"He's in a meeting," Jennifer checked the principal's calendar, "Can you come back at 3?" the school secretary asked in an uninterested monotone. She was past her prime, mid-sixties, white hair, but still was a powerful presence at the school. No one got past her to Mr. Robbins without her scheduling it.

Brittany sighed and nodded. It was just an hour before the end of the school day and she wanted to get out of her last class, not because Spanish was tough but because she wondered how she'd be able to sit with her ass stinging as it felt now. "Ok, but," she looked at the soft padded seat, "could I wait?"

Jennifer looked at her screen, "Miss Baker, you have Spanish. This isn't an attempt to get out of class again, is it?" She scowled at the girl, "Go on. I'll make sure Mr. Robbins knows you're meeting him at 3." She looked down without another glance at the departing blonde girl and shook her head. 'When will someone put this girl in her place? What is it this time? Being bullied? Her teacher giving her a low score on a test because he was being mean to her? Or is it she doesn't like the food? Who would? It's cafeteria food and that's why the kids are allowed to go out to the fast-food restaurants. When did it become the school's responsibility to serve gourmet meals to the poorer students? And who the fuck doesn't like meat? Whatever,' she thought turning back to the morning announcements she was preparing.

Brittany gingerly took her seat in the back. Senora Martinez was her favorite teacher and if she didn't have the appointment with the principal, she'd have liked to talk to her. She didn't come from one of the area's wealthy families and seemed to like her. This school was a tough one to go to if you weren't rich. The parking lot was mostly populated with Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, Lexuses...Lexi? and other shiny extravagances. Any one of those cars cost more than her mom made over at the Parkside Eatery. 'I wish we'd never left Lincoln,' she mentally sighed, 'Laura, Janie, and Bethany are worth a dozen of these stuck-up bitches. But after dad left mom wanted to come back to her home town...no idea why...' She looked at the chattering groups of girls wondering what it would be like to be included. She opened her book as the beautiful dark-haired teacher came in.

Brittany looked up and down the hallway before entering the principal's office not wanted people to see her going there. "Miss Lawrence, Hi. I'm a few minutes early," she said softly as she sat down in one soft cushioned seat, putting her flowered bookbag next to her. She wondered how long this woman in her 60s had been there. Probably when they'd opened the school back in the 70s.

"It's fine. He's due back any minute," Jennifer said dismissing the girl. She'd pondered texting her boss to suggest he find some emergency to avoid another time-waster with the biggest whiner in the school but perhaps he'd enjoy just checking her out.

"Miss Baker, Jennifer told me you wanted to talk. Sorry, I'm late," he said even though it was 2:58. "Come in, have a seat," he said opening the door to his office.

Brittany never liked this office even though she'd been there a few times. It was large, bright, and airy, but there was always an oppressive feel. She suddenly realized why. It was absolutely soundproof. The main highway was outside his window and there wasn't even the slightest road noise. This was a school and hundreds of kids were leaving, chattering up a storm just outside the office...not a sound. She put her bag on the one seat across from the desk and sat in the other wondering why a principal would require a soundproof office. She shuddered considering the reasons.

Edward Robbins sat and looked at the girl. She'd been in the office many times and he suspected why. She was easily one of the top ten if not top five beauties in the school, but the others were all spoiled debutantes with studied and practiced beauty, whereas Brittany was all-natural. She looked like the Nebraska farm girl, peaches and cream complexion, no make-up he'd ever seen, perfect body...flawless if that's possible. Long legs, an ass even the other girls looked at, narrow waist, perky tits, B? C? Either way, a walking wet dream.

Sadly, she wasn't popular as she was spurned by the other girls and that was why she'd been a frequent visitor complaining about various perceived slights. Like not being allowed to try out for cheerleading because Lexi wouldn't even allow her to enter the gym, saying that it was tough enough without having to smell the horse shit on her. Or, being knocked into the mud on her way out of school to catch the bus by Laurie, the homecoming queen who shrugged her shoulders when confronted saying, "I'm supposed to step around every insect there is?"

He looked to see what it was this time, "So, I know you want to get home to play with your friends. What can I do for you?"

Brittany looked at her hands then up at the 60-year old man who might at one point been good-looking but had given up any attempt to maintain it years ago, "I want to...Mr. Trask, um grabbed me and hit me," she said softly, indicating her white blouse and skirt.

"What?" Mr. Robbins asked, "Are you sure you weren't just accidentally bumped into?" he suggested, almost verbatim to what he'd asked when Brittany had accused the sweetest girl in the class of knocking her into the mud. "You seem to come in here every time you get jostled. You need to toughen up. Is that all?" he asked.

"Sir," Brittany said more firmly, "it was not accidental when he pushed me onto his desk and put his hand between my legs," she said, her face red. When I tried to elbow him off her pulled up my skirt and slapped my ass, hard! It hurt. It still stings," she said. "I'll bet it's still red."

"Show me," Edward said but then put up a finger, "Scratch that, we need a woman in here. I don't want you going to the board accusing me of...hang on, "Jennifer, can you please ask Mr. Trask to come to my office, then come in here. Thanks."

A few minutes later, Jennifer came in looking curious, "Mr. Robbins?"

"Miss Baker accused Daryl Trash of fondling her and spanking her. Can you please ask her to show you where and verify if there's a red mark? I'll be outside, buzz me when I can come back in," he sighed.

Jennifer turned to the girl thinking every teacher in the school and everyone in this office would love to take turns spanking this girl. "Ok, show me," she ordered.

Brittany stood and lifted her skirt showing her panties. "Right here, it stings still," she pointed to the white fabric of her white cotton panties.

"Pull them down, in fact just take off the skirt...it's ok, I'm not going to do anything," She knelt behind the girl as she stepped out of her skirt and pulled her panties down. She nodded, "That's definitely a large hand," she sighed. Hang on. put the skirt back on a minute. I'm going to need to take a picture of that, I mean if it's ok by you?" she asked.

Brittany nodded and grimaced as she pulled up the wool skirt hoping the older man would not come in. When Miss Lawrence came back in closed the door, she obeyed the woman's instructions, dropped her skirt, then bent over the desk. She felt more vulnerable than she'd ever felt before. Being naked below the waist in a man's office.

"Relax dear, if we're going to confront Mr. Trask we'll need proof," Jennifer said kindly as she inhaled the sweet scent of the young girl's pussy. "How old are you, honey?"

"18. I just turned 18 last month," the girl said as she felt a bit more comfortable.

Jennifer stood, "Ok. Can you show me where Mr. Trask grabbed you?"

"Here," the young blonde said, her hand gripping her right breast. "Then when I pushed him away he...um, he grabbed my crotch telling me I'd better cooperate or I'd be failing his class," she said haltingly as she fought tears.

Jennifer stroked the girl's arm, "It's ok. We'll make sure this doesn't happen again. Take off your top. I want to see if there are handprints," she ordered.

The young blonde looked over at the door hesitating, "Can you lock it?"

Jennifer laughed, "No need. Do you really think they'd come walking in? Go on, let's make this quick." She stifled a gasp as the girl dropped her bra and stood naked in front of her. "I see," she said, "I can see what'd I'd guess is a thumb and over here are a couple of fingers. He was rough, these are slight bruises," she said, her fingers running across the silky skin. "I have to ask, have you perhaps been sexually active with another boy who might have done this?"

Brittany shook her head adamantly, "I've never even kissed a boy. I can still feel his hand squeezing me," she said tearfully.

"Ok, get dressed. We'll have a talk with Mr. Trask. When you're ready I'll tell Mr. Robbins.

Jennifer saw the girl was dressed and pressed the intercom, "Mr. Robbins, we're done."

The door opened and Brittany stepped back seeing the angry-looking Calculus teacher. She knew he'd be out there, but she felt suddenly intimidated as he and the tall principal seemed to glare at her accusingly.

"Miss Baker, please go have a seat while Jennifer informs me as to what she found," Mr. Robbins ordered.

Brittany wanted to ask if he'd need to see the pictures but quietly left the office and took her seat.

"Daryl, what the fuck were you thinking?" Edward snarled, "I've told you time and again to be careful. #1, never hit on the rich girls, but you slept with Laurie and slipped her the SAT test the night before she took it. We had to accept her score, but no way could that bimbo score over 1,000 let alone over 1,400! Then you were caught in the parking lot last fall at the game with your cock in Lexi's mouth. What we had to do to cover those up...Jesus! At least those were after school, but you grab a young girl's tits and cunt...right in your classroom?"

Edward Robbins glared at his teacher. "Second, stop being so rough! Jennifer saw the marks, bruises on her tits, and a red handprint on her ass. Christ! I cannot keep covering this shit up for you. Look, I get it. Brittany Baker is a cute little slut, but invite her over for some tutoring, run into her at the mall and ask if she needs a ride home. What the fuck were you thinking?" he strode over to his desk and sat down.

"You need to get your urges under control, Daryl," Jennifer said softly, "I took pictures." she held out the phone.

Daryl Trask had multiple times gone to SAA, Sex-Addicts Anonymous, but got kicked out for using it to meet horny women. He took the phone and grinned, "Can you blame me? Look at that ass," he swiped the picture over, "and those tits!"

"Let me see that, "Edward ordered, "Shit! Ok, I can't blame you for copping a feel, but I can't ignore you doing it on school grounds, even with trailer trash."

"I'll deny it. She's just like her mother was. We all remember how easy it was to get between those legs. I don't care that you have pictures. A hand? Whose? I'll bet she's got to have a ton of boyfriends. With a body like that, I'll bet dozens of hands have been there." he said smugly, "Prove it was me. You have video? No, I didn't think so."

Edward sighed, "It is her word against yours...ours. Jennifer, bring Miss Baker back in here. I think we need to decide how to handle this."

Jennifer opened the door. "Brittany, please come in here."

The girl got up slowly wishing she'd just kept her mouth closed as she came back in but hoping for once they'd believe her. She didn't make things up...there was no cry for attention as she'd heard before.

"Please close the door and come over here," Mr. Robbins ordered. "You've made some pretty serious allegations against one of our finer teachers and before we go on, have you reconsidered? Perhaps exaggerated or embellished your story?" He looked at the girl's body language knowing she was close to caving in, "Perhaps an issue at home? I can understand if there are things in your life...you know how your mother is."

Brittany saw the expressions, saw her accusations would be ignored, but hearing this man suggest..."No. I was groped, hard! By him!" the blonde looked angrily at Mr. Trask. "My mother works her ass off seven days a week, double shift when she can get it so I'll be able to go to college," she said angrily.

"Ok. Mr. Trask denies anything happened, but we can at least confirm before we go any further. Please disrobe," he said firmly.

"What!" the girl spat out, "I can't...won't..."

"Then I guess we'll just have to..." Mr. Robbins started to say.

"Look, honey. It's ok," Jennifer interrupted. "I'm here, but we want to see if the marks on your body match Mr. Trask's hands. It's the only way you'll be able to verify it wasn't...you know, one of your lovers," she said stroking the girl's back gently.

Brittany felt tears well up looking at the men's faces. She'd seen that look when she'd been at the restaurant and how some of the regulars looked at her mother. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and was going to leave it open on her shoulders, but Miss Lawrence pulled it off her and draped it over a chair. She hesitated taking off her bra but under the intense scrutiny, reached back and unclipped it. The girl wanted to cover her breasts, especially how focussed the men's eyes were on her chest, but gritted her teeth and unzipped her skirt.

Daryl had to control his urges to jump up and run his hands all over the perfect female form seeing her step out of her panties but seeing Edward glaring at him, he realized he might be looking too eagerly at the naked form.

"That's good, Brittany, can you face the desk? Daryl, please come over here and, yes...exactly," she said as she leaned down to where the man cupped the perfect ass, "Mr. Robbins, I'm not sure. Perhaps this mark was made by a smaller hand?"

Daryl felt the creamy cheek under his fingers and could not help himself as he flexed his fingers into the soft flesh.

Edward pulled his eyes away from the perky teenage tits and came around, "Maybe she was bent over more, Brittany, please bend over...yes, like that," he sighed. He looked at Jennifer and Daryl smiling as they were also impressed with the tight-looking cunt exposed in front of them. "I think your hand is bigger, Daryl, but I guess we could have some of the other faculty come in to verify. For now, let's check the marks on her chest. You can stand up and turn around," he ordered.

Brittany was mortified but there was a pleasant throbbing or pulsing in her crotch as she turned to face the adults. She closed her eyes as Mr. Robbins ran his fingers around her breast where Mr. Trask had grabbed her.

"Daryl, let's see...wait, Brittany. Were you facing him are was he behind you when he allegedly groped you?" Mr. Robbins asked.

"He grabbed me from behind," she said softly, "it didn't feel alleged."

"Young lady, please keep your comments to yourself. We'll get to the truth. Daryl, grab her as she accused you," he asked.

"How can I know how another man grabbed her?" Daryl said angrily, "She made all this up! I'll bet she grabbed her own tit to frame me."

Brittany, I guess you'll have to put his hand on you like you say he did since...don't argue, do it," he said softly.

Brittany cringed as she pulled the large hand onto her breast, "Here, please don't squeeze as hard, it hurt," she said softly. "There, he grabbed me like this, but harder."

"What do you think, Jennifer, is that a match?" Edward asked.

Jennifer lifted the man's fingers checking how they lined up with the marks, "Daryl, can you slide your hand over more, there." She looked at Mr. Robbins, ignoring the soft cries from the girl, "I don't think they match." She pulled the teacher's hand off the blonde's breast and went behind and grabbed her the same way Daryl had, "I assume my hand is too small?" she asked.

Edward nodded and held up his hand, "I think my hands are the same size as Daryl's but let's see," he said as he replaced Jennifer's hand with his. He squeezed the firm breast gently feeling the erect nipple under his palm. "Guys? What do you think? One of the high-school boys?" he asked peering over the girl's shoulder at his hand and the marks. He stepped back, "Ok Brittany. I'm not sure we have a match," he looked at the other two school employees. "What do you think? Two weeks suspension for trying to destroy a man's career? Is that enough? Perhaps we should call the police," he said glaring at the girl.

Brittany stepped back, tears now running down her face, "It's true. He grabbed me...What are you doing. let me go!" she screamed.

Edward grabbed the girl and shoved her face-first onto his desk and spanked her hard. Daryl grabbed the blonde's wrists when she tried to get up as the principal smacked her again and again. "I've wanted to do that ever since you waltzed in here whining about your classmates and now you attack a teacher?" He went over and grabbed the girl's wrists, "Daryl, I think you deserve to perform the proper punishment," he said firmly. "Little girl, if you think you can come in here and attempt to destroy a man's like with accusations of sexual assault then you'd damn well be prepared to accept the consequences."

The middle-aged teacher felt his cock throbbing eagerly as he unzipped his pants and went behind the tight ass he'd been lusting after all year. He nodded at Jennifer who'd grabbed some rope and was tying the young girl's left ankle to the leg of the desk.

Brittany was trying to struggle as she realized punishment was going to be more than a spanking, but with her wrists being held firmly and her one leg secured to the desk, she could barely move. She felt the firm spongy object press against her pussy and closed her eyes anticipating the pain she'd heard other girls talk about when to her relief she heard Miss Lawrence's voice stop him.

"Daryl, what are you doing?" she yelled, "Put on a fucking rubber! At this point it's this little slut's word against ours but if you leave your cum inside her..." She went out to her desk and came back with a box, handing a foil packet to each man, "Damn! I would have thought you two would have learned by now," she sighed. She went over to the girl, "I brought lube, but she doesn't need any. What a little slut she is, just like her mother," she smiled as she plunged a finger inside. "Christ! She's tight. You'll like this."

Brittany sobbed as she felt the pressure followed by pain realizing her dreams of losing her virginity to a boy expressing his love for her were shattered. "Please, I won't say anything. It was a mistake, ooowwwww!" the girl cried out, Please stop, please. Why are you doing this?"

"You're a beautiful girl and you've been teasing me since you came into my classroom. Do you know how sexy you are?" he asked. "Great ass, great cunt, great tits which I need to see. If we untie your legs will you struggle? I personally like that, but Mr. Robbins might not like his stuff messed up," he asked. "Or we can take turns fucking you like this with that nice ass of yours begging for one of our cocks," he hissed. "Tell me, tell us. Would you like us to fuck your ass or tight cunt?"

"Stop, please. It hurts. Neither. Ow!" she cried when Mr. Robbins came over and slapped her ass after having Jennifer take her wrists.

"Mr. Trask asked you a question. Your cunt or your ass?" the principal said loudly.

"My...pussy," the girl cried.

Edward grabbed his cell, "Ask us nicely. Ask us to fuck your cunt. Tell us how good it feels. You have one shot at this or..." he hit record, holding the phone by those full red lips.

"Please fuck my pussy, please. It...it feels good," she said softly. She saw a look of disappointment on the principal's face. "Please, sir. Fuck my cunt, you both can fuck my cunt," she said more loudly. Something inside made her feel both horrified and pleased that she sounded so convincing. "Aaaahhh," she unconsciously sighed when the man slid his cock out of her pussy and felt her ankles get untied.