of pink. I pulled the rather large, real dick-like dildo, not pink, out of the box and the cordless bullet. By the time I made my selections Gabby was resigned to her fate and watching me once again.


Mitch ran through the necessary cliches, what was she wearing, was she laying down, etc. while I got back into position between her legs. I couldn't remember the last time I was that excited to play with a pussy and I mean literally play with it. I switched on the bullet and ran it along the inside of her thigh.

"As soon as I think about last night I get hard again. I wanted to fuck you."

Anticipating the movement of the toy, Gabby braced when I neared her pussy, but instead of giving her what she expected, I dragged it over the bone at her hip and straight north until it was bouncing rapidly on her nipple.

"Oh shit," she breathed squirming to get away from the sensation.

"Jesus babe, you sound close already."

She licked her lips and pushed her chest out, trying to make blunt contact with the toy instead of the teasing graze I was torturing her with. "No, I just... It feels better than I thought it would."

"Good. I'm alone for now, but I don't know how long. I just want to hear you come again."

I moved the vibrator to her other nipple. Even expecting the contact, she still shied away from it, like just that much could overwhelm her. I wasn't feeling sympathetic so I moved the toy back and forth across her peak and moved my mouth back to her clit. I mimicked my hand's movements with my tongue and gave her light, fleeting flicks and just like with her tits, she moved her hips toward my face searching for harder contact.

"Please," she whimpered, frustrated with me.

I smiled at her while Mitch asked, "What do you need, babe?" His voice was deep and quiet like he was as affected by simply hearing Gabby as I was by hearing her, seeing her, and fucking tasting her.

Her answer was, "More." I licked her faster and swirled the vibrator around her nipple.

"Jesus, I need to fuck you again, Gabby. Soon. I need to feel my dick inside you."

Mitch clearly thought Gabby needed more from him and all he could give her was words. Lucky for me, I had her naked and writhing on my tongue and didn't need to say anything at all. I took the bullet from her chest and without warning, laid it directly against her swollen clit.


"Gabby, be quiet!"

I slid two fingers of my other hand into her pussy. She reacted with a moan and squirming legs even though my goal was less about pleasuring with my hand and more about gathering her creamy wetness, of which there was definitely no shortage.

Plunging in and out a few times left my fingers and part of my hand coated in her girl cum. I grabbed one of Gabby's hands and silently ordered her to keep the vibrator pressed to her clit. That freed me up to rub her arousal along and around the 8 inch dick.

I was so concentrated on my task that I jolted back to attention when I heard Mitch say something about letting him come inside her again. I glared daggers at her and my message was so loud and clear that her eyes closed and shame rearranged her expression.