This is the concluding chapter in this stage of their adventure. I thank everyone who has read their story and hope it has titillated you. It was never designed as a wrist buster.

Chapter 7 set the biscuit trail to this chapter. Throughout their story it has been about exploring their sexual desires as Diane's sexual confidence grows which leads to improving their relationship though Stephen is always a step behind. It involves each trusting the other.

This ends with a confident Diane playing with Stephen's fantasies. This is a wild, explicit sexual act which will challenge their thoughts about their relationship. .

Again, no adultery, no abuse, no violence.

There may be a further standalone story involving them and a number of the characters based around 'Nude Secretaries Day.'

Chapter 8.

The next morning Stephen set off to the Hydra complex for his meetings a very satisfied man. Not only had the night before been beyond his imagination but he had been rewarded again that morning.

As Diane set off to pick up Kim she was still concerned about how Phil had taken the news of Kim's job but hoped last night had helped.

So, she was pleasantly surprised that Phil seemed happier when he answered the door. He gave her a big bear hug.

Kim, herself, looked radiant.

In the car, Diane asked Kim how things were.

Kim seemed happy as she answered, "Last night in the restaurant, I felt so aroused, no knickers, no bra. I saw them all checking me out and I liked it. In the car Phil unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and kissed and caressed my breasts. I was so turned on. I hauled up my skirt baring my pussy to him. I told him to get home. I stayed fully open to him and anyone who could see in the car all the way home. We've never done anything like that before. I was always so worried about being thought a slut.

"We fucked most of the night.

"I don't understand those feelings.

"As for my job, we're going to talk more about it when I get back. Once he is sure there are no 'other duties', I'm sure he'll support me especially if he benefits like last night!

"What about you? Where did my sister go? You were so hot! When you said you gave Stephen a blowjob I couldn't believe you but when you were teasing him, I could envisage that. I thought the idea turned you off."

Diane thought for a few moments before telling her about her journey and the changes she had started to make with the help of that book. Kim was stunned. Oral was bad enough but anal! No wonder Stephen looked so tired.

She admitted to Diane her lack of sexual confidence and limited experience.

"Get the book, it's not easy but it helps. I'll try and help you but only a couple of weeks ago I was just like you. Industrial bras to hide my nipples. That first night out with a sheer bra I began mortified. By the end, I was so turned on by the arousal of those around me, I raped Stephen in the park. Though to be honest, he didn't try and fight me off! I never knew I got turned on by others wanting me. I don't want to include others in our sex life but I'm not adverse to a man walking with a limp if he catches my nipples pointing out!" She laughed.

Kim was stunned. She had been turned on last night by that thought as well. They were even closer sisters than she had thought.

Diane continued, "You just have to find yourself, your boundaries and Phil's. Take him lingerie shopping! Together you can make it magical."

They picked up Stephen's mum and headed to view the flat. Sheila met them with a wheelchair which Vharri said she didn't need. Sheila told her she was going in the wheelchair. She did. She loved the flat and when they went to the communal area, Rhona and Janet were waiting for her.

The years just disappeared as the old school friends started chatting.

Sheila said to leave her with her and she would look after her. They agreed to return about 3pm for her.

They walked to the Hydra offices where they bumped into Mrs Kent and Emily Jane.

Stephen was walking between group meetings when he spotted them, huddled together laughing. He didn't have time to go to them. He later saw them in the canteen for lunch but he was busy with his colleagues.

Finally, it was time to pick up her mother-in-law. Diane was happy. She had managed to see the plan for the training over the next week and everything looked good. Some of her suggestions were being implemented. She had her desk arranged as she liked it. There was even space for some play she thought!.

Kim looked happy too. Diane raised her forehead in the unspoken question.

Kim replied, "The surgeons are coming! A number of their colleagues are interested as well. I'll have a busy week with Maria."

Mum looked very happy while Sheila looked frazzled. All the journey to her home, she talked about her friends and what they had sprung on Sheila. She was happy to move there.

As she dropped Kim off, Kim told her, "Tell Stephen, Phil followed the instructions!"

Diane laughed and hugged her. "Go girl!"

Diane had her own plan for when Stephen came home so she had better prepare everything.

Once home, Diane prepared the bedroom. She tied ties on the headboard and end base to secure Stephen ensuring they were hidden from view. She ensured the temperature was just right. Under the pillow, she placed the blindfold and a spare pair of stockings.

She tried her phone with the recordings she had made earlier. Once she knew everything worked, she prepared the meal before heading to shower and to prepare herself fully. She dressed provocatively deciding against wearing a bra or knickers, as they would just have to come off. As she was going to be in control, he wouldn't have any fun taking them off.

She read the book on a different technique style of blowjob as she waited. She could feel her headlights and her pussy moisten. She was taking a significant risk; she had never even contemplated anything like this before. How would Stephen take it? She hoped it would blow his mind.

Stephen arrived home in a happy mood. He had had a very good day and Hydra seemed to be keen to boost the firm's investment. Tomorrow was more new business focussed so he could have some cheer for Phil, he hoped.

When he saw Diane in her green dress he was amazed. He had not expected this but was pleased to see her headlights were happy. He saw the outline of her suspender bumps so knew she was wearing his favourite stockings.

"Are we going out?" he asked as he hugged her, feeling her nipples cut into his chest.

"No, I've prepared the meal and a surprise for you," she teased.

"What surprise? You are more than enough," as he kissed her passionately.

"Wait and see," she teased, returning the kiss.

He could feel her heat and desire. Whatever it was he was sure he would love it.

During the meal, Diane kept, inadvertently, flashing her boobs at him. After the meal she suggested he head for a shower and the bedroom.

When Stephen entered the bedroom, Diane was standing by the bed, wearing only her barely black stockings and black, lacy suspender belt. He could see her headlights were aroused and her pussy, beautifully framed, looked very wet. She was lightly blushed and breathing quickly.

"Stephen, you asked me about my fantasies. Will you allow me to play one of them?" She sounded worried but turned on.

He could tell she was outside her comfort zone. So was he!

He lightly replied, "Whatever my goddess desires!" thinking that this would be great, whatever it was. It was Diane taking a bold step forward, that worked for him.

"Lie on the bed and let me work some magic on you," she teased.

Stephen lay on the bed and Diane straddled him. His little man was not so little. He thought she was just going to ride him but after a smouldering hot kiss with tongues, she pulled apart. She kissed down to his nipples and toyed with them. Soon, they were hard so she bit them. She moved down his stomach, kissing and caressing. When it appeared, she was going to his penis, she stopped and returned , moving back up and beyond his mouth. She repeated her actions numerous times.

Stephen was feeling aroused, very aroused, sighed contently, as this confident Diane explored him.

She took his arm and lifted it up towards the headboard. A headlight tickling his mouth distracted him.

He felt her tie something around his wrist. This was definitely new for them. He relaxed knowing she wouldn't harm him. He was busy nibbling on her nipple when his other arm was pulled up and secured. She slowly made her way down his body, caressing him with her nipples and hair, lightly nibbling his skin and nipples with her lips and teeth. Her nylons lighting fires on his leg hairs as they slid down his legs.

He was enjoying this and thought how he could do something similar to her at another time.

She ran down each leg slowly, her breasts either side almost like a titty fuck. Again, this was new. He felt his legs being secured. "Where had she hidden the ties he wondered? What has she planned," he wondered.

As she slowly made her way back up, he couldn't stop himself sighing contentedly and smiling at the change in Diane.

His little man was wanting some action but she just kept skirting round him, teasing him, as soon as he thought she was going to take him in her mouth, she moved away. The tease was excruciating but highly pleasurable.

She reached his mouth and kissed him again.

"I love you. I'm going to blow your mind like you did to me the first night of our holiday, our new sex life. If I do anything you don't want just say St Johnstone!"

She kissed him again. Next from under the pillow she took the blindfold and placed it over his eyes.

"Just your senses and your imagination required," she said as she blew into his ear.

He could only feel her lightly caressing his body. He felt her hair light up his nerves as it dragged over him. His love of stockings had him in rapture as she ran her feet over his legs and contorted herself so she could run the nylon over his cock and balls.

He became aware of her smell of arousal. He loved what she was doing but wanted her pussy on his face so he could do something. He had never felt himself so hard.

Her voice brought his mind back to her.

"Your goddess has read your mind and knows your fantasy. She shall grant it.

"Maybe we'll find if you are a six shot or have a larger magazine tonight," she said so seductively. It added to his arousal.

"We'll both enjoy this," she added.

She moved back from his side. He thought she was about to mount him but then a sound like a door opening broke into his thoughts. Was she leaving him? What was she planning?

He tried to relax. What had they discussed before that she may leave the room for? Ice, he remembered and smiled.

As he did, he thought he heard shoes coming off. Why, she wasn't wearing any?

He felt the mattress by his head move. His ears caught the smooth feel of nylons as they caressed his head. He noticed a perfume but it wasn't Diane's as a dripping wet pussy covered his head. The pussy rode his face. As his mind noted this was a new pussy, his tongue instinctively took over and delved into the steaming hot nectar. His mind was elsewhere, worried what Diane would think, but his tongue didn't share his conflict.

He could hear the highly aroused sighs as though the person was trying to conceal her desires or who she was. Then, he heard a soft voice.

"Elizabeth, you need to experience his tongue."

His mind focussed, Emily Jane! His cock grew further. He increased his tonguing of her cunt.

Suddenly, a mouth engulfed his cock. It had a different style to Diane's. More direct, more forceful. Then he heard Elizabeth's quiet voice.

"His cock must be at least eight inches of solid rock," as she went back to her task.

Stephen was so conflicted. They had said no others involved but! He couldn't stop tonguing the pussy in front of him and the hot sensations coming from his cock were so elemental, so part of him.

He heard a murmur from Emily Jane, "He's fucking fantastic at licking cunt! It's amazing. It's fucking wonderful."

As his face was being ridden, he heard instructions from Emily Jane to tongue her fanny and later tongue her clit as she was about to come. No longer any pretence of being quiet.

Soon both his head and groin were raising themselves as he began to reach that plateau just before he came.

Emily Jane ground down on his face as she came, absolutely giving the game away.

He felt nipples cutting into his stomach but was shocked to hear Kim's voice.

"That looked so awesome, I'll have to try that."

Elizabeth's mouth was working on his cock. Her tongue had him on edge. She slid her teeth around his head and the sensation almost caused him to blow. No wonder it's called a blowjob!

Elizabeth's voice caught him, "I'll need more of him later, I need a good fucking!"

Emily Jane said she wanted his cock to finish her off. He felt the mattress moving as the three of them moved.

He felt his cock being run along her pussy lips. He remembered her bare lips and heart shaped pubic hair. He was relieved when she slid him fully into her. Her cunt was on fire!

Elizabeth's blow job was great but you can't beat a smouldering hot, tight cunt with muscles massaging you as you fuck it, he thought!

He heard a gasp as Emily Jane pounded down on him.

He felt nylons around his head and he automatically began to raise his head so he could tongue the waiting fanny, whether Elizabeth's or Kim's he didn't care.

He felt nipples cutting his chest so realised it would be Elizabeth's fanny on his face. His tongue flicked out but he was being teased, she kept it away from his mouth.

He thought he could smell her arousal and Kim's.

He heard Kim's voice, "Shall we take off the blindfold sis? Let him see us kiss and caress each other's tits and nipples. I've never felt mine so turned on. Your touch is amazing. Maybe he would like to watch us eat each other out!"

Diane replied, "That will blow his mind, maybe later when he's come a few times so he'll really have time to enjoy it."

His brain was trying to compose that sight. He was sure he grew half an inch at least!

He could tell Emily Jane was nearing her orgasm as she built up more speed and power as she rammed his cock deep into her. His cock was on fire and he could feel himself building to an incredible cum.

His mind was playing Diane and Kim together over and over. His favourite fantasy of all time.

He wanted to delay it so he could fuck Elizabeth or Kim or both but he couldn't as when Emily Jane came her cunt walls gripped him so much he had no control and came and came and came!

Even then his head was trying to locate Elizabeth's fanny.

The blindfold came off and his eyes blinked. He could only see Diane.

Her stocking covered forearms were caressing his face. She had a big grin on her face. She looked spent but happy.

He looked around but saw no trace of Emily Jane, Elizabeth or Kim. Slowly it dawned on him that he had been had. He had exposed his own fantasies. Diane didn't look mad but!

As his face recognised he had been had, Diane saw what had been a face of sheer bliss replaced by a look she hadn't seen before. Was he mad? Didn't he enjoy the fantasy?

Diane kissed him passionately and found he was slow in responding to her.

Stephen didn't know what to make of what had happened. Did he enjoy it? Bloody hell, Yes! But what if Diane didn't like his response to the fantasy of the others? Would she be mad at him? She didn't seem to be but!

Diane felt his little man slip out from her fanny. She thought of another way to tease him. She slid down his body. Her sharp headlights almost cutting groves from his chest to his groin. She caressed his cock and balls before slowly kissing from his balls up his cock.

As she did this she spoke to his cock.

"You are my favourite sex toy. You're just the right length and width. You're always pleased to play with me. If you were detachable I would keep you with me all the time. But you're attached to him.

"I'm not sure he is very pleased with me," she added in a concerned tone.

Stephen had been reduced to heavy groans as Diane was licking along the underside of his cock as she was speaking. He could feel his cock responding. She moved to his anus and rimmed him before licking his perineum. When she pulled his balls into her mouth he let out a massive sigh!

Stephen's cock was recovering fast.

She continued talking to his cock, ignoring him. "I've never tasted us before. It's different. I quite like it," as she put him fully in her mouth and used her tongue all around the head. Stephen could only groan his pleasure.

"I'm sure he fantasied about them. I fantasied about Neil and Phil, not to forget John and Jane on holiday. What about you? You seemed up for them yesterday. Do you fancy fucking the girls as well? Would you like a strange pussy or mouth to be playful with?"

His cock answered with a spurt of pre-cum.

"I thought so. I have a special treat for you."

As he was now rock hard, Diane leaned over and took the lube and condoms out of the drawer. She rolled the condom on and lubed it up as well as her bum hole.

"I never truly experienced you in my bum the last time as I was so spent. This time, I'll be on top and will feel everything."

She moved so she straddled his groin facing away from him. He could see her magnificent bum, showcased by the suspender belt and stockings, her hole and pussy. She took his cock and placed it at her hole. Slowly, she rocked back and forth before it relaxed and the first inch moved in. She stopped and willed herself to relax and rocked again. This time another inch went in, breaking through the first barrier.

She felt her hole stretching and trying to squeeze the cock out. She breathed away and rocked some more. Slowly, until she had the whole eight inches in her bum.

Stephen was in awe. He had never seen her take his cock in her bum before. It was amazing. It was so erotic, he felt he grew even bigger.

She stayed still, focussing on the sensations rippling through her body. She felt full. She could feel the heat expand across her groin to her breasts.

She looked round at Stephen and could see him watching her in disbelief. This didn't stop him breathing rapidly or trying to get his cock further up her arse.

"It's alright." She caressed her breasts and nipples. "You can visualise Kim playing with them. I know you would love to play with hers as well. You didn't see Sam's but I'm sure you wondered. Jane's and Emily Jane's were lovely.

"It's okay to fantasise about others. Just like I can think of being airtight with Neil and Phil or John."

She started rocking more deeply slowly speeding up and driving him further into her.

The thoughts she put in his brain were soon connected to his cock.

"Do you want my bum reserved for you only," she teased.

Stephen could only try and get his cock further into her. She slowly built more momentum. The sight of his cock disappearing into her bum hole was such a turn on that despite coming not that long ago, soon he could feel himself contracting and releasing.

"All your holes are mine and mine only. No one else is having my sex goddess!" he exclaimed as he came and came.

Diane had been playing with her clit so she came slightly behind him.

She managed to turn around without dislodging him and cuddled him while he recovered.

When she was fully recovered, she straightened up and surprised him by saying, "I think you don't want me now. You haven't cuddled me after I tried to give you your best fantasy evening ever.