Three weeks after Nick invited Brett to join in their play session, Lucy and Nick were babysitting again. After the last little one fell asleep, Nick went into the master bedroom where Lucy was already laying naked on the floor. As he masturbated, Nick told Lucy it was "hot" that she let Brett see her just because Nicked asked. He then asked Lucy if she liked having Brett see her, and Lucy nodded. "Would you like to try something really hot Luce?" Nick asked. When Lucy looked at him quizzically, Nick laid out a plan that was both exciting and scary. It clearly excited Nick a lot, and when Lucy agreed he quickly got himself off and sprayed his seed on her neck, shoulder, and chest.

The plan was set for the following Saturday night. Before taking a shower, Lucy opened the blind on a bedroom window that looked out on some thick bushes. Nick told Lucy that he had arranged for a few of his friends to join him "spying on" Lucy. Of course, Lucy knew the boys would be there, and Nick knew that Lucy knew. But the other boys thought they were secretly peeking in her window. Lucy took a long shower and was aroused thinking about what she was going to do. She got out of the shower, toweled her hair, and headed to her room with a towel around her head and one around her body.

In her bedroom, Lucy turned off the overhead light and turned on a bedside lamp that lit the room nicely. As it was dark outside, Lucy could not see clearly out the window but the boys could easily see in. She dropped her towel and walked around the room naked, knowing that a bunch of boys were watching her. Trying to look casual, she stood by her dresser, combing her hair. Even though the boys did not have a direct view, she knew they could see a lot of her bare bottom.

Lucy then grabbed a hairbrush and a bottle of moisturizer and sat on her bed cross-legged, directly facing the window. The boys now had a direct view of her boobs and her pubic mound. Lucy started brushing her hair, raising her hands high above her head, lifting and thrusting out her breasts. She knew she was showing herself wantonly to a horny group of boys, even though she didn't know how many or who they were. And those thoughts excited her. (Nick later told her there were five guys other than him, but he never said who they were).

After several minutes of hair brushing Lucy began to apply moisturizer to her skin, starting with her arms but moving to her boobs. She caressed each, applying the cream and playing with her nipples and making them erect. Then she spread lotion over her flat belly, slowly rubbing it in. Lucy's head was spinning from the excitement and anticipation, and from pleasing Nick, so she decided to make the most of the experience.

Lucy squirted some lotion on her right thigh and laid back flat on the bed, lifting her leg straight up so she could rub the lotion into her skin. Lucy was shaking because she knew that the boys were looking directly at her down-covered vagina and her bum hole. When the lotion was rubbed in, Lucy was afraid to sit up for fear of looking at the window to try to see the boys. So, she lowered her right leg, bent the knee and put her foot flat on the bed, before lifting her left leg and applying lotion to that thigh. This position exposed Lucy even more, and it excited her more too.

She wanted very much to spread her legs wide open, showing herself completely, and to have all the boys cum on her. But she managed to resist that urge and rub in the lotion. After a minute, Lucy lowered her leg and laid still with both legs bent and feet planted on the bed. Lucy made sure, though, that her legs were far enough apart that she was completely exposed to the boys outside her window. After a minute, Lucy's hand gently caressed her breasts and she was treated to a small, but powerful orgasm. She wondered if the boys could see any sign of her cumming. Nick later told Lucy that all but two of the boys had cum by that point.

Lucy took a minute to gather her thoughts before she sat up to apply the moisturizer to the rest of her legs and her feet. She again bent her knees and rested her feet on the bed as she applied the lotion to each calf and shin. She adjusted her position to expose herself as much as possible without being obvious. She lingered over each foot, taking the time to moisturize each toe as she imagined the boys looking at her and stroking themselves. She learned later that the last two boys got off while Lucy was massaging her feet.

When she was finished, Lucy rolled over to reach into her nightstand, giving her audience a clear view of her ass. She took out a small diary and sat up in her bed, her legs spread, and pretended to write. After a few minutes, Lucy decided to tease the boys one last time. She closed her eyes and her hand slid down to caress her pussy. After just a few seconds, though, Lucy reached over to turn off the lamp, plunging the room into darkness before her hand moved back between her legs.