"Is it this right?" Katie asked, trying to read the upcoming street sign.

"Next one." Eleanor corrected her. Katie nodded and continued to drive down the quiet neighborhood street until she reached the correct place to turn.

"Third house on the left." Eleanor instructed. Katie pulled up in front of the house and shut off the engine.

"That was a long drive." Katie yawned, stretching her arms above her head. "You really need to get a car so you can start driving me places."

Eleanor patted Katie on the head. "I'll consider it. Come on, let's go in."

She and Katie exited the car and pulled their suitcases out from the back seat. Rolling them to the front entrance, Eleanor left hers with Katie as she stepped up to the door and rang the doorbell.

"Are you sure we're not imposing?" Katie asked timidly.

Eleanor smiled back at her. "Of course not. She's wanted to meet you for months."

The door opened and out peered a thin, plain woman with long straight brown hair and glasses, relatively young looking but her face clearly showing signs of middle age. She smiled warmly at the sight of Eleanor and hugged her tightly.

"El, I've missed you." she wept.

"I missed you too, Mom." Eleanor replied.

Several months had passed since Eleanor and Katie's romantic getaway to the beach, and during that time their relationship reached a comfortable rhythm. While still not living together, both kept to a consistent routine of dates and get togethers, as well as tons and tons of fucking. While Katie still occasionally struggled with Eleanor's supersized penis, she no longer felt nervous or unsure of how to pleasure her partner, and Eleanor no longer considered the size discrepancy between her cock and Katie's pussy a concern. Other issues and conflicts had arisen over the months, they always found ways to reconcile them, and at present still loved each other as much as they did that night at Katie's beach house. Finished with the fall semester, both decided to spend part of their winter break with Eleanor's family.

"Mom, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Katie." Eleanor announced proudly. Eleanor's mom looked at Katie, appraising her.

"I-it's a pleasure to m-meet you, Mrs. Kendall." Katie stuttered.

"El, you never mentioned to me your girlfriend had massive tits." Mrs. Kendall said to her daughter nonchalantly. Eleanor facepalmed so hard that it left a mark on her nose, while Katie blushed her usual bright red.

"Goddammit, Mom." Eleanor remarked. "Try not to embarrass me."

Mrs. Kendall smiled and walked up to Katie and picked her up in a crushing embrace that clashed with her unassuming appearance. "Sorry about that. I'm so happy to meet you Katie!" she sang. Placing her effortlessly back on the ground, she grabbed Katie's hands and flashed her a huge grin. "And you can call me Emily. You're family as far as I'm concerned, no need to be so formal with me."

With that, Emily heel-turned to the door and strode in. Katie slowly turned to Eleanor, giving her a baffled stare.

"My mom is a little... direct." Eleanor tried to explain.

Katie giggled. "Well... I like her. She's a lot different from you though."

"I made dinner, so get in here! And don't leave the door open!" they both heard Emily shout from inside the house. Both slowly walked through the old entryway adorned with nick knacks and photographs, Eleanor taking in the nostalgia while Katie absorbed the quaint, foreign atmosphere. Entering the kitchen, they audibly marveled at the spread of food sitting on top of the table. Emily set a mouthwatering rotisserie chicken in the middle of the table and motioned for them to sit down.

"Dig in, you two. You've had a long drive."

Eleanor and Katie excitedly sat down at the table and helped themselves to Emily's feast. As the three of them ate, they all talked about various topics, from work and school to favorite television shows. Emily listened happily as her daughter and Katie regaled her with stories of various school experiences, waiting until they were finished to cut in again.

"So Katie," Emily spoke amicably. "Have you seen my daughter's 'thing' yet?"

"MOM!" Eleanor yelped, rising quickly from the table. Emily grinned at her.

"Y-yes." Katie stammered.

"Do you like it?" she asked. Eleanor tried to put her hand over Emily's mouth, but she effortlessly kept her away with an outstretched arm as she talked to Katie.

"Of course I d-do. W-w-why?"

"I'm just so happy is all." Emily said, looking solemn as she rested her head on her free hand. "El's always been so shy because of it. I've done everything I could to help her manage, but I couldn't do anything for her socially. When El called me last spring telling me about you, I couldn't stop crying. All I ever wanted was for her to have a friend, and now she has you, and..." she took a pause to sniffle loudly, "I can't express how grateful I am." Katie and Eleanor could see tears running down her cheeks.

Eleanor stopped trying to silence Emily and looked at her appreciatively. "Mom..."

Katie reached across the table to take Emily's hand. "Thank you Mrs. Kendall, but honestly, I'm more grateful for El. She loves me and respects me more than anyone else, and I love everything about her." Emily looked up at Katie's face and beamed at her.

"You two really are perfect for each other." she looked up at Eleanor, grinning. "I suppose my daughter just couldn't settle for tits that can't wrap around her shlong."

"Okay, that's it!" Eleanor yelled, stomping off into the living room and up the stairs. "I'm going to my room!" she declared the way an entitled eight-year-old might, followed by a door slam. Katie watched in horror as Emily cried in a fit of laughter.

"Even though she's an adult, she still hates getting teased." Emily said.

"Is she okay?" Katie asked.

"Yup, this is normal for us. This is the family you've entered into. Better run while you can." Emily jested as she got up from the table, collecting the dishes and putting them in the sink. "I'll go up and talk to her though, if you'd like you can relax down here." Katie agreed and moved to the living room.

Finishing with the dishes, Emily followed her daughter's path to the only door on the second floor. She opened the door to Eleanor's pre-college room, which was still adorned with the many stuffed animals and action figures Eleanor was obsessed with all through her childhood. Lying on the bed was Eleanor, clutching one of her numerous stuffed animals.

"Why do you have to do that to me in front of Katie?" Eleanor pouted, not looking up at her mother. Emily sat down on the bed and put her hand on Eleanor's head.

"I was thinking you missed it, since your doctor and I are the only ones who ever bring it up. And I don't think Katie minds too much."

Eleanor nodded, head still buried in plush fur. Emily smiled and got up to leave, but couldn't help herself from asking her daughter more inappropriate questions.

"So El..." she said ominously.

"No." Eleanor replied.

"Have you two done it yet?"

"Go away."

"How much of it could she take?"

"Go away, Mom."

"Did you use a condom?"

"Yes, now go away."

Emily chuckled and leaned in close to Eleanor's ear.

"When are you gonna ask her to marry you?"

Eleanor immediately pulled herself upright, blushing deeply as she glared at her mother. "W-what kind of question is that!? We h-haven't even discussed that!"

Emily smirked as she gave Eleanor a piercing stare, not at all convinced by her deflections. "You would never bring someone to meet me unless you were serious about them." she accused Eleanor. "So tell me, do you have a plan yet."

Eleanor sighed and reached for her purse, and out of it she removed a small black box.

"I was gonna ask her sometime this week." Eleanor admitted.

Emily pulled Eleanor in for a smothering hug. "Oh El, you've gotten so brazen since you went off to college. I'm so proud of you."

"Mom, you're... hurting me." Eleanor protested, forcing herself out from her mother's grip. "And you'd better keep your big mouth shut."

Emily giggled. "Well, you know me, right? In any case, you probably want to pop the question sooner rather than later. How should you go about this?" She sat back on the bed to think, jumping off of it less than a minute later with the solution.

"Okay, I'm going out for the night." she declared. "The house is all yours. Do what you need to build up the nerve."

"Wait, here? Tonight? B-but I was thinking of doing it on some romantic date or something." Eleanor said.

Emily snorted. "El dear, I didn't think it was possible but your girlfriend is even more skittish than you are. You really wanna put her through a public proposal? Besides, I think Katie strikes me as the kind of person who would prefer intimacy rather than spectacle when it comes to something like this."

Eleanor wanted to protest, but on further consideration, she knew that despite her aloof nature her mother was often very adept at providing sound advice when Eleanor needed it. If she thought Katie would prefer a less ostentatious approach, she was probably right.

"Okay..." Eleanor relented.

Emily bent down and kissed Eleanor's head, then pulled her off the bed onto her feet. "You have nothing to worry about, that girl is crazy about you. Now go and get her tonight, unless you want me to get involved."

Eleanor shook her head furiously, the thought of her mother interfering too horrific to bare, and Emily beamed at her. She turned to exit the room, but looked back at Eleanor before she left, holding up a finger.

"Oh, one more thing: if you two decide to have some 'fun' here, bathroom only. You know how much I hate cleaning that stuff out of the sheets." Before Eleanor could respond, Emily had already absconded from the room, and she heard her mother's voice echo an expedient farewell followed by the front door closing.

Sitting back down on the bed, Eleanor considered how on earth she was supposed to build up the courage to propose to Katie in the next several hours. Despite already buying the ring the prospect seemed so far out in the future, had she lost the nerve this week she could put it off for a better time. However, she shuddered at how her mother would react if she didn't get it done tonight, so she continued to sit in silence holding her stuffed animal, racking her brain for ideas.

"I guess if there's anything we should do before I ask, it should be something we both enjoy..." Eleanor pondered to herself. Immediately she knew what to do, her mother had unsubtly suggested it after all, so Eleanor stuck the ring back in her purse and pulled out a familiar packet, then marched confidently out of the room and down the stairs. She saw Katie sitting on the living room sofa watching TV, turning to face her when she heard Eleanor approach.

"Hey El, where did your mom go?" Katie asked, standing up to walk to Eleanor.

"She left." Eleanor answered. "We have the house to ourselves."

Katie nodded, but there was still confusion in her expression. "Okay, why did she leave so suddenly, then?"

Eleanor moved in close to Katie, pressing herself against Katie's ample breasts. Katie looked up at Eleanor, slowly realizing what was happening.

"El, what's going on?" she asked, her red face and longing stare reflected in Eleanor's eyes.

"We're relaxing after a long day on the road." Eleanor placed her hand gently on Katie's burning cheek and bent down to kiss her. Invading Katie's mouth with her tongue, she playfully ran it along Katie's while she squeezed Katie's chest with her other hand. As they kissed, Eleanor felt her dick start to harden in her underwear, and she felt one of Katie's hands start to frantically caress it. Katie's hand fumbled around under Eleanor's long skirt until it grabbed hold of the panties band, then pulled it down to release Eleanor's half erect monster, which it started stroking.

Feeling her cock nearly finish expanding to full size, Eleanor took Katie's hand off her cock and pushed herself against Katie so that her dick ran between Katie's legs and jutted from under her butt, then as they still kissed she slowly started to walk both of them towards the bathroom. Katie allowed Eleanor to direct her as she felt herself be lifted up by Eleanor's raging hardon to the point that she had to walk on the tips of her toes to keep herself grounded.

As they pushed through the door near the stairs, Katie pulled away from Eleanor's lips to look around in awe as she saw that the bathroom was almost more of a bath house, as the room seemed almost the same size as the rest of the house combined. It was equipped with an open shower, tub, a toilet, and, most notably, a very large stone bath that took up half the floorspace and was sectioned off by a waist tall partition with steps going in and out of it, something Katie expected more from a Japanese onsen than a suburban American home. She could only spare a few fleeting moments to take in the room, however, before she felt Eleanor grab the bottom of her shirt. Eleanor propped her throbbing cock against Katie's stomach and thrusted it so that it travelled up under Katie's shirt, between her breasts, and out through her cleavage, prodding her on the chin.

"Looks like someone's feisty," Katie cood. She embraced the long, bulging member and wrapped her lips around the head, slurping up the precum that flowed from it. She moved her body up and down, rubbing Eleanor's dick between her tits as she continued to suck the tip. As she sucked, Eleanor fumbled with the buttons on Katie's shirt until it flung open to reveal Katie's watermelon-sized breasts wrapped around Eleanor's cock, tightly bound by her undersized bra. Looking back up at Katie, she realized that from this position, if she wanted to, she could reach her cock with her mouth as well.

"Hey Katie."

Katie looked up, her mouth still stretched over the head.

"Let's share."

Katie nodded and removed the glands from her mouth, thick threads of saliva stretching between them. Eleanor moved in close enough that the head of her cock stood inches from both of their faces, and then at the same time both began to lick it in unison. They alternated between licking Eleanor's dick and kissing each other until another thick glob of translucent precum oozed from the urethra, at which point Katie slurped it all up and planted her mouth on Eleanor's. Eleanor felt the sweet and salty mixture flow into her mouth, and as it went down her throat she felt her penis begin to burn up and her balls contract. Katie, not missing the signs of Eleanor's impending release, once again enveloped the head with her mouth and started sucking furiously as she sensed the first giant load of cum traveling up Eleanor's shaft. Eleanor grunted loudly as she felt the wave erupt from her cock, watching Katie's cheeks bulge from her face as cum overloaded her mouth. For a little while Katie managed to keep up with swallowing as nonstop loads of sperm flowed into her, but inevitably the ceaseless torrent overwhelmed her and cum cascaded from her cockstuffed mouth, flowing down the front of her body like a waterfall. When Eleanor finally finished, most of Katie's chest and stomach were coated in several layers of thick spunk. Katie pulled Eleanor's cock out from her mouth and finished swallowing, then unhooked her bra, freeing Eleanor's still erect penis from its mammary prison.

"I guess I still can't swallow it all if your penis isn't all the way down my throat." Katie bemoaned, looking at the large pool of cum on the floor.

"Hey, it's still impressive to me how well you did." Eleanor praised her.

Katie smiled proudly at Eleanor, patting her slightly inflated cum-covered tummy. She eyed Eleanor's throbbing cock and looked up at her expectantly. "Surely you're not finished now, right El?"

Eleanor grinned and she took off all her clothes, setting them in a corner of the large room. Katie did the same, and she felt herself heat up when she saw Eleanor walking towards her, her colossal penis bobbing in front of her with each step. Eleanor took the condom she grabbed earlier and unwrapped it. As she rolled it along as much of the length of her dick as it would fit, she saw the barest hint of disappointment in Katie's expression, but chose to go on regardless. While Katie made it no secret over the months that she wished they would do it raw, she ultimately seemed understanding about Eleanor's insistence on using protection. Besides, Eleanor hoped, if all went well tonight it wouldn't be too long before she could oblige her partner's wishes.

"How do you want it, Katie?" Eleanor asked sensually, slowly stroking her overly long member.

Katie's expression returned to its excited, lustful state as she anticipated her lover's cock piercing deep inside her. She walked over to the stone-lined bath and bent over the partition, giving Eleanor full view of her modest ass. Eleanor licked her lips and sauntered over to Katie's inviting form, taking two of her fingers and inserting them into Katie's twitching pussy. As Eleanor rubbed them along the walls of her vagina, Katie couldn't stop squirming as she felt her body reach its boiling point, and a clear liquid flowed from her pussy, coating Eleanor's hand.

"El..." Katie moaned. "Stop... I need your thing in me nowwww."

While she had intended to rub Katie for a little while longer, Eleanor couldn't let her begging go unanswered. Removing her fingers from Katie's slit, she positioned her thick cockhead against the opening. Eleanor slowly inserted it into Katie, who in response let out a satisfied cry. Once the head was fully in, Eleanor grabbed hold of Katie's butt with both hands and rammed the entirety of her cock into Katie with one powerful thrust.

"GYAAHH!" Katie wailed in ecstasy, Eleanor holding fast from cumming immediately as Katie's insides squeezed against her cock. Once they relaxed, Eleanor moved slowly as she pulled her cock halfway out, then pushed it back in, pressing into the tiny opening of Katie's womb. She repeated her movements, speeding up gradually until she was thrusting in and out of Katie at a rapid pace. Every time Eleanor's cock slammed against her womb Katie felt herself cum, and she struggled to keep herself from losing her mind until the finale. Barely able to hold on to her sanity, she suddenly felt herself get pulled up from the bath edge by Eleanor's cock as Eleanor arched her hips forward, feeling another massive discharge rushing through it. Katie let out one final scream as she felt the condom inside her expand with gallons of Eleanor's seed, causing her already bloated belly to stretch even further. By the time Eleanor's dick finally quieted down, Katie's stomach looked ready to burst from carrying triplets. Katie fell back onto the floor as Eleanor's cock went flaccid, barely conscious as she laid against the stone bath.

"Katie, I'm gonna pull out now." Eleanor warned her.

"Ughh..." Katie responded with a low moan.

Eleanor carefully repositioned Katie so that her butt now faced the inside of the bath, then pulled her penis out from Katie an inch at a time, waiting for the condom band to surface. Once it did, she grabbed it with both hands and pulled it wide along with Katie's vaginal lips, then instantly pulled out the rest of her cock, separating it from the condom. Mere moments later, a deluge of semen sprayed out from her out into the empty bath like a fountain of cum. Almost a minute passed of Katie shuddering and babbling incoherently as she felt the seed rapidly flow from her pussy, until it finally slowed to a trickle oozing down her legs. Eleanor held the used fist-sized condom in her hand, comparing its tiny overexerted form to the blanket of semen that almost completely coated the bath floor.

"That's a lot, as usual." Katie mused, her voice still somewhat wheezy from earlier. She sat on the bath end facing inward, dipping her toes in the hot pool of cum while rubbing her now only slightly swollen tummy. "You're always such a beast, El."