Author's note: This chapter has originally be published as Animal Café: Oreo ... For Literotica, it is 18.5 as it should be read between Chapter 18 and 19. This chapter goes hand in hand with Chapter 19 that will be posted shortly. It is also written from Oreo's point of view. Oreo is one of the pets at the café, the black and white cat who, until now, stayed in the background. Enjoy. TS

It was one of those days that Oreo, the black and white cat, didn't like at all, the end of her work shift at the Cakes & Pets. Shortly, Lucy would grab her by the wrist and lead her to the costume room to take her pet suit off no matter how she would be fighting against it. This time around, she would be off for four days in a row, which made her sad.

Oreo was one of the pets who had quite a bit of difficulty outside the café, and being forced to live in this world that she didn't particularly like was difficult for her. At least Clara was going to be at the pethouse along with her friend Accalia.

But when she saw Lucy sending her two friends out somewhere else for the day, she quickly understood that she would have to spend most of today by herself. Begging Lucy to let her wear her cat costume a bit longer wouldn't work, and in a short moment, she would stand by herself on the walkway.

She observed Clara and Accalia walking out of the café, and right after, Lucy came to see her.

"Alright, little one. Give me your paw. It's your turn to get out of costume. Please, don't make this difficult this time, I don't have the energy to fight you, okay?"

Usually, Oreo made a fuss about it, but she didn't feel like it this morning. Obediently, she extended her arm and let Lucy lead her to her unavoidable faith.

The costume room upstairs was both a sad and happy place at the same time. When Oreo put on her costume, it was always thrilling, but it was never fun when she had to take it off.

Lucy unzipped the back of her head and pulled her cat mask forward, revealing her short black hair. As soon as the nose tubes and mouthpiece popped out, Lucy wiped her face with a wet towel. Perhaps that was the best part of the process since it was quite refreshing, and the wet wipes smelled kind of nice too.

"Oof... we will need to comb that hair of yours. You look like a stray cat."


"Hey, don't be sad. We talked about this often. I can't let you wear your costume forever. You need breaks here and there to work on your real life."

"I don't want to."

"You always say that, Oreo. You know I'm right. You made huge progress since you are working for me. Remember, you even decided to go visit your family last time. Alright, give me your little arm."


Oreo was a bit different from other pets. She was as small and thin as they were, but she had trouble expressing her emotions through facial expression. Her permanently angry eyebrows topping her deep black eyes mislead pretty much everybody at first. How many times did people ask her, "Are you angry?" when she was not. Hearing this over and over maybe was the reason for her lack of desire to share her feelings. What would be the point of telling them they were wrong if they would jump to conclusions anyway?

When she was a rubber cat, nobody made comments about her expressions. She could be herself without fearing being teased or misinterpreted. At least Lucy was one of the rare persons who understood her real mood at any given time, costume or not. She had this sixth sense and was like a mother to her.

"Alright, give me your feet now. Aaah, what's wrong, Oreo? Why are you so sad? Cheer up a little."

"I'll be alone today."

"Ah, yes, you will. At least until Clara and Accalia come back from the college."

"Pfff... Why can't I go back to school too?"

"Aaah. I see what is bugging you now. You don't want your friend to finish school and leave you behind, right?"


"You know, Oreo, it's up to you if you want to go back to school or not. I'll do all I can to help. But do you think you are ready? Are you ready to trade your pet time for studies?"

"... no."

"Listen, I'm not pushing you as much as I push the others because I don't think you are ready. I want you to succeed in life, and this is why I'm giving you four days off. I want you to find some balance outside the café first before we go further. Why don't you find something fun to do with Clara? You like Clara, right? Get out of the pethouse a little. You can't watch TV all day, you know."


"Trust me. I will keep working with you, and you'll get there. Don't worry too much about not being able to move faster than the others, okay? If it takes you years, then it takes you years. Come here and give me a big hug!"

Getting out of suit always felt a bit cold, so Lucy's motherly hug always felt good. It was something very special between the two of them. Lucy didn't hug the other pets in the costume room most of the time, but she always hugged Oreo as if she was her favorite daughter.

After dressing up back as a human, Oreo left the café.

"Bye, Oreo. See you in four days. Try to have fun with Clara, okay?"

"Mmhmm. Bye!"

The walk from the Cakes & Pets to the pethouse was a long one when all alone. The city was bustling with people going to work, but nobody looked like her. She felt way more like a cat than a human. Her friends said they felt the same, yet, they looked much more functional in the real world than she was. Her feeling of not being part of her own race was just weird. She often wondered how she would, one day, integrate their world as Lucy pushed her to do; it seemed so impossible.

A bright light brought hope to her life recently. Clara! When that girl visited the café at first, she reminded Oreo of herself to some extent. Okay, Clara had tried to wear Trixie's costume a while ago, but she was really bad at it, which was funny and confirmed that she would never be a pet, but the point was, she had very similar problems to hers. She couldn't talk, she couldn't smile, she couldn't laugh. It was nice to help her come out of her shell little by little and see her reach the point where she discovered her real problem and had to confront it headfirst. Fortunately, everybody was there to support her, and since then, she made giant leaps forward in her ability to fit in this seemingly inaccessible strange society.

So, Oreo wondered. Would she ever find the source of her own problems one day and finally be able to move forward in life? Would she, one day, find out a way to fit in? She wasn't too convinced it would happen.


She opened the heavy glass door at the base of the big insurance building and squeezed her small body in. Why was that door always so heavy? Was it just because she was tiny? Trotting past the security guards who avoided eye contact was a formality before she engulfed herself inside the first available elevator, direction, the pethouse.

After her uninterrupted vertical trip, she swiped her access card and entered her home. She kicked her shoes off and went directly to her drawer to get rid of her card. She then pressed her nose and hands on the giant window wall to look at the rising sun over the city. It was a cold day, and all the small buildings produced some smoke or steam, whatever it was. She didn't know how heating systems worked, but it was an entertaining thing to watch during winter.

What her eyes saw was only the physical aspect of this world.

She didn't comprehend that hundreds of thousands of people were having a life while she felt like a prisoner of the pethouse. It didn't feel too good, but she was used to it and coped with it. At least she had many friends now and didn't feel too abandoned anymore. It was certainly a positive step forward in life.

Being away from the Cakes & Pets was always difficult, but Oreo had a special way to endure her off-café time. Her method was something Lucy had prohibited her from doing, fearing it would impede her ability to rejoin the real world one day, but she never obeyed that rule. All her pet friends knew she was deliberately going against Lucy's wish, but she trusted them not to say anything to anybody. Clara would probably not say anything either.

Oreo climbed the big stairs and headed straight to the main bedroom of the pethouse. Her small finger flicked the light switch on, and she entered the giant walk-in closet. Stepping on the little stool allowed her to reach her assigned shelf, the top one. She then pulled a black duffle bag from it that contained the secret that Lucy couldn't learn.

Hugging the bag, as if her pet experience had caused her to forget how to use her hands properly, she carried it back to the bed. She then took some of its content out. All the items she lined up on the blanket were as black as her hair and eyes. Oreo couldn't help but feel fuzzy in her lower stomach at the sight of these. Perhaps it was due to a mix of something she liked very much and the nervousness caused by willingly disobeying Lucy.

After returning the bag to the shelf, she stripped naked and dropped all her clothes in a big bamboo hamper, hoping that she wouldn't need them anytime soon; Accalia would probably do the laundry for her as usual. Using the full-length mirror attached to the wall, she quickly looked at herself. Like all her friends, except for Asha and Accalia, who had naturally darker skin, Oreo was white like a ghost due to her lack of exposure to sunlight. Winter didn't help either.

As she ran her little hands on her soft skin, she thought she was lucky to have such a small body. Her friends were pretty much all the same shape, and since she was attracted to them, there were no obvious reasons to dislike having a similar body. On top of that, since she was working at the café, it was fitting. She thanked the Gods many times that she wasn't born bigger and taller. A good squeeze to her little boobs made her feel even happier. They were not as big as Trixie's, but nobody could mistake her as a boy.

However, something wasn't right. When Oreo stared at herself in the mirror, it felt like she was looking at a different person. It was a very odd sensation to like what she saw but not feeling that this body belonged to her. In her mind, she was more an animal than a human, a cat to be precise. So seeing this smooth skin left her puzzled. Fortunately, she had found the perfect remedy for dealing with this weird self-identification conflict.

Oreo sat on the bed and grabbed the first item she wanted to put on, her amazing black latex catsuit. It took her a long time to save up enough money to buy a good custom one, but Vix, who understood her troubled emotions very well, had chipped in considerably to help; Vix has always been so generous. Several of her friends also helped her acquire all her other items. As embarrassing as it was, she couldn't refuse the help, but at least, over time, she had found good ways to repay them.

When she inserted her first foot in the cold stretchy material, a sense of righteousness washed over her body. She didn't care about the importance of taking a break from wearing a catsuit; she just couldn't help it. Since her toes had entered their respective holes in the toe socks, there was no going back anyway.

This suit that now covered her legs, butt, and hips was not a pet suit, at least not like the one at the café; there was no tail, but some cute ears were mounted on top of the hood. It merely functioned as a way to take away the direct line of sight that people would have with her real skin or when she would look at herself. Not to say that the delicious feeling of rubber clinging to her limbs wasn't a nice perk.

Oreo's hands entered the long sleeves, and she guided her small fingers in the attached gloves, wriggling them to find the perfect fit. They were not too tight or too loose, and there was no wrinkle to be found. She rolled her shoulders to get the suit over them and was now ready to flip the hood over her head, the best part.

As the rubbery material touched her face, a sense of well-being invaded her heart. How could this be a bad thing, she thought. She quickly aligned the mouth and eye holes that were big enough to show her angry brows and zipped the back of the suit up using her flexible arms. The sensation of the latex wrapping snugly around her waist and soft neck has always been one of her favorite parts.

"Hmm... Lucy is wrong about this."

The black rubber cat girl grabbed a small spray bottle and coated herself here and there conservatively. Using her gloved hands, she rubbed the slippery substance all over her body, not forgetting in between her little rubber toes. Trixie had told her that Clara had a thing for feet, so she would surely like hers; she wasn't supposed to talk to her about it, though, it was a secret. The more she caressed her skin, the glossier it got. She wanted to look good for Accalia and Clara when they would come back home later today. Of course, she didn't forget to add a little shine to her two little cat ears.

The next step was to put on her rubber harness. In the past, she had asked Lucy if she could get one to wear at the café, but Lucy had said, "no, Oreo, this is not a BDSM café!", so she had decided to get one for herself.

She really liked the one she had purchased. Actually, it was her friend Misti who had suggested it. The straps were running nicely around her breast, making them pop out a bit more, almost making her chest look like Trixie's. It was enhancing her waist quite a bit too, and it went all the way down around her thighs. There were not many buckles since it would get uncomfortable when cuddling with her friends, but everything was lockable; she wouldn't do that today, though, because she knew this would be new to Clara who was easily startled by new experiences.

With her harness hugging her little body, she then picked up the rubber cuffs and fastened them around her wrists and ankles. The shiny D-rings could be used to tie her up, of course, and those were lockable as well. The last thing to go on was the matching rubber collar. It was fairly wide, so she would never forget that it was on, even though it was not that restrictive.

Oreo sat back on the bed, where the two remaining items she had prepared were waiting for her. Those would help her kill time until her friends came back from college. The first one was a thin latex blindfold that followed every little curve of her face, not leaving a single crack through which the light could have found a way to reach her pretty eyes. Putting it on was always a special moment that meant, "you can now relax and be yourself."

The second item was a neat head harness with a small black ballgag attached. Oreo loved the way the rubber straps imprisoned her head and how the gag lodged itself comfortably behind her teeth. Her lower jaw was locked in place by the under chin strap, preventing her from expelling her gag.

For now, that would be it. Oreo finally felt whole again and relived the same happiness she had experienced as a pet girl at the café. It was not exactly the same, but this was her representation of what being human was about and good enough to survive the next few days until returning to work, where she would be allowed to be a real latex cat again. It was a reasonable in-between.

She crawled on the bed and comfortably laid on her back. Her hands sensually explored her slick latex skin, sending good sensations back to her brain. Of course, Oreo couldn't see how shiny and beautiful she was because of her blindfold, but she felt it and knew it was right. Yes, Lucy was wrong. She HAD to be wrong! What would Oreo have to gain by fighting what didn't feel right? She wasn't convinced that she could accept her real body one day as it was. It was so much easier just to give in and submerge herself in this little inoffensive latex world. Everything was right. The texture, the smell, the warmth. What could be so wrong with letting herself fall in this space filled up only with pleasure and happiness? The more she let herself go, the better it was. She could be what she was meant to be, a real cat.

As her fingers massaged her soft breasts, causing the latex to crackle discreetly, she thought that Clara would like her much better this way rather than if she had presented herself as a human. This was her true self, the only one that should be loved.

As the pleasure coursed through her veins, Oreo wondered if, perhaps, she should push it a bit farther. Maybe Clara and Accalia would like to find her all tied up too. She had a few more interesting items in her duffle bag, things that her friends had often used to play with her and always enjoyed so much. Clara would probably be less intimidated if there were no threat around. If Oreo were to be tied up, Clara would understand that she was in control of the situation and wouldn't worry as much as she usually did. She then could take all the time in the world to discover who Oreo was outside of her pet costume.

Yes, perhaps Oreo would tie herself up later... for Clara's sake. It seemed like a valid justification.


If there were an advantage of not being a café pet today, it would be that those rubber fingers felt very good down there.