aA continuation of the previous stories.

The next day I rode out to the clearing about the same time. I was disappointed to find no one there. But I got off the ATV and walked into the clearing and sat down on one of the logs I took out a bottle of cheap Scotch and started to get uninhibited.

After a little time, with a good load of Scotch and with the Sun beating down on me I started to take off my clothes.

Soon I was naked and walking around the clearing, thinking about yesterday. My cock got hard, I stroked my cock and then I went to my hands and knees.

Then I heard a ATV approaching. My heart leaped and my cock twitched. Then I thought "I sure hope that is Roy and Cleo!"

But fearing it was someone else, I got up and ran out of the clearing into some wooded cover. Then realized that wasn't very smart, my clothes were still back on a log. I watched; and it was Roy and Cleo so I was glad to be naked, I got to my hands and knees and crawled out into the clearing.

Roy and Cleo and they dismounted their ATVs and walked over towards me grinning and rubbing their cocks. Roy spoke "Hey boy, good boy, all ready for some more doggy fun?"

I figured I better not speak, to keep in the doggy play. and just wiggled my rear end and panted.

"Good boy, now sit up and beg."

I sat up and put my arms out like a dog and panted and whined. Whining for cock and we all knew it.

"Good boy," he approached me, his hardening cock in his hands, pointed right for my face. Roy stopped just short of his cock being able to go into my waiting mouth.

He held it there, "Doggy want a bone? Beg doggy BEG!"

I looked at his bone and whimpered and whined waving my paws in front of me. Then he stepped forward and my mouth opened and his cock invaded. He eased his cock in and then just held it still, I started to suckle on it as if for nourishment.

Then Roy said "Keep sucking" and started to back up forcing me to follow on my knees keeping his cock in my mouth, sucking on it like a good doggie.

He backed around the clearing, and me following on my knees, he was telling me I was a good dog and to keep sucking. I couldn't believe how turned on I was, how really wonderful it felt to be the dog, to be naked on my knees, and a hard black in my mouth.

Then he stopped. Now he started to fuck my face, fuck with long hard strokes, his cock now going into my throat. He fucked my face my mouth was just a hole for his pleasure, just a hole to be used.

He was ramming and driving, and me on my knees again, gagging and drooling, and snorting more like a pig than a dog.

"Come on doggie, get down on that, get it deep in your throat and keep it there. Take it deep and hold,,,,,, hold,,,,,,, hold,,,,,,,, good boy, now work your throat muscles on that cock doggie!"

"OH, YES that feels good now hold still, now here comes more fucking for you." And he again fucked my face and throat.

Gagging, drooling like mad, my mouth provided a hot hole for his hard black cock.

Then he pulled out and told me, "Doggy, lay down on your back."

He grabbed his jacket and propped it under my neck tipping my head back. Then Roy came around and positioned himself over my head, facing towards my feet, he directed his cock towards my mouth. His cock went beyond my mouth, and his balls hung above my mouth. He lowered his balls, tea bagging in my mouth. I sucked his balls. I tried to get both balls in my moth but they were too big to both go in together.

Roy moved back, now aiming his cock at my waiting mouth. As his cock neared my mouth, I tipped my head back more, and I opened up for him. His cock slid in, deep and straight, slid into my mouth, and then sliding deeper into my throat. A straight path for his cock, mouth into throat, sliding deep. I couldn't breath but I didn't care, I wanted cock,,,,, I needed cock. I needed this humiliation. I could feel cock down my gullet, sliding in, then, pausing, some small wiggling strokes as his balls bounced against my nose. I started to thrash around trying to get air, then his cock came out enough for me to pull in air into my lungs.

I grabbed a breath, and his cock slid in again. Then Roy started long, deep strokes, fucking into my now so available hole.

Then Cleo came over, he was now pants-less. Cleo got down between my legs. Cleo lifted my ankles up, rotating my ass towards him and he spit down onto his erect black cock. Cleo moved forward and I felt his cock pushed against my waiting asshole. Roy slowly stoked my mouth and now Cleo pushed strongly against my ass, some pain then his cock entered my rear passage.

"I'm in him," Cleo announced.