Some time later the door creaked open again, and a red skinned Slethraan they hadn't seen before came in to collect them, grabbing the leash attached to Binha and pulling them along at a quick pace out the door and through the halls.

He said nothing as he led the captives to whatever fate awaited them. They heard voices and the din of merriment coming from an open room ahead. The sound of music spilled out into the corridor as well. A generous amount of light spilled out into the hallway. The elven captives were brought into a large high-ceilinged chamber. Seraphina's eyes nervously darted throughout the room, trying to take in everything before her.

The first thing Seraphina noticed was the ring of ornate chairs arranged in a semi-circle around the room. In the center was the tallest, most impressive chair of all. In it sat the white-scaled high priest whom Glisskill had identified as Ysssgkar earlier. He was naked, an elf knelt before him, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking as if it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Seraphina thought this was the elf who he sent off to inform the kitchens to prepare the feast earlier. The elf who he had fucked upon the altar was also kneeling beside him, kissing his foot and licking between his toes, bowing low in a submissive pose and slowly wiggling her ass in a seductive whirl in time with the music. His foot was pressed on top of the chain connecting her nipple rings, pinning her in place bowing at his feet. His hand was resting on her backside and he appeared to be lazily sticking a finger in and out of her.

Both of the elves kneeling before him were covered in tattoos, one in red snakes and the other in blue, which coiled all around their limbs, curving around their breasts, and either going into or out of their vagina and assholes. All of their undivided attention seemed to be on the Slethraan before them—they didn't even seem to have noticed the procession of captive elf women who had just been paraded into the room.

On either side of the grand throne where Ysssgkar sat were six other chairs, all occupied by Slethraans save for two. They hooted and jeered at the captives as they were brought in the room, but Seraphina was so overwhelmed by the scene before her that she barely noticed. Each and every one of them had a white-haired gray-skinned naked elf woman kneeling before them, each one seeming utterly devoted to pleasuring the Slethraan before her with her mouth. They took their long Slethraan cocks deep into their mouths with ease. Before each seated Slethraan was another naked gray-skinned elf who knelt beside them holding up a tray covered in food. Seraphina noted the completely white eyes of these kneeling elves—they seemed utterly empty, devoid of all life and thought. Not one of them seemed at all troubled by the depravity taking place right next to them. One of the gray-skinned elves was calmly picking up grapes one by one off her tray and placing them in her Slethraan's mouth.

Seraphina's eyes briefly met with Gelda's as they darted around the room. Her friend's eyes were wide with panic and her breaths came in rapid, short spurts. Before she could think about that, her eyes were drawn to the source of music, where a trio of naked gray-skinned elf women were playing instruments in the corner of the room. The music was competent but without any passion. Seraphina also noted that they had the same empty white eyes as the others and unkempt, matted white hair on the tops of their heads. She also noticed that all three of them seemed to have the same black spiral tattoo on the bald flesh just above their crotch.

In the center of the room, where all the seated Slethraans had a good view of it, was an obsidian pillar rising a good eight feet from the floor. A jade snake was carved coiling around the pillar, its large head about twice as big as a real Slethraan's head resting at the top. Its fangs were bared in a menacing grimace and its eyes seemed to be lidded shut, as if it was sleeping. Across from the snake pillar was a metal chair that was positioned facing it. It had clamps in the armrests and at its feet that appeared to be for securing a prisoner in place. Next to the chair was a Slethraan with pale orange mottled scales, grinning eagerly.

Facing the snake pillar from the opposite side was a stone oval with chains hanging from the top, and what appeared to be metal cuffs sticking up from the bottom. It looked like some kind of apparatus for binding and torturing prisoners.

Throughout the room stood other naked elf women with light gray skin and empty white eyes. They stood motionless, arms dangling limply by their sides, while others knelt quietly on the stone floor of the chamber. Seraphina noted that they all had the same black spiral symbol tattooed above their bald gray pussies.

"Excellent!" Ysssgkar called out when the line of captives was brought to a stop in the center of the room, the statue, chair, and stone ring arranged parallel to the row of prisoners, between them and their seated captors. "Glissskill has brought usss a fine new batch of ssslavesss!" he roared. "In cassse you were getting bored with the current onesss!" The other Slethraans cackled in response to this.

"Glissskill, asss isss your right, you have firssst choosssing from among them for your persssonal pleasssure ssslave," the high priest announced, gesturing to the line. The captive elves exchanged worried looks at each other but were too frightened to do anything else.

Glisskill, sitting two chairs to the left of Ysssgkar, grabbed the gray-skinned elf woman who was servicing him by the hair and pulled her off of his cock. He stepped past her and walked forward towards the line of captives, a toothy grin creeping across his face. Seraphina noted that the woman who had been sucking his cock continued to kneel facing the empty chair, apparently not the least bit curious about the events unfolding behind her.

"Oh, I've already made my choiccce," Glisskill said, slowly making his way down the line and stopping before Seraphina. She shuddered and turned her face away as he stared down at her. "Thisss one will do nicccely". She whimpered as he cupped her pert breasts through her travel blouse.

"Please," she begged him, knowing full well he would be unmoved by her plea.

"Leave her alone!" Aleura spat angrily.

"Oh, you'll get your turn," he said, stepping down the line and cupping her crotch through her trousers.

"But firssst! Let usss ssshow all of our new ssslavesss the fate that awaitsss them! Plssskl, if you please," the high priest said with a wave of his hand. With that, the Slethraan with the pale orange scales who had been standing near the chair walked up to the line and studied each captive carefully, skipping past Seraphina as he made his way down the line. Finally, he stopped before Celenithra.

"The matriarch," he said with satisfaction. "Ssshe ssshall be the firssst." With that he produced a knife from his belt and cut loose the ropes that bound her to the rest of the line, freeing her hands. His hands then roughly grabbed at her robes and tore them from her body, leaving her completely naked and exposed to the room. Before she could go anywhere, he grabbed her by the shoulders and guided her over to the chair with his strong hands. The red-scaled Slethraan who brought them in then tied Seraphina's wrists to the other elf who had been connected to Celenithra.

"Prepare her," Plsskl gestured to two gray-skinned elves who stood near the chair as he whirled her around and pushed her down into it. The blank-eyed elves stepped forward and efficiently closed the clamps on her wrists and ankles, securing her into the chair before she could even put up a resistance. She thrashed her wrists and ankles, testing the strength of her bonds. They didn't even budge. Celenithra glanced at either side of her at the empty-eyed elves who had strapped her down. If she was looking for any hint of help from her fellow elves, she found none. They stood silent and motionless, staring forward at opposite sides of the chair, looking into each other's blank white eyes.

Celenithra cried out as Plsskl pricked the back of her neck with some kind of needle. Seraphina saw him insert something into the back of her neck, something attached to a tube that connected to a metal basin that stood on a small stone table behind the chair. Around the basin were a series of small chutes that were positioned over a dozen or so small vials set up beneath it.

"You'll try to ressisst," Plsskl said in a mocking tone, "but you'll sssoon realize how futile that isss. Do you have any lassst wordsss before your ensssslavement commencessss?"

Celenithra looked over at the line of captive elves standing to her right. She looked at her Fella'aya companions with sad, regretful eyes. "What you are doing is evil and wrong," she said, her voice tinged with sorrow.

"Of courssse it isss," Plsskl laughed. "Why elssse would we do it? Throw the ssswitch!" he called out to a slave standing next to the snake statue. Obediently, she reached up and pulled a lever on the side of the pillar that Seraphina hadn't noticed before. There was a faint grinding sound, and the eyelids on the statue slowly receded, revealing two brilliant rubies for the statue's eyes. A high-pitched droning hum started as a beam of bright red light shot forth from the statue and right into Celenithra's eyes.

She gasped as the light made contact with her eyes and called out "Nooo!" as the light bombarded her face. She thrashed wildly in her bonds but they held her securely to the chair. She tried to turn her head left and right but even as she adjusted her head, she could not take her eyes off the brilliant red beam that ensnared her.

"Close your eyes!" Gelda called out helpfully.

"I c-c-can't," Celenithra whimpered, her eyes glued to the red ruby eyes of the snake staring at her. "I can't," she repeated softly.

"Very good," Plsskl came up and placed his head near hers. "You can't look away from the messsmerizing gaze of Sslethraa, can you?" he mocked her. "Hisss eyesss are beautiful, are they not?"

"Yessss," she whispered helplessly. "Please. Please stop," she begged in a weak and quiet voice, tears streaming down from her wide-open eyes.

"Oh, I think not," Plsskl replied.

"It'sss already too late. He hasss you now. You are already hisss. Do you hear our god ssspeaking to you? Do you hear the truth of Sssslethraa?" he asked, leaning close to her ear.

Seraphina noticed that a clear liquid now seemed to be flowing down the tube sticking into Celenithra's neck and into the basin on the table behind her. The two elves that stood to either side of Celenithra's chair continued to stand motionless, staring into each other's white eyes, evidently oblivious to the scene unfolding before them.

"Lisssten to the truth of our god, lisssten and undersssstand that you are nothing."

Celenithra screamed as the light continued to bathe her face. It was the only thing left she could do. She panted heavily as the light washed over her, desperate to escape but unable to go anywhere or even do something as simple as look away. Seraphina noticed a trickle of piss flowing down from Celenithra's leg, pooling onto the floor beneath the chair. If Celenithra noticed, she was too preoccupied with other matters to be embarrassed about the loss of bladder control.

The basin behind the chair was slowly filling with the clear liquid that flowed in from the tube connecting to Celenithra's neck. The fluid was starting to drip into the vials arranged around the basin's perimeter.

"Do you feel everything you ever were flowing out of you? Ssslethraa is making you empty, ssoo you can ssserve usss. Yessss, that'sss it. Jusst let it happen. Let everything flow out of you. You are becoming empty. You are becoming nothing," he purred in an almost soothing voice right into her ear.

"Gguuuuuugh," was the only sound Celenithra could make as the light maintained its unyielding grip on her.

The seated Slethraans hooted and laughed at the disturbing display taking place before them. The gray-skinned slaves knelt and continued to pleasure their Masters to enhance their grotesque entertainment.

Minutes that felt like an eternity went by, the blinding light shining in Celenithra's face, as the fluid kept flowing through the tube and into the basin behind her. Seraphina noticed suddenly that Celenithra was no longer struggling. Her breathing had slowed to a steady, rhythmic beat, her pert breasts rising and falling in a lethargic, regular cadence, her nipples hard as rocks. She was sitting calmly in the chair now, passively staring into the blinding red light. Her mouth drooped open slightly, and a thin string of drool oozed from the corner of her mouth. Seraphina thought that her skin appeared to be taking on a paler shade now, and her blonde hair appeared to be starting to fade in color as well.

"No more thoughtsss. No more will. No more feelingssss. Let it all jussst ssslip away. You are Ssslethraa's ssservant now. Sssletha's ssslave. Mindlessss. Obedient. Empty. You are nothing. You are nothing."

The vials behind the chair were now filling quite high, almost three quarters of the way filled. Her skin had unmistakably taken on a colder, grayer pallor now, and the color had nearly faded entirely out of her hair.

"Almossst done. You've done very well, sssslave. Very well. No turning back now. Jussst a tiny bit to go and then you'll finally be empty. All that you ever were, ssslipping away. Sssoon to be gone, forever. Leaving nothing behind. Empty. Mindlessss. Obedient. A sssslave. "

"You are nothing but a ssssslave. You are nothing but a ssssslave. You are nothing but a sssslave," he repeated.

Seraphina noticed that the vials were nearly full now, and the flow of liquid had become nothing more than a slow drip. A few minutes later the flow of liquid stopped altogether, and Celenithra just stared blankly into the red beam of light. While before she panicked and squirmed under its bathing red glow, she now sat calmly staring forward. Her skin was unmistakably the same light gray color as the other slaves scattered throughout the room, and her hair was completely white. She looked like some kind of ghost, Seraphina thought.

After studying the vials for a moment and seeming satisfied that the collection of liquid was now complete, Plsskl commanded the slave by the snake statue to flip the switch again, which she did without hesitation. When the light stopped glowing, Seraphina could see that her former matriarch's eyes were as blank and white as those of the other slaves. She gasped when she saw how utterly empty and lifeless her eyes appeared to be.

Plsskl pressed a button on the back of the chair, and the restraints holding Celenithra's wrists and legs in place flipped open with a loud clank, releasing her from her bondage. She made no move to escape, and didn't even seem to notice that anything about her situation had changed. She just stared straight ahead as if she was still looking at the light, her legs spread obscenely, displaying her now white pubic hair to the room. Her mouth still drooped open slightly, the thin line of drool having landed on her breast and starting to glide down its curve.

"Celenithra! NO!" Gelda sobbed from a few feet away.

"Now, we must bind our new sssslave in ssservice to us," Plsskl said, grabbing one of the vials from the table behind him and unhooking the tubes.

"You, passss thessse out to your Massstersss," he commanded one of the slaves standing next to the chair. She immediately obeyed, picking up the tray that the vials and basin were resting on and moving to each of her Masters in turn, delivering a vial to each of them. When she reached the last one, she stood there holding the empty tray in front of her, staring at the wall, away from everyone in the room.

"To Ssslethraa!" the high priest bellowed, and all of the Slethraans downed their vial of clear liquid. In that moment, Seraphina almost thought she saw Celenithra open her eyes wider and emit the faintest gasp from her mouth as the liquid that came from her body was consumed by the Slethraans.

"Nothing tassstier than the will of an elf maiden, even one ssso mature as thisss one!" one of the Slethraans laughed. Mature or not, Celenithra was quite beautiful, with delicate features and piercing blue eyes-though now her piercing blue eyes were soulless white orbs, as empty as the Slethraan had suggested her mind must now be. Seraphina wondered what was going through Celenithra's head, if anything. The newly enslaved elf continued sitting in the chair as if she was oblivious to all that occurred around her.

"Now it isss time to reccceive your mark," Plsskl announced. "Ssslave..." he gestured to the slave still standing placidly by the snake pillar. She reached to the lever again, but this time flipped it down the other way. The snake's eyes opened again, but this time a thin white beam of light shot forth from its eyes directly to Celenithra's crotch. The pinpoint of light danced its way up and down her crotch in circles, and she let it do its work, making no move to avoid it. After a few moments the light stopped moving and blinked out, and the slave standing next to the lever flipped it back to a neutral position, the stone snake's eyes rumbling shut once again.

Plsskl walked back over to the chair and looked down at her. He cupped her chin in his clawed hand, closing her mouth in the process, and lifted her face up to gaze into her cold and empty eyes. She returned his stare with a completely vacant expression. "Ah, now you are truly a thing of beauty. There isss no elf more beautiful than one who underssstandsss her placcce. Ssstand, ssslave," he commanded, letting go of her chin.

She stood from the chair without hesitation. Seraphina could now see that the cold gray flesh above her pussy was now completely bald, all the hair seemingly removed by the white light. On that bald flesh a black spiral spun its way around and around, signifying the coils of Slethraa that now had their absolute grip on her.

"And now for her collar," Plsskl said, taking the new slave in with satisfaction. "Bring it, ssslave," he commanded the elf standing by the pillar. She pressed a button, and from the side of the statue emerged a thin silver snake. It was straight as an arrow, and in its sculpted mouth, fangs bit down on a small silver ring. She carried it over to Plsskl, knelt before him and lifted her hands, offering the silver snake to him.

He grabbed it from her, studied it momentarily, and then raised it to Celenithra's naked neck. Seraphina gasped as the snake suddenly sprang to life, undulating and dancing back and forth, as if excited by sensing prey close by. Plsskl let go of it as it slithered its way around her neck. When it had worked its way back around to the front, it suddenly snapped forward, biting its tail with a piercing strike. The snake began to swallow its own tail, and as it tightened around Celenithra's neck it hardened, until head and tail could no longer be discerned, both ends fused into a seamless lifeless circle around the slave's neck, the silver ring dangling from the front. Celenithra did not react at all to any of this.

Plsskl licked his lips as he fondled the new slave's breasts in his hands. Then, he gripped the ring of her collar and pulled her forward, turning her so that she was facing the other elf captives.

"Whoever thissss used to be, ssshe isss no longer. Now sssshe issss a namelesss, mindlesss, obedient sssslave. Bound to her Massstersss in ssserviccce forever. Jussst like you will be."

She stood on display before the other elves, naked and unabashed as they all stared at her. Plsskl reached around and groped her breasts, weighing them contentedly in his hands as he leered at the other captive elves. He then reached under and through her legs, cupping her pussy with his hand. He inserted a long-clawed finger inside her pussy and withdrew it. She did not respond to his attentions, she merely stood and let him touch her however he desired.