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In the fall of 2017, my wife KK and I had an opportunity arise for a combined business-pleasure trip to Las Vegas. At KK's suggestion, she prompted me to think about organizing a sex encounter for one evening after our business was complete - she wanted to be surprised, and thought I should be the one to organize the encounter as a reward for a recent accomplishment she was celebrating.

I had about a month of planning horizon. As I began to think about KK's request, I decided that I'd want a "sure thing" if I could come up with a means of arranging it. We'd had our (un)fair share of flakes, fakes, and disappointments, so I wanted to avoid that if I could figure out how to go about it.

One evening, mostly out of the blue, I did some internet searches looking for male escorts willing to service woman. It took some refining, but the search terms 'straight male escort for women Las Vegas' and variants turned up some reasonably focused results.

After several days of on-and-off effort and research, I narrowed things down to a rough half-dozen services that had at least some air of legitimacy. I reached out, contacting them via their web and phone query pages to see what the process was like, gauge the opportunity, and evaluate the range of possibilities.

My notional thought would be to arrange an evening with a male escort for KK, a possible "sure thing," a means of avoiding the fake/flake problem, and less logistically troublesome than using dating sites or more casual means of finding a candidate encounter partner.

The rough idea was to find an attractive, willing escort that might provide sensual massage, as an opener, then follow through with more erotic, intimate pleasure for KK, while I watched and chaperoned the event.

It took some effort, but I found a service that was amenable, with a 'stable' of a dozen male escorts, willing to work with couples, a handful of escorts that advertised massage skills in their profile. I honed in on one candidate, a guy that I thought would definitely appeal to KK. Furthering my inquiry, he was available in the right time frame, OK with the scenario I laid out, and other than being exorbitantly expensive at $400/hour or $3,000 for a full night, a fit for the job.

I told him I'd be back in touch, in the interim, he suggested that we go through the agency's screening process to get the ball rolling. That took a couple of days, including some deceptive calls to verify my employment, exchanging photos and ID info with some stuff redacted, but it all went largely without a hitch - setting the discomfort aside.

Once the screening was done, I booked the appointment. The final detail I resolved was the massage table - the escort, Evan, suggested that the hotel could provide the massage table via their concierge, to save the trouble of having him haul in his own. I took care of that detail when I finalized the suite booking with the Venetian.

All that was left was the wait, the build-up to the main event. From the time I booked the session, throughout the early part of the trip itself, KK kept after me, pressing for details, asking questions, probing me for clues about her 'surprise' encounter. I used it as an opportunity to tease her, to build anticipation for the night, but stopped short of telling her about the guy, that he was an escort, or much else.

The day of the encounter, I'd booked an appointment for KK at the Venetian's in-house spa; a "full ride" including body treatments, manicure/pedicure, hair, and make-up.

While she was being pampered in the hotel spa, I got the suite set up. The concierge staff delivered a massage table, including a small cart with extra linens and various oils. An hour or so later, room service delivered some appetizers and two bottles of champagne, iced in buckets. I was running this show, so I'd brought along the outfit I wanted KK to wear - a strapless, form-fitting black cocktail dress, my then-favorite pair of her 'fuck me' stripper shoes - black platform patent pumps that I enjoyed seeing her wear. I laid out the dress and shoes - no underwear, no stockings, I wanted it to be simple, uncomplicated as I watched her being undressed by Evan.

KK came back from her spa visit, looking simply gorgeous. KK had some questions about the massage table, I told her that it was for her surprise. Then I pointed out the outfit I'd laid out for her to wear.

She argued a little about the outfit, but acceded to my choice with minimal pouting. Exactly on the dot, there was a knock on the suite's door. It was Evan, nicely dressed, in slacks, a blue dress shirt, red tie, and blue blazer. He looked fit, professional, a perfect match to the photos on his agency pages. KK was definitely pleased - her smile, flirty touching, and engaging conversation with Evan were all the go-ahead I needed to prompt for the next step.

I spoke up, "KK baby, I've arranged for Evan to give you a sexy massage... is that good for you?"

KK responded without speaking - she walked over, between the suite's window and the massage table, reached back and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. KK stood nude, save for her fuck-me heels, with a demure smile on her face.

Evan said, "You're gorgeous. Let me step into the bathroom and change, if that's OK?" I gave Evan the go-ahead, while he was doing his business, I uncorked one of the bottles of champagne, pouring three glasses, ogling my naked wife, anticipating the next move. KK took a sip from the glass I handed her, as Evan emerged, wearing just a pair of black silk boxers.

Evan said, "If you'd like, please make yourself comfortable, and I'll start with a massage for this lovely woman. Relax and I'll take things from here."

I'd already pulled a chair into good position for watching the massage action. Evan helped KK step out of her heels, then onto the massage table. My cock was hard, throbbing seeing his hands on KK's nude body.

Evan started with KK on her tummy, carefully warming oil in the palms of his hands. Initially, it wasn't sexual or even intimate - more business-like, technical, as Evan worked KK's shoulders, neck, down her body, to the small of her back. I could see KK melting, her body responding to Evan's touch. He was slow, deliberate, professional, eventually working his way down to the soles of KK's feet. Before transitioning KK onto her back, Evan spent a few minutes caressing my wife's ass-cheeks, kneading them gently, sliding his fingers between her thighs for a tease of her labia. He helped KK roll over onto her back.

KK's nipples were erect - it was clear that she was aroused, warming up to the process. I could see Evan was getting hard - his boxers formed a little 'tent' as he began teasing KK's nipples by allowing little droplets of the massage oil to fall onto her nipples. My cock was iron-hard, so hard it was painful, pressing against my boxers under my slacks. While Evan continued his now sensual massage of KK, I stood up, stripping out of my slacks and boxers, so that I could more easily stroke my cock.

The massage finished in about a half-hour - just under, culminating with Evan giving KK a nice clitoral orgasm while I watched, stroking myself. When KK'd caught her breath, she spoke; "I want to touch your cock... trade places."

Evan helped KK off the massage table, allowing her to take his boxers off. His cock was magnificent - curved, long, thick, with a mushroom head, hanging balls, and he was completely smooth. KK was tracing the veins with her fingertips, running them lightly down his throbbing dick, making it twitch, jerk as she gently teased him. Evan laid on his back on the table, letting KK explore his cock and balls. KK spent a few minutes fondling Evan, teasing him, stroking his cock, playing with his balls, finally bending to take him into her mouth. I lost it at that point, spewing jizz all over the front of my shirt. It was a little embarrassing, but the scene was just too erotic, too stimulating and I lost control.

KK sucked him for a few minutes, before they moved to the bed. I'd already stripped the spread, comforter, and top sheet, preparing it for them. Evan laid KK onto her back, she spread her legs for him. He went down on my wife, licking, sucking, and kissing her pussy until she had another orgasm. By that time, I was hard again.

I moved the chair I was using for a better view, just in time to see Evan position himself to take KK, right at the exquisite moment of penetration. Initially, Evan's thrusting was slow - gentle, shallow thrusts - it looked like with each stroke Evan was penetrating KK ever so slightly more. KK's moans of pleasure, her groans of "Do it... deeper... fuck me deeper... I want your cock - I want it all inside me..."

Watching the action, stroking my own cock, I was glad that I'd gone the extra mile, and had Evan agree to go bareback - it was worth the extra cost and effort to have timely test results, because he said that normally he would only go with condoms. KK hates condoms, and loves skin-on-skin, wet sex, so this was a bonus.

Evan picked up the pace, thrusting in and out of my wife's pussy. At that point, he'd closed in atop her, kissing KK while he fucked her. I got out of my chair, and moved alongside the bed. I reached down, and took KK's hand, guiding it to my erect cock, helping her stroke me while Evan was pumping in and out of KK. She turned and looked toward me, smiling, eyes wide, watching me, stroking me, while taking Evan's cock.

I squirted another load, driven over the edge by the sight and sound of the two of them, intimate, fucking, combined with the sensual stroking of KK's hand wrapped around my cock.

I discretely withdrew, then went to the bathroom to ditch my now splooge-stained shirt and take a piss. When I got back to continue enjoying the show, KK had changed positions. Evan was on his back, with KK facing the foot of the bed, riding his big cock reverse cow-girl style. She was bucking on him, bouncing on Evan's cock, impaling herself with it. KK's hair was flying, her big tits bouncing, rocking, swaying, she was moaning and groaning, unintelligible utterances, using Evan's cock to pleasure herself. I watched her bring the fingers of one hand up, strumming her clit, until she orgasmed, collapsing forward onto her hands, Evan's cock still buried in her cunt.

Evan still hadn't cum. In contrast, I'd blown two loads watching him and my wife in their erotic coupling. Evan stayed inside KK, raising her hips slightly - he gave her a little room to catch her breath, then began thrusting his cock in and out, slowly, shallow strokes at first, building to a faster, deeper pace. KK had one hand between her legs, finger-banging herself to another orgasm while Evan fucked her. KK fell onto her belly, and Evan pulled out of her. His cock was still rock hard, his curving, bobbing erection was glistening, wet, cover with my wife's juice.

He got up, and walked to the foot of the bed, standing opposite where I was sitting. Evan kind of dragged KK, her body almost limp, shaking, so that her head was tilted back over the edge of the mattress. He adjusted KK's position to suit himself. I was hard again, stroking. I watched as Evan used his hands to steady KK's head, his palms against her cheeks. KK's mouth opened wide, and Evan began the most erotic throat-fucking I'd witnessed up to that point in my life - he fucked my hot little wife's mouth like he owned her.

I still can't imagine how he kept going without blowing his load down KK's throat. It was probably five, maybe as long as ten minutes of watching him use KK's mouth like that before I spurted cum again. He finally stopped his throat-fucking, then he flipped KK over onto her belly, ass in the air, her feet pressed on the floor.

The finale was watching Evan fucking KK doggie-style, bent over the bed like a rag doll. He went long enough that I'd gotten hard again, still stroking my beat-up, abused cock. Evan's thrusting was at that point almost manic, rapid, deep strokes, pummeling KK from behind. She was mewling like a kitten, with Evan's hands on her hips, while he pounded KK hard and deep. He finally allowed himself release, flooding KK's cunt with jizz - so much it was pushing out of her sloppy wet hole, dripping. His watch beeped almost exactly in time with his finish deep inside my wife.

Evan pulled out, the exit of his cock from KK was followed by a gush, a literal flood of jizz and pussy juice. It was incredible. KK was panting, immobile, belly-down on the edge of bed, her ass wiggling, her cunt contracting, as if it was trying to find Evan's cock.

He said, "Our time's just about up."

I responded, "There's an envelope for you in the bathroom, right side of the counter. Thanks for an awesome afternoon."

I didn't pay much attention, other than to using KK's sopping wet pussy for my own pleasure. I took over from Evan, enjoying KK's hot wetness, selfishly, until I unloaded inside her. By the time I'd finished, Evan had cleaned up, dressed and was headed for the door.

He said, "Thanks very much - I enjoyed our time together. I left my card for you on the vanity. If you're back in Vegas, look me up."

After Evan was gone, KK and I relaxed a bit, enjoyed the remainder of the champagne, then one more 'old-school' round of lovemaking before we cleaned up and went to dinner.

The dinner conversation was somewhat expected - KK, just short of interrogating me wanted to know about Evan, where I found him, "all the details."

After a pause, I said, "Evan's an escort - from a service I found."

KK's expression was a blend of surprise and shock, "You paid a guy to fuck me? Really? How much did that cost?"

I said, "It was worth every penny baby... every penny... he really, really fucked you good, didn't he? I know you liked it, every inch of his big hard cock, you know you did..."

KK repeated, "How much? Tell me!"

I said, "Well, all in, about a thousand bucks. He charges $400 an hour, and I tipped him to do you bareback - that's what the tests were for I set up before the trip."

KK's response was a little terse, "You paid some dude $1,000 to fuck your wife? Fuck... yeah, he was hot, Evan was a great fuck, but $1,000? Really?"

I spent the next fifteen minutes giving KK my rationale for using an escort - the 'sure thing,' and so on. Eventually she got over the shock that I'd paid to have her fucked.

The close of that conversation was the most interesting, "Well, maybe we can do it again? Maybe I can pick the guys next time?"

I said, "Guys? You mean more than one?"

KK ended the conversation with, "More than one... I'll pay. We'll go in halfsies."

That's a story for another time.