Despite everything I still desired him. Still dreamed of his fingers wrapped around my neck. Imagined him commanding me to my knees, and shaking in anticipation and excitement as I do so. It's been so long since I've been touched, wanted, grabbed, fulfilled. The desire to serve, to bow, to obey, burns deeps. It scares me, I wonder if I'll get hurt, put myself in danger. But I crave it so badly. He was in my life for so very long, to never experience him, never to serve him, there's still such a strong deserve to submit. Heightened by my lonliness. What harm does a little fantasy do?

My skin, soft and smooth, wearing a lace bralette with sheer, high waisted, black knickers. On top, a black all in one, with a deep v-neck, tight, highlighting my cleavage, my soft round tummy and thick, curvy thighs. Tucked under black denim shorts. It's just coffee but, it makes me feel nice to dress up. And, you never know... I'm wearing a pink belt, with dangling earrings and chocker to match. It's a hot day, I was nervous to have so much of my chubby body on show, but something about meeting him made me brave. Even it was just for coffee. The memories of what we'd had were there still and it aroused me. When I arrived he stood up and embraced me, kissing me on the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I could swear I see a raised eye brow as his eyes flit over my cleavage.

He has a black coffee, he's already ordered me peppermint tea. I sit down opposite him and smile. I'm a little nervous. We talk, slipping into an easy, playful conversation that reminds me of our previous flirting and dynamic.

He makes a flippant remark about me showing off my cleavage which takes me off guard. He smirks and carries on as normal. I giggle, I like that he's this way with me. I think he wants me. I lean over a little more, pressing my breasts together. He notices. He asks me if I want him. I say yes. He asks me to prove it, to go to the bathroom. I take my phone with me and he sends me a message, telling me to send him a photo. I take off all my clothes, standing naked in front of the mirror and take a photo, firstly just standing there, hips posed to the side. I set the timer, kneel on the floor and stick my tongue out. The last one, I stand up, turn around, bend over, smiling as I see my exposed pussy lips. Sent. I get dressed and go back to our table.

I'm excited, my heart pounding, my lips are tingly and I'm thinking of his cock in my mouth. I swallow, and take a sip of my tea. He's looking at his phone. "Impressive" he tells me. He asks me if I'd like to go somewhere more private. I say yes, he gets up, takes my hand gently, and I stand up. Tucking my chair under the table, I follow him out of the café. We walk, hand in hand, which feels unusual, I haven't held his hand before. I feel like I'm simply following and obeying him, more than holding hands with a partner. It feels nice.

He asks me softly questions about what I'd like. He's speaking quietly, so our conversation is private. Keeping me close. I answer, nervous, not having done this before. But eager and excited. He places a hand on my back and guides me off the pavement into a lobby. I realise we're at a hotel. He books us a room and steers me towards the lift. I step inside and he follows me, pressing the button to the top floor, as the door closes he presses my back against the wall with his body and bites my neck. I moan softly, and run my fingers up his back, he brushes a hand over my hips, my waist and slips his hand around my bare breast. I groan, his fingers pinch my nipple, hard. It hurt but I moan, he steps back and watches my reaction. My face is flushed and I can feel my pussy juices soaking my lingerie.

I go to place my hand on his crotch but he grabs my wrist, and stops me. I purse my lips in frustration and I whisper, "Please, please Sir." The lift doors open and he gestures for me to exit first, he places his hand on the small of my back, ushering me to our door. Instead of opening it, he turns me round and places his hands on my waist, he moves them up to my chest and he fingers the edge of my top, the front crosses over like a wrap, it would be easy to expose me. He looks at me and hesitates, I enjoy fantasising about public play but it's a line I hadn't crossed yet. I lean back into the door relaxing and grab his belt, his smirks, purrs and pulls the fabric back, my large ample breasts released. He pulls the top below my shoulders, the bralette straps with it, pulling my arms out, the entire top half of my body naked now. My top and bralette wrapped around my waist.

The excitement between my legs grows. I'm standing in a hotel hallway topless. Exposed. With him stood in front of me. He reaches past, swipes the key card, and pushes me into the room, locking the door behind us. I kneel instantly but he pulls me up, holds my chin with his forefingers and looks into my eyes. He asks me if I'm ready. I say yes. He asks me my safe word. I tell him. He asks me what I need after, and I tell him. My entire body relaxes, and I feel myself gravitate towards him, I kiss him. His tongue enters my mouth, he tastes so good. I press into him and he steps back, his energy stronger, his gaze hard, my stomach flutters. He commands me to my kneels, I oblige and start to undo his trousers, thanking him, over and over, excited. "Thank you Sir." I spit on his hard cock, and take him in my mouth, rolling my lips over the tip, lathering him in my spit as I work my way down his cock, taking him as deep as I can, as I reach my limit he jerks a short thrust down further and I gag for a second. I move my lips up and down his shaft, drooling on him, my hand following my lips, holding him firmly. I feel him grab my hair and I release my hand grabbing his ass and trying to force him deeper down my throat. He thrusts forward, making me choke. I want more. I feel saliva pool around the corner of my mouth as he thrusts into my face, his hand cradling the back of my head, keeping me still and steady.

I love his cock in my mouth. As he pulls out, salvia briefly connecting my lips and the end of his cock, I tell him. Thank him, beg for more. He presses his cock to my lips but holds my hair and stops me from taking it. I struggle pathetically as he snaps my head back, smiling as I lick my lips and beg him to let me suck his cock. He pulls me to my feet and tells me to strip naked. I stand in front of him, exposed, vulnerable, nervous for a moment. He tells me to lay on the bed, on my back. My head hanging over the edge. I lay there, looking at him upside down, mouth open wide. He stands in front of me, pressing his cock to my lips. I spit on his command. He uses his thick throbbing cock to push my lips open and slowly down my throat. He tells me he can see his cock bulge against my throat. I'm so wet I'm sure I'm soaking the bed. I've wanted this for so long. He starts to fuck my throat and I try to groan and he wraps his hand gently around my neck, my eyes roll back into my head. I try and relax and allow him to fuck me. He calls me he sex toy, his to fuck as he sees fit. I moan in agreement. "What was that?" he asks coyly. Pulling out to let me respond. "Y... Yes Sir" I gasp.

I hear him strip the rest of his clothes off and he calls me over to the bed. He sits up, back against the head board and tells me to sit on his lap. I swing my leg over but don't mount him, instead I lower myself to just above his tip, gently touching my lips on his tip, as he goes to thrust I pin his hips with my legs and he growls. I giggle and he smacks my ass, hard, I yelp but look at him with a hint of defiance in my eyes. He growls and smacks me again, and again and again. By now I'm sure my ass is red raw, it's tender. I release his hips and he pulls me down onto him. He fills me, I feel him deep inside me and I rest my head on his shoulder as I catch my breath. I lift my hips, grinding them on him, feeling his cock in and out of my wet, pulsing pussy. I whisper "Sir" into his ear. He holds my hips still and powerfully fucks me. He pushes me round and lays ontop of me, forcing my body flat, pulling my legs open and entering me from behind, his hand keeping my head pressed into the bed. He gives me three hard fucks before releasing my head, and I feel him part my ass cheeks, hear him spit and feel his saliva land between my cheeks. His fingers massage my tight little ass hole, and I grip the bed sheets, tilting my hips up towards him, showing him I want him, he slips a finger gently inside. It's tight. I can feel my ass grip him. He massages me for a moment. Before pulling out, and rolling me back over.

He traces a finger around my wet pussy lips, circles my swollen clit and then slides a finger in, "one" he counts. He slowly pulls it in and out, in and out. "Two" he smiles as he enters a second finger inside me, curling them and rubbing against my spot. I groan and arch my back. He takes them both out and circles my clit, pressing gently for a moment, teasing. "Three" he counts as he enters me again. I can feel him press his knuckles into me. I murmur his name and thank him, gasping as he says "Four". He can't quite fit his knuckles inside, he pulses his fingers inside me, keeping the pressure on. I feel inexplicable excitement as I feel him trace a finger around my pussy with his other hand, using my juice to lube up my asshole before sliding a finger inside. I'm moaning loudly. Loosing myself. Panting.

He purrs and I beg for more. Plead. He tells me if I keep asking he'll stop and I instantly bite my lip. I slip back into the the pleasure of feeling both holes filled. I feel him wedge his thumb inside me and let out a whimper. He's pressing harder now, working me, stretching me open. He puts another finger into my ass and I swear, grabbing the bed sheets. He starts fucking me with his hand harder, and I can feel my pussy loosen, some resistance and then total ecstacy as I feel his entire hand inside me. He pulses there, pulling his knuckles in and out of my pussy, playing with me, making me feel that delicious pleasure over and over. He curls his fingers into a fist, he's fist fucking me, I'm in awe and crazy with pleasure. I don't want it to end. He puts a third finger in my ass and I feel myself open for him, and then tighten against his fingers. I'm completely relaxed now. He slowly stops pulsing his fist, leaving it inside me, he focuses on fucking my ass with his fingers instead. I can feel my pussy juices dripping down my ass cheeks. Warm, wet and sticky.

I beg him to fuck my ass. I know that's what he wants. "Sir please" I beg. Telling him how I want to feel him full my ass. He pulls his hand out of my pussy and it feels empty. I smile and moan feeling the sweet release.

As he pulls his fingers from my ass I roll over, pulling myself to all fours and then bowing down, presenting my ass too him, leaning on my shoulders I use my hands to part my cheeks awkwardly.

I hear him tear open the condom and wait. He presses his tip against my asshole before pushing me, slowly, smoothly. I welcome the sensation and feel it all over. He pushes down, deep until I feel his balls against my ass. He pauses for a moment and then slowly pulls out, not quite all the way, then again, slowly deep inside me again. Slightly faster with each stroke. Faster. Until he is pounding me so hard I'm crying out and release my cheeks to use my hands to steady myself. He calls me his submissive little slut and I beg him to cum inside me. He orders me to rub my clit but not to cum. I gently circle my clit as he pounds me, my body rocking. I'm so sensitive and horny if I press too hard I'll cum, and I don't have permission. His thrusts feel more urgent and he groans. He tells me to cum, counts me down, 5, 4, I rub furiously to cum on time, 3, 2, I hold my breath, 1. I feel the orgasm explode and my pussy tremor. I cry out biting the duvet as I cum with his dick powerfully fucking my ass.

I feel the tender sensations around my asshole and the post orgasm pulse, and clench his cock. He groans as his thrusts increase in urgency and he gets close, before fucking me shallow, fast and hard to cum inside me. He collapses on my back and pulls my face round to his. Roughly kissing me he purrs, "Good girl".

I smile and kiss him back, feeling the glow of orgasm and the vulnerability return. He lays on his back and pulls me to his side, my head on his chest he pulls the duvet around us. Holding me tightly he nibbles my ear and whispers again "Good girl."