Hi, it's me Kathy. 5ft 7, 120lbs, 30 years old with brown hair and blue eyes, few freckles. I'm the girl who was pretty straight as an arrow, girl-next-door type, whose boyfriend (Dave) introduced to this whole new kinky lifestyle that I really began to love. What Dave had always enjoyed was everything interracial. After a few months of exposing and teaching me to all this, I did too! A lot!

We had mostly roll played and got nasty with black male strangers on the internet or on phone chat lines. That's how, on two special occasions, I actually got to play with real BBC in the backseat of our car while Dave drove around and took pictures. I had never felt so dirty/naughty and sexy, or so turned on in my life! This story took place right near the end of our relationship when we seemed to be fighting all the time.

This one Saturday afternoon, Dave and I got into the biggest fight of all time. We were waiting for his dealer when all hell broke loose. We both said things we couldn't take back. He said he was leaving and I was hysterically crying as I ran out of the house to walk around the block and calm down. I didn't plan on being outside so I only had on my white cut off jean shorts and a white t-shirt(no bra) in my sneakers.

I was walking and crying like a crazed woman when a car passing began to honk at me and slowed down. I couldn't believe some pervert was trying to get my attention while I was feeling so low. I tried to ignore him but he continued. Finally I turned to scream at him when I noticed it was Tory, Dave's dealer. He was on his way to our place when he saw me crying and walking away. He told me to get in and I did.

Instantly, he asked me what was wrong and I told him everything while he drove around our neighborhood. I was still lightly sobbing as he pulled his car over and parked. He looked at me and said, "I'm really sorry to hear all that. But...I think I know what you need right about now..." and he pulled out a pipe and handed it to me.

He was right! I took it and put it to my lips as he lit it for me. As we kept handing the pipe back and forth, I began to notice his eyes scanning my legs and breasts down my t-shirt. I forgot how I was dressed but was glad because his looking and obvious appreciation was beginning to turn me on and was helping me forget all about Dave.

He asked me if I wanted his advice and I nodded yes to him. He began telling me that maybe it was time to split up with Dave and that I deserve to do what I want and could have any guy I choose who will treat me a lot better. "I know I would" he says in a whisper.

"What was that Tory? You wanna be my boyfriend?" I say in my sexy, teasing voice. I was getting really high and began believing every sweet word that came from his lips. He kept on trying to convince me when I accidentally glanced down at his crotch and saw something that made me almost jump and go crazy inside!

He was wearing sweat pants that had a huge tent sticking up in front. My gosh, he must be so big! We finished smoking and he started up the car and began to drive. It was funny. We were both doing the exact same thing, glancing at each other's privates when we thought the other wasn't watching. It was getting too much to handle! I know this because I decided I was going to give him a little teasing show.

I turned in my seat to face him so my back was against the passenger door and I thanked him for picking me up and making me feel a lot better. He looked my body over again which was on full display for him, with this sexy smirk on his face. "What?" I asked him with my cheeks beginning to blush.

"Nothing...it's just...Dave told me you had a thing for black guys and I didn't believe him...but...maybe you do." That name again. That killed my mood! I turned back facing forward and was getting upset all over again. Sensing the change of temperature in his car he quickly says, "Fuck Dave!" I look at him and smile as I say, "Yeah, fuck Dave!"

We both start laughing and repeating ourselves when I decided what I can do to really fuck Dave. I got on my knees in my seat and bend towards Tory. He looks down at me with a shocked expression as he drives. I look up and lock eyes with him and say, "Fuck Dave, right?" and I pull his sweats down to his thighs. Out springs the biggest blackest cock I've ever seen! It's beautiful! I bend slowly and wrap my mouth around his huge, hard, black cock head! Mmmmmm it tastes so good! It smells so good! I lick up and down his hot shaft making it shine with my saliva as I squeeze and jerk on his dripping cock head.

I was losing my mind! This is the first black cock I've had in my mouth and having it without Dave was so hot to me! Fuck Dave! I was loving sucking on Tory's big black cock! I was moaning and slurping on him like a common slut! On my fifth or sixth way down, I continue down to his huge black balls dangling there, taking them in my hungry mouth.

"Fuck Kathy you're gonna make me crash!" he moans. I lick my way back up to his fat cock head and take it in my mouth as deep as I could while I play with his balls in one hand. I'm getting really into it when he jams the breaks on the car and suddenly explodes into my hungry slut mouth. I keep swallowing and swallowing as he dumps a gallon of sweet cum down my throat!

Before he's even finished, a car honks its horn behind us and Tory drives off while I laugh up at him and keep sucking his marvelous black cock. I keep licking his cock, his shaft, his balls as he pulls into a crowded supermarket parking lot and parks his car. He pulls me off of his cock by my hair and tells me to get in back. I do and he joins me naked from the waist down. He kneels in front of me and pulls me up and starts kissing me. I've never kissed a black guy before, or even wanted to but this was clearly becoming different.

His tongue busted through my lips and found my tongue waiting to wrestle with his. We made out like long time lovers. He then pushes me back against the seat and quickly pulls off my shorts. He pulls my panty to the side and just stares at my hot wet pussy for what seemed like hours, driving me crazy. He says that my pussy is as beautiful as he's heard. I say, "Dammit... Don't you dare say that name!" and he smiles and attacks my pussy with his tongue and fingers! I cum almost instantly!

I can hear cars and people around us and try my hardest not to scream! I've heard rumors that black guys don't like eating pussy but this guy was masterful and relentless! I must have cum four or five times in that backseat! He then sits down besides me and tells me to climb on up. As I climb on him (facing him) we start to make out again. I can feel his burning hot cock right up against my slit right under me. I slowly ease my way down onto his beautiful hard cock.

His black cock is so thick I have to take it real slow. That's when something happened. We were looking into each others eyes, locked in passion, when he began to tell me how I belong to him now. How he's my new man and he's gonna make me happier than I've ever been. I don't know if it was the smoke, the fact that I'm sliding down on his enormous black cock which is beginning to send sensations all over my body, or was it that I just wanted to hear those words again but, I began agreeing with him.

"Yes baby. I'm yours...forever. Fuck me Tory. Show me how happy you can make me baby! It's what I need baby!" He grabbed both my ass cheeks in his rugged black hands and began to lift me up and then shove me back down, hard onto his huge black cock! I was gone, again! I kept having explosion after powerful explosion on that fat, wonderful black cock.

"Yes Tory. Harder baby.. make this white girl yours! I've never felt like this before baby! Don't stop!" I didn't think it was possible, but he increased his attack and I almost passed out. All of a sudden I was filled with hot cream deep inside me. Another feeling I've never quite experienced. It was unbelievable. I knew that sex with a black man was different, but I didn't know it was better in every single aspect?

I was still on top of him and he was still inside of me as we began to lovingly kiss again. I felt him softening inside me as I continued a slow grind on him. I haven't felt so happy and so satisfied in a long, long time. The moments after sex, holding on to each other, trying to catch your breath together...is exhilarating and a moment I've always loved.

All of a sudden a family of five parked their car right next to us and though the windows were tinted dark, I swear it looked like they could see us. Tory saw me looking at them and told me to prove I was his girl by cleaning off his dirty cock in front of them. They couldn't see right? I didn't care. I climbed off of him and kneeled beside him as I licked all our cum and juices off his black cock and black hairy balls. Thinking that we were being watched by this white family while I licked him clean made me cum again!

I didn't go back home that night. I didn't go back for over a month. I stayed with Tory and I was high the entire time(both by his smoke and by his BBC). I tried to keep our relationship a secret at first, but everyone found out. Tory was just as kinky as my ex was, having me dress sexy for him or when his friends were around. He was about to begin sharing me with all his black friends when he unfortunately got arrested.

(For those of you idiots who complain about how terrible my stories are, yet you're still here, reading all the way to the end with one hand down your pants...yeah you who leave comments anonymously and critique porn stories{of all things!}, who have contributed nothing to this site or society as whole... stay in your basement. I'd say write a story, post it, with a name and a way to be contacted so people just like you can have a go at it. But I'm sure you lack the skill or imagination, not to mention the lack of balls to do so. Before you call me a racist again, he was arrested because of his profession not the color of his skin. Rarely does a dealer retire as a dealer. They get busted sooner or later. To everyone else, I'm sorry I had to say that here and now. I got a comment today that called me a racist and that pissed me off. As if a racist would even come near this section let alone write in it.)

Where was I...To my surprise, Dave contacted me and said I could come back to live with him and I did. On the condition that I tell him all about my time away from him. Every single second! He tells me that when Tory comes back, we can maybe work something out so I can remain happy. I have no idea what he means but every time I think about it, I get really wet and I jump his bones!